The Michelin Star is easily one of the world’s most recognized style marks of restaurant quality. Food buffs are particular about the rating because it gives them an educated grasp on how good a restaurant is. However, a place with zero Michelin Star does not necessarily mean it is not good; it just does not meet the Michelin Star system.

With 114 Michelin star restaurants, the city of Paris only trails Tokyo in the list of cities with the most rated setups. The French capital is a brilliant place to choose from, as it has many restaurants serving the very best of cuisines. Note that the award is not based on qualities like the décor, surrounding, table settings, or service. The Michelin Star is strictly defined by the quality of food, restaurant’s consistency, and the mastery of technique. When you visit Paris, ensure you stop at any Michelin star restaurant in the city.

Here Is A List Of The Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Paris


This place is a three-star chic restaurant that has retained its honor since the early 2000s. Arpège is so ahead of its time on the get-go that vegetables have been the major feature of the owner’s cuisine long before the current vegan and vegetarian trend.

Alain Passard, its popular chef, prefers to prepare meat “on the flame” for most cracking results. He also deploys similar open-fire cooking styles for his vegetables, making a catalog of nice flavors, colors, and textures.

The chef manages 3 of his own vegetable gardens in different parts of the country for easy access to the best produce. To the interest of the public, these gardens use no chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

A visit to Arèpege is no way cheap with the Vegetable Tasting Menu costing a whopping 320 euro. The Earth and Sea Menu (prepared for the non-vegans) cost about 390 euro. However, the menu does include a dozen courses of the chef’s popular cuisine. The Gardener’s Lunch Menu costs 175 euros if you are looking for a reasonably affordable dining option. The Michelin 3-Star spot is located at the 7th arrondissement.

Le George

Situated in the hip Four Seasons George V Hotel, this restaurant got its first Michelin-star in 2017 for its chef’s modern Mediterranean-Esque cuisine. The place is Chef Simone Zanoni’s idea of something rather unique for locals and visitors. Made for sharing and with the offerings of healthy, light dishes, the menu distinctly offers meals that are ideal for more laidback, tapas-style dining.

Decently priced, the à la carte menu, just like the full tasting menu (dégustation), goes for 125 euro while the ‘flavors menu’ is also reasonably cheap at 95 euro. Regardless of what you have had, ensure you try the onion tarte tatin, a dish by Zanoni himself, or one of the tasty desserts. Do not forget to request a window seat to admire the view of the stunning marble courtyard and the hotel’s famous flower arrangements.

For those that want somewhere comfier, they might find the Four Seasons Hotel George V more suitable. For Le George, the place has developed its own sustainable vegetable garden. It aims to provide the restaurant with organic, fresh, seasonal vegetables and reduce food waste in the kitchen.

Palais Royal Restaurant

This restaurant is a one-Michelin-star restaurant you should try out. It is away in the gardens, suggesting that it is has a sunny outdoor terrace that is perfect for lunches and relaxation. Chef Philip Chronopoulos is said to be trained with the group of Alain Passard at Arpège and at the labs of the popular chef Joël Robuchon prior to managing the Palais Royal Restaurant. Inspired by the seasons, he specialized in classic French dishes at the Palais Royal Restaurant.

At the restaurant, guests can try the tasting menu for 162 euros or request à la carte. Lovers of wine might be thrilled in Palais Royal’s wine workshops where they can savor a gastronomic dinner with a wine tasting session. The restaurant is one of the most beautiful Michelin restaurants in the French capital. The Palais Royal even has its own garden terrace.


This one-Michelin-star restaurant is a local’s delight for excellent cuisine in a hip environment. After the restaurant’s Chef, Greg Marchand, was given his first Michelin star in January 2019, Frenchie, many people have more reasons to step into the place. A five-course Michelin star menu at 78 euro is an unusual treat in the city.

The special menu changes every two weeks. However, is not published on the website, making it a total surprise at every visit. But the lunch menu, at 48 euro, is no secret and classic meals like pork belly, grilled fish, and some interesting combinations like tamarind, foie gras with carrot, and macadamia nuts, creates a picture of what to expect at Frenchie. Vegetarians are not left out as the menu can be tweaked for them.


Septime is one of Paris’ most tedious restaurant to reserve a table. You have to plan your visit way ahead of time for an evening at the busy Septime. This restaurant is a one-Michelin-star, designed to revere the heritage of French cuisine while transitioning from classical and more formal decent dining. This is evident as the seven-course tasting menu cost as low as 95 euro with drinks and a five-course menu at 60 euro.

Items on the menu change per season. However, expect creative combinations like the smoked roasted cauliflower alongside juice and onion, bacon and pickle; fig and juniper juice, and roasted shallot. This restaurant is among the most popular Michelin-star- restaurants in Paris, so we recommend that you book a visit before visiting.


It is not simple to find a dining experience that is different from your perception of food among incredible service and a delightful setup. Epicure is a three-Michelin-star restaurant situated near Le Bristol’s fantastic French-style garden, ensuring you eat out in fine style. It is located in the 8th arrondissement and is among the most popular dining spot in the area.


Inspired by the Greek mythology where ambrosia is the food of the gods. L’Ambroisie manages to live up to its name incredibly. The menu here is sophisticated and classical, with laudable execution to give each visitor the real taste of Parisian cuisine. The owner-cum-chef of L’Ambroisie is Bernard Pacaud, and the restaurant has held its three Michelin stars since 1988. Pacaud’s cuisine defines excellence with its interesting flavors and approach. It is located in the 4th arrondissement.


Keep some room for the unimaginable and allow yourself to be swayed- no à la carte or menu options in L’Astrance. It has clinched its three Michelin stars as a result of his perfect wine combinations, and the excellent flavor of every course delicately and innovatively presented. After having the meal, you can spare about five minutes to walk across the river to the Eiffel Tower.

Le Pre Catelan 

The popular Chef Frederic Anton does not cease to impress with his well-selected food combinations, made to no fault. The restaurant’s cordial service to everyone has been lauded as well. That might explain why people come in their droves. It is located in the 16th arrondissement.

Pierre Gagnaire 

Focusing on contemporary French cuisine, Pierre Gagnaire has long been recognized as an effigy of iconic French culinary. The restaurant is situated in the Hotel Balzac and is named after Pierre Gagnaire, one of the country’s most popular chefs.


This restaurant has an understated cuisine prepared and cooked to perfection. L’Abeille charms do not stop at its excellent food. It is situated in the popular Shangri-La hotel, visitors can savor their gourmet meal within an incredible setting.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Paris – Summary

The fact that Paris is home to the best Michelin-recommended restaurants comes as no surprise. Therefore the next time you find yourself in Paris, do not forget to step into any of the featured restaurants to have a Parisian taste of the culinary experience.