Most tutors in France use French to communicate with students in class. Therefore, if you have been thinking of studying in France, you must learn this language. Most intermediate and advanced French learners usually fail to become fluent due to a lack of reading material. They might glance at several pages and assume that there are no alternatives to enable them to become fluent speakers.

Importance of Reading in French

Reading different French books will allow you to get introduced to a constant stream of examples in the real world. It is one of the most effective ways to develop your language learning skill. The biggest challenge with reading such educational books is the wide vocabulary. Reading books that are ideal for your present level will sharpen your mind and add to your current vocabulary. You will learn a lot of new words without having to look for their definitions. If this is too difficult for you, you can practice using videos that are equipped with subtitles for you to have the information that you need to understand this. By reading a good book, you’ll get to absorb the grammar without thinking about this process.

Best French Books to Read

When selecting a book, one of the most important aspects to consider is your current level of learning. You should always go for books that aren’t far beyond your level of learning as it will ensure that your experience is not only challenging but enjoyable. Once you find an interesting book, you’ll naturally get hooked to the language as well. Here are the best books for college students in France.

Un soir au Club – Christian Gailly

This is a common French piano drama in the country. If you love reading French books, you’ll find a lot of stories where some part of the story gets fixed on the character’s inability or ability to play the musical instrument. This drama’s protagonist, Simon is a former alcoholic and jazz pianist who gave up these habits to achieve his goals. In one night, he breaks his vow and returns to alcohol, and plays the piano. The author uses short sentences to keep the reader engaged and entertained. This is a great book for every college student. Therefore, reading this book together with interesting essays at the things they carried essay service will greatly improve your language learning skill. The personality of the novelist will keep you entertained as you read this book.

Bonjour Tristresse – Françoise Sagan

It’s not easy to find a comparison for this amazing book in English. The story is about a girl’s relationship with her father, who is a womanizer. His love life impacts her, and he ends up getting entangled with her. It is a fast-paced romantic novel that focuses on instant gratification. Think of it as a soap opera that has been condensed into a novel. All the characters are lively and interesting. Once you start reading this book, you’ll have a hard time putting it down. You can read this book in most libraries or on the internet. It’s also ideal for beginners and intermediate French learners.


There are plenty of books for you to read out there. French literature is one of the richest in the world. As you read, you’ll start familiarizing yourself with different authors and books. And this will add to your knowledge and improve your relationship with this beautiful language. When you have fun reading, you’ll be motivated to continue learning the language. If you’ve been thinking of going to study in France, this article is ideal for you. Since most people who live in this beautiful nation communicate in French, you’ll have an easy time conversing and making new friends with them. Plus, there are a lot of apps that you can use in your free time to learn the language.