Being a student in France and getting an education could be one of the most enlightening experiences. Especially because France is known for its academic environment that fosters and nurtures the birth of great painters, writers, business people, doctors, and so on. The Sorbonne University is the first university in Europe and Paris; you will find the Latin quarter, the home of creativity, youth, and art. 

“Into the Wild” is the screening of the book with the same name, written by Jon Krakauer. It presents the story of a young man that comes from a wealthy family that strips himself of all his possessions and adventures into the wild. There, he discovers himself and learns a lot of lessons, all of which are presented both in the book and the screening. So, why should any student from France watch “Into the Wild”? 

Dreams Should Be Followed – Into the wild 

The novel Into the Wild is a popular one, even though it was published in 1996. To study it in college could be one of the tasks of students in France, especially because it comes with so many valuable lessons. 

Even though these can be found in the movie too, reading the book gives you a different feeling. If you want to find out more about the novel, you can download an essay on Into the Wild novel and find a free essay example/into the wild online. However, the first lesson you will come across both in the book and the movie is that “Dreams should be followed”. Christopher, the main character of the novel, leaves everything he has behind to follow his dream of exploring nature. And this can be a source of inspiration for any student who is getting an education and not only. No matter how impossible your dream might seem, this is what dreams are made for: to be followed. 

Nature Is Incredible, and It Changes Your Life 

By reading the novel, you get to imagine everything you read. But the movie will help you actually see those scenes. As Cristopher roams nature, he gets to spend some incredible moments in amazing places. 

Watching skies full of stars, walking through the lush forest, seeing the green leaves and wonderful flowers around you, will leave you more peaceful. Will help you get another perspective on life and what actually matters to you. 

It’s Never too Late to Learn New Things 

Many people think that because they are not young anymore, they cannot learn something new. It can be a new skill, a foreign language, a new career specialization. But Cristopher shows that this is not true. 

He learns leatherwork as he spends time with Franz, a man he comes across in his nature and self-discovery journey. He later uses this skill to create some fantastic things. But he managed to learn how to master it even though he wasn’t a student anymore. The proof that you are never too old to learn something new. And it is never too late to learn new things. 

Sharing Happiness with Others 

Another valuable life lesson the main character of the movie learns when maybe it is too late is that sharing happiness with others is one of the best parts of one’s life. When Cristopher ends up alone in a bus only with the harsh and cruel nature (as it can be sometimes), he realizes that people are important. They can comfort and support you when you need it. 

And when you are happy, sharing this with others is also something enriching. Christopher eats a deadly plant which pushes him into a slow death, the moment when he realizes that happiness is meant to be shared with others. 


If you have not watched “Into the Wild”, it is a must for every student from France and not only. And reading the book can also be a nice experience. There are so many valuable lessons in this screening, many of which people become aware of too late. 

Watching the journey of a young man who decides to pursue his dream of exploring and discovering nature can be an inspiring experience. How is it like to follow your dream into the wild? How is it to live and explore nature alone? The answers to all these questions are in the movie/novel. So, hopefully, you are convinced that this movie is a must-see. 

Bio lines: Robert Everett is a content and essay writer. He loves adventures and solo hiking into the mountains. Robert recommends watching this movie or reading the book to any student who needs a boost of motivation and inspiration