The largest of the around 12 resorts that make up the popular Portes du Soleil ski area ranging across the French-Swiss border is Morzine. Even though it is loosely linked (via Avoriaz) to the major Portes du Soleil circuit, Morzine has its own ski area shared with its neighbor Les Gets.

An hour or so from the Geneva airport, it is enlivened with French standards with a cracking variety of nightlife and several interests for non-skiers. Morzine has a brisk après-ski scene to meet the tastes of many visitors and is pocket friendly. Even non-skiers will be well catered for with pedestrianized ski lifts and several winter walking.

Here Is What You Need to Know About Expenses In Morzine:

Morzine-Les Gets Ski Pass 

Depending on your age, the time of visit, how long you wish to ski, and whether you are in a group or family, prices for Morzine-Les Gets ski lifts vary. Prices for the widest-known lift passes for vacationers featured in this post are for just online sales. Bear in mind that purchasing passes from the ski pass office in the resort are about 5% more pricey.

6-day Ski Pass

The 6-day ski pass option is the most popular among vacationers. Adults (20-64 years) can get it at 216 euros while children (5-15 years) can get it for around 168 euros. As for juniors (16-19 years), the price is a little higher at 186 euros. At the same time, seniors (65+ years) are not left behind as they can get the 6-day ski pass at 192 euros.

3-day Ski Pass

Holidays can be short, and nothing stops you from having maximum fun. Therefore, if you are expecting to ski only half of your vacation, a 3-day ski pass will the best option to purchase. Adults can get it at 114 euros and children at 87 euros. Juniors can go all out as they want with the pass at 96 euros; however, seniors will pay more at 102 euros.

1-day Ski Pass

You can go for the shortest if you are strapped for cash or have little time to spend in Morzine. A day ski pass will fit this, and adults can get it for 40 euros. While you will have to produce an ID for the kids (5-15 yeats), you can get a ticket for them at 31 euros. Prices are 34 and 36 euros for juniors and seniors, respectively.


As contained on the ski pass office’s website, there is a mandatory 3 euros to pay for a hands-free pass for those who do not already have one to re-charge. Also, if you had bought a 6-day Morzine-Les Gets ski pass but decide to ski in the rest of the Portes Du Soleil, you will not be able to upgrade your pass.

However, you will have to purchase a different lift pass for the entire area. If you follow this route (even for a day), you will spend more than purchasing a discount on a 6-day Portes Du Soleil ski pass organized by a tour company. To significantly reduce spending, check out the late-season Morzine-Les Gets discounts on the official site. There is always a deal, and you can go for the one that fits your plan.

The Morzine-Les Gets Ski Area Pass

This pass gives you access to the ravishing Morzine-Les Gets ski area but not the entire Portes Du Soleil area. Also, the pass does not give you access to the Pordains or Super Morzinelifts that leave from Morzine but are part of the Avoriaz ski area.

The pass offers several wide, tree-lined pistes and more off-piste and hard piste opportunities. The area links Les Gets and Morzine with slopes coursing into each small village. The area also has 48 ski lifts and 69 slopes, effectively ensuring that there is something for people of different skiing expertise.

More Morzine Ski Pass Options

For those visiting Morzine for just a short break, it will be rewarding to buy a ski lift pass to match their time in the mountains. They can get a pass for any duration, and all prices are for online sales only. Remember that purchasing prices from the ski pass office is 5% more expensive.

For a more expansive tour of the Morzine and its environs, a Portes Du Soleil ski lift pass will give you just what you want. For a 4-day ski pass, adults (20-64 years) pass price is around 194 euros and around 146 euros for children (5-15 years). Juniors (16-19 years) and seniors (65+ years) can both get it for 175 euros.

A 3-day ski pass for adults, children, and junior/senior comes at 151, 113, and 136 euros, respectively. For a shorter visit to the area, you can get a 2-day ski pass at 106 euros if you are an adult and 80 euros for the children. Both juniors and seniors can get it for around 95 euros.

Winter Lift Passes for Non-Skiers

Visitors who do not ski regularly can choose to access the mountain to hike or snowshoe on special routes or join skiing friends for lunch. Alternatively, they can absorb the views as they want. In Morzine, there are two distinct ski lifts that non-skiers can use to reach the mountain- the Nyon cable car and the Pléney bubble. Non-skiers can only use these ski lifts.

As a non-skier, there is the chance not to miss out entirely on the thrills and frills. A walkers’ pass in Morzine will cost an adult about 7 euros for a single trip and 6.10 euros for children. Juniors and seniors can get theirs for about 6.50 euros and 6.80 euros, respectively.

There is a plan for a return trip as well that will cost an adult 8.20 euros and will cost a child 7.10 euros. For the juniors who are too tired to make it back on their own, they will pay 7.60 euros. The seniors would most likely need to purchase this pass, and that will come for 7.90 euros.

Places in Morzine to Buy Ski Passes 

Pléney lift pass office: This office is situated at the Pléney bubble’s bottom. There, they can sell you Portes Du Soleil, and Morzine-Les Gets passes.

Tourist information office: This office is just at the center of Morzine, adjacent to the town square. Instead of going inside to purchase lift passes, proceed to the window that sells lift passes at the office’s town square side.

Super Morzine lift pass office: It is situated close to the Super Morzine suspension bridge and is linked to the Super Morzine bubble. The lift gives visitors access to the rest of Portes Du Soleil and Avoriaz; so, the office can only deal in Portes Du Soleil, or Avoriaz area passes only, and not Morzine-Les Get passes. Visitors who came solely to Morzine do not need to worry about going to lift pass offices. Some alternatives sell ski lift passes at reasonably affordable rates.

Tips – How Not to Lose Your Ski Pass

While in Morzine, losing your ski pass can be a nightmare. It will not only cost you money, but skiing time will also be lost, and that might be nerve-racking. Here is how not to lose your pass;

Write Down your Ski Pass’ Unique ID Number

Every Morzine and Portes Du Soleil pass has a special number that distinguishes them. If you jot down the number or take a photo of the pass on your smartphone before the holiday begins, it means the lost pass can be replaced. And if what you feared happens, go to the lift pass office and tell them about the loss. They should request for the ID number and be able to cancel the previous one to issue a new one.

Designate a Pocket For The lift Pass in Your Outwear

Several ski pants and ski jackets have a handful of pockets. I recommend that you select one pocket to be your designated lift pass pocket. That means no other item goes into it. This is because Portes Du Soleil passes are hands-free, there will be no need to unzip it at any time. This greatly reduces the chance of your lift pass falling out.

Move Your Pass if You Change Clothes

In the case that you are a skiing fashionista and have plenty of outfits for the mountain, ensure that you move your pass from one clothing to the other. It can be frustrating to arrive at the day’s first lift and not being able to continue because you swapped jackets.

Is Morzine Expensive? – Summary

Morzine ski vacations bring out the local Savoyard allure. With a varied landscape in the massive 650 km Portes du Soleil area, Morzine is a ski resort that combines an original character with new-age snow sports. Although Morzine is expensive, the resort is famous for its warm welcome to groups and families in the mountainside where it is beautifully set. An attractive and lively town, Morzine passes on its enlivening vibe onto guests, so be prepared to be impressed.