Scuba diving in France is one of the most exciting things to do when you visit. For expert divers, diving spots in the country are among the best in the world. The French coast, spanning over 5400 km, offers different swamps, marshes, and sandy shores as well as rocky shorelines.

Diving in the clear Mediterranean, in the shipwrecks, wall, and caves, is an experience you should not miss. But finding alone the decent diving spots in the country can be difficult.

Here Are Some Of The Best Scuba Diving Spots in France:

The Lake of Tignes

If you have ever imagined sinking your face in the ice to behold the spectacular light that beams through it, then the Lake of Tignes is where you should visit for a great scuba diving experience. What is more- you can dive under ice too in this place. Many diving centers in the country opened at the pier of Lake Tignes to help more adventure-seeking divers have fun.

Diving under the sea is getting popular, but it requires the ideal equipment. Given the cold of the water, divers cannot wear a little mask or wetsuit as they will freeze in little time. In this place, there is a chance to learn how to dive with a dry suit. As soon as one is equipped, they can slide into a hole cut in the ice to explore the world beneath.

Lot and Garona

Lovers of cave diving will particularly like this place. In France, areas like New Aquitaine, Dordogne, Garonne, and Lot specialize in cave diving. Divers from different parts of Europe come to these areas every year to have fun and test the challenges.

In the limestone cave, the water is very clear, offering divers pristine visibility. Meanwhile, you should get a great diving center and an experienced dive expert considering the not-so-easy caves as you enter the tunnels.

The Lavezzi Islands – South Corsica

This group of islands and granite reed is situated in the southernmost part of the country, about 10 km from Bonifacio. The Lavezzi islands are incredibly difficult to get to because of the many sunken reeds in the region and because of the massive currents that pass through the Strait of Bonifacio.

This is not to say diving in the region is not possible. In the morning, when the turquoise sea is clear and gentle, dive experts prefer to visit the place. Beneath the water, the rocks link in an amazing dance where one can see how the brown groupers swim.


Normandy is another great destination for scuba diving in France. In its cold and dark waters, scores of shipwrecks lay, mostly from the popular landing of the allies in the course of the WWII. Other dive spots in the area are from the shipwrecks in the rocks. If you are interested, the D-Day Museum located in Port Bessin chronicles the history of the war.

The USS Meredith III, the Fort Norfolk, the Courbet, and Empire Broadsword are the most famous shipwrecks here. You might also observe that marine life is incredibly rich in the area; however, the major attraction is the chance to get into the bowels of these sunken historical parts. There are different marine fauna of the channel of a Mancha like sea spiders, sea bass, conger eels, and lobsters. Note that limited experienced divers only can access to most of the spots.

Le Tombant des Americains 

Nice is known for its numerous spectacular diving spots, and one of the best destinations for scuba diving in the city is Le Tombant des Americains. It is a diving site popular for its abundant marine life featuring species like crayfish, morays, and eels.

The pink and purple corals protruding from the blue sea forges a stunning blend of color. Le Tombant des Americains starts at 50 m every diver is required to get professional assistance before they come there.

The Rock of Rascas

Situated in a marine park, the Rock of Rascas makes the list of the best scuba spots in the country. A stunning blend of the colorful flora among the crystal clear blue water, the abundant marine life like morays, jellyfish, and much more circles one as they swim. The colorful marine life will definitely make the dive an experience to remember. And since the spot is situated in a marine park, there are also some other diving spots in the area for you to take on.

The Riou Archipelago

For those who are thinking of what to do in Marseille, scuba diving in that beautiful city is a start. There are many unexplored islands in Marseille that are incredible for diving and sightseeing to make a satisfying day out in France. The islands’ picturesque beauty and vistas are particularly lovely to behold.

Aside from the impressive full forests and green woods, you will also find some awesome diving spots, like the “Pharillons”, which is a 45 m drop into the ocean. Above the water, the view is brilliant too, and the array of flora and fish are expressively striking.

Le Donator and Le Grec

On the least explored and car-free Porquerolles, situated close to the coast of Hyeres, are two of the best scuba destinations for divers in the southern part of the country. Le Donator and Le Grec, which used to be cargo ships right before they sank, are brilliant places to discover. Some of the most beautiful corals in the country can also be found in the spots. With a 50 m depth, Le Donator and Le Grec are incredible adventures themselves.

What To See Under The Sea In France

The different places to scuba dive are quite vast. France is an endowed place for diving because seas surround touches the entire south and parts of its north. As such, it is not simple to curate a definite list of the species there.

When you go to dive in France, you will not see a large pelagic fish except for turtles, moonfish, and groupers. But sometimes, you will dive with dolphins and maybe whales. From mollusks, octopus, crustaceans, to invertebrate species, the biodiversity is quite impressive and dependent on the area.

It is vital to note that the country is one of the best destinations to see shipwrecks. The perfect time to dive in the north is from June to August in the summertime. Also note that every diver is expected to have an international diving certification, compulsory credentials, and experience. These are all required to prevent casualties. We suggest that you schedule all driving trips with certified operators.

Immersion Conditions 

Clarity of water is bad in the north, but divers can reach between 30 and 40 min the Mediterranean waters of Corsica or Riviera. Also, the sea currents are low but check the specific conditions of the area to visit to get more information.

The country has many diving sites of low difficulty, but shipwrecks are recommended for expert divers. Also, note that the temperature reaches 26 degrees Celsius in the Mediterranean region in August. In Brittany up north, water hardly exceeds 20 degrees Celsius.

Best Scuba Diving Spots In France – Summary

With the recommendations above, you can plan every detail of your scuba diving trip to the country without hassle. Boasting of beautiful sites and rich biodiversity, there are many possibilities when you dive in France. So ready your gears for some extraordinary underwater experience!