So, you want to explore the city of love without overspending? Paris is a city that can easily tempt you into spending a little more with its many world-famous museums and fine wines and cheeses. But you can always explore the French capital and not over-stretch your budget. Read on to uncover how to explore the city on a limited budget, including free activities in Paris that are not to be missed! 

And if this is your first trip to France, we have a unique advice guide for first-timers! 

When is the Cheapest Month to Visit Paris?

The cheapest time to visit Paris is in the off-season when the weather is not as hot. But don’t worry, Paris is still beautiful and exciting even when the sun isn’t shining its brightest. The on-season is between June and September when most European holidaymakers flock to the capital. It would be best to avoid Christmas and New Year’s as travel and accommodation costs can be hiked up during this time. Thus, the cheapest time to travel to Paris is between late January and late May. You could save money by visiting during these months. 

Get the Pre-departure Basics Right! 

One way to make the most of a limited budget in Paris is to maximize your budget. One way we can all maximize our travel budget is to plan our trips in advance. By planning your trip in advance, you can get a better deal on travel, hotels, and even pre-booked activities. This will save you money and expand your budget for when you touch down. 

It would be best if you also tried to convert your funds with a good exchange rate before you travel. Keep an eye out for what the markets are doing and exchange at the right time to earn a few more euros for your trip! 

Cheap Things to Do in Paris 

There are several cheap activities and events you can enjoy. The Rodin Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower are all relatively inexpensive activities that can take up many hours to a full day. Even though they’re more expensive than a glass of red or a café lunch, they take up more of your day and keep you entertained for longer. Sometimes it’s about spending smart rather than spending less per activity or purchase. 

The Louvre Museum is also a cheap activity when you consider it could entertain you for a whole day. And it’s a must-see museum for anyone visiting the capital. 

Free Things to Do in Paris 

If your budget really is tight or you’ve already done some of the cheaper Paris activities, there are free things to do in the city as well. The white marble basilica is free to enter as long as you don’t want to explore its dome. St Ouen antiques and flea market is a beautiful place to window shop for beautiful collectibles and treasures. Or you could have a supermarket picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower; do it at dusk for the Eiffel Tower light show. 

There are also many free museums dotted around the city. They might not be as famous as the Louvre, but they’re still worth a trip, such as the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. 

Once you’ve explored the Parisian lifestyle, you’ll probably want to uncover more French travel gems. We have already listed six must-visit French travel destinations outside of Paris

Can You Do Paris in One Day?

If you are thinking about visiting Paris for a single day, then it is possible. A ton of travelers have managed to land in Paris and see some of the biggest sites and then head off late evening or the next morning. You won’t get the whole Parisian experience, but you’ll still get a taste of the city. However, if you’re spending on travel costs, maybe it is worth making the most of those flights by saving up a little more and coming for a weekend.

Cheap Accommodation Tips for Paris

You don’t have to stay at the Ritz to enjoy Paris. You can get an authentic Parisian experience by staying at cheap accommodation, especially if you stay in an older building. There are some fantastic cheaper Airbnbs throughout the city, and there are some cool hostels like The People Hostel and the vintage Les Piaules. Just remember to take into account the cost of traveling to your activities and events. Sometimes a cheaper hostel further out the city will end up costing you more in travel and time – and won’t be worth the small initial saving. 

Is Paris Still Fun on a Budget?

You might be wondering if it’s all worth it – is Paris still worth visiting if you have a tight budget? Of course, you could wait until your finances improve and take a trip without thinking about money each day. But life is short, and travel is fantastic. Even on a budget, there are still so many cheap and free things to do in Paris to have a wonderful time. You can always come back again later; there’s no rule against coming to Paris multiple times.