CBD, which means Cannabidiol (also known as cannabis or hemp), is a chemical found in the cannabis Sativa plant. It is approved in the United States because it stops seizures; hence, CBD positively affects our body. Although CBD is an approved drug, it is not legally included in foods or drinks, but it can be a vital ingredient for various cosmetics products to enhance beauty.

Is CBD Legal in France?

Well, the direct answer is Yes. CBD is 100% legal in France, so you can buy and consume CBD cannabis without being controlled by the government, except if they are not authorized by the drug law agency in the country. In a nutshell, the use of CBN is legal if it is gotten from the allowed type of hemp with no THC in it. The law does not permit any company to advertise CBD except it is government-approved and obeyed the medical prescriptions.

One of the most popular ingredients in cannabis is the Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This fact is true because CBD itself is gotten from the cannabis Sativa plant which also contains a tiny amount of THC. Even though CBD affects the brain, it is still a prescription for epilepsy, pain, and a muscle disorder called dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, and many other diseases.

The differences between the French law and the European Union law for cannabis have gradually reduced. Today governments of many countries agree that the use of CBD is legal.

In 2017, CBD was banned in France except for the plant for the cannabis contained 0% THC, but in 2018, CBD became legal entirely in France. However, it must be taken under medical prescription and one must be registered before they can sell it.

Why CBD Legal in France

The French government legalize the drug due to the following reasons.

  • It Cures Anxiety: CBD treats anxiety disorder according to neurotherapeutics because of how it reacts in the brain when taken according to medical prescription. Although it might have an opposite effect on the brain if overdosed, it reduces anxiety when taken gradually and relieves their stress.
  • It Reduces Addiction to Drugs: CBD may work for those with drug addiction. Scientists at the University of Montreal discovered that CBD can help treat people with addiction to cocaine or any other hard drugs with further treatment help.
  • It Relieves Nerve Pain: Medically prescribed CBD or Medical Marijuana is often given to people suffering from a lot of pain, including those with terminal cancer who experiences pain a lot all the time. It reduces their pain from time to time and can to increase their life span, but it must be used according to the doctor’s prescription.  
  • Reduces Seizures: Evidence has shown that CBD when added to seizure medications such as clobazam increases blood concentration in the body. However, researches are still carried out to make sure it works effectively.
  • Economic Benefits: Legalizing CBD has made France one of the largest producers of industrial hemp globally alongside China, which has made their economy strong globally. France controls the European market with 40% approximately as its share.

Restrictions On The Use Of CBD in France

  • General Restrictions: In 2018, France’s government explained in detail what the law permits on CBD products like CBD oil and drugs. It must officially have a strain of hemp in it, and the plant must not be used for CBD extractions under any situation. According to French law, CBD oil and other extracts of CBD must not contain THC, so as soon as THC is found, it is considered an illegal drug in France.
  • Restrictions in Marketing of CBD in France: The French authorities control various parts of the CBD business like the advertising companies and the marketing industries. They control promotions for CBD drugs and oil if the ANSM or the European Commission officially verifies them, so personalized marketing in France is illegal. If any company wants to handle the advertisement in France, it must be according to the law. However, if you are looking for a CBD partnership program there are a few options available.

Medical Usage of CBD in France

The effects of CBD on the body or the prescription of how the drugs should be used must only be carried out in the government office or a registered medical office. The future of CBD in France is bright because of the government’s various experiments to ensure the drug is promoted freely.

Where to Buy CBD in France

Any CBD products that meet the government’s requirements of no THC and are approved can be sold anywhere without any restrictions or legal trouble.

Final Thoughts

Are you planning to start a business selling CBD oil or other products in France? Then ensure you buy from accredited dealers of the products. France is one of the biggest European hemp producers and the second-largest producer after China and Canada. CBD provided the opportunity for France to use agriculture to make their economy better and influential globally.