Known for its gastronomic excellence and cultural vibrancy, Paris keeps catching the eye of millions of tourists everywhere. Not only does the city have a vast array of impressive tourist attractions, but it is also a distinct place marked with a nice-looking ambiance. And for an interesting and different way to tour the French capital, a city tour bus is usually recommended in which visitors can have a scrumptious meal while enjoying a picturesque view of this stunning city.

Enter Bustronome. This is a chic and luxurious bus restaurant in the city that commences its tour at the Arc de Triomphe. And after settling down and getting comfy, the Bustronome will lead to a fantastic sightseeing tour through the city. As visitors can board the Bustronome only with a reservation, bear in mind to save your spot in advance. The Bustronome is a double-decker bus whose sides and ceilings are built with glass. 

Riders on the bus and enjoy large views of Paris specialties on the outside while savoring the warmth and comfort on the inside. The bus leaves twice daily and moves past the major monuments and spots. What distinguishes this experience from another one you might have in Paris is that inside the Bustronome is a fine dining restaurant. For food lovers, it does not get any better than this.

Buying tickets to the bus affords you a range of courses and a full-service meal (lunch or dinner). It is a brilliant way to get acquainted with Paris. Having fine dining on a moving vehicle through narrow Parisian cobbled streets- the ambiance is just great. This sought of bus dining is a well-known excursion around the continent, but as far as a vehicle made of glass goes, the Bustronome is the proud first. 

On why you should have lunch or dinner on the Bustronome in Paris, here are tips, tricks, and all you should know:

Bustronome Design

The bus seems like an old European double-decker when you see it. But you will observe later on that the vehicle is significantly missing its top half or fading into the sky. The Bustronome’s second floor is wholly made of glass. While the ceilings and walls of the bus are entirely transparent and give a 360 degree-view of the world outside. This is what confirms it as the super viewing pedestal for the tourists’ spots and streets. 

For the bottom floor of the double-decker, a lot of the service happens there, but the guests are not present. The top is the perfect dining setup, and just under the glass ceiling is a well-designed restaurant that fits the setting. 

The restraint has a simple and trendy design, while the space remains functional. The Bustronome also depends on the sunlight shining outside and the city’s lights by night to lit the bus. In the case that you book dinner, it will be like dining by the candlelight, an atmosphere primed for romance. 

The French capital is dubbed as the City of Lights. Lots of its allure exists because of this fact. Utilizing the natural glow of Parisian streets in the course of a dining experience is nothing short of ingenuity. 

The bus’s top floor can host parties of about 2 to 4 visitors. The tables are not movable, so there is no alternative to making bigger seating spaces for bigger parties. Bustronome’s back has a booth-like apace where bigger parties can be held, and about 8 people can comfortably attend. But the tables are nevertheless separated for smooth entry and exit. A bathroom is also available on the bottom floor.

Served Meals – Bustronome Menu

As earlier hinted, the bus offers just two mealtime options; lunch and dinner. Originally the Bustronome brand is a “gourmet travel”; therefore, expect nothing short of a spectacular dining experience. By popular demand, the bus is now operating at two slots daily. As such, there are just two different departure times for a lunch excursion, and two more for dinner later on. 

The cuisine here is 100% French, and the menus are set and changed constantly. While having lunch, riders will be treated to a four-part package, and during dinner, a six-part one experience will be served. 

Also, note that during the lunch trips, riders have the option of upgrading their menu ticket to add access to the Arc de Triomphe monument. With this, the total cost would be around 77 euros instead of the initial 65 euros.

Even though the experience is impeccable irrespective of the chosen menu, the wine-pairing experience is a good addition to the meal. Here the flavors are nicely paired by the chef to every dish. Another reason you should ride on the Bustronome is that its kitchen attends to all dietary concerns of riders. Vegetarians and vegans have their gastronomic interests protected here. But ensure you let them know of allergies or food restrictions to enjoy your trip better.

Bustronome Routes in Paris

For the Bustronome, routes to take are as essential as the meals to experience. For lots of riders, it is the initial first-hand experience of Paris’ famous monuments. The journey starts at the Arc de Triomphe as the host shows you your table. For the majority of the tour, you will be allowed to dine alone as soft French music gently rocks the background. And to make the trip more engaging, there are audio pens for commentary on the sights. 

The route starts in the west and makes a circular motion around the Seine River, toward the Notre Dame before going back west. Iconic monuments are not the only sights you will catch. The Louvre Museum and Musee d’Orsay are on the path too. 

Most tourists often forget to add the Invalides to their itinerary. Rides will be lucky because the Invalides is on the Bustronome’s path. Given the shorter length of the lunch trip, there are few things to see. But the dinner trip features Hotel de Ville, Notre Dame, and Saint-Michael. 

Brunch on the Bustronome 

Before the lunch trip, riders will be able to board the Bustronome for a mid-morning excursion, followed by a delicious menu. At 11 am, the tour departs from the exact spot at the Arc de Triomphe.

This tour will afford riders the chance to get lots of sightseeing on the way within a short time, while other activities can be done in the day. The brunch menu includes pastries, bread selection, hot beverages, delicatessen and cheese selections, and mains. As at the time of writing, alcohol is not allowed on the Bustronome.

Each brunch session ticket costs 65 euros for adults and 40 euros for children under 12 years old. Upgrading the ticket to 77 euros affords riders priority access to the Arc de Triomphe before or after the bus trip. People under the age of 26 can secure access at no cost.

The Complete Experience of the Bustronome 

Seeing Paris from the comfort of the Bustronome bus is an interesting way to see the city. It is even a terrific way for locals to see the city from a totally different angle. The bus company had the chance to sacrifice quality for quantity with many tours during the day with mediocre food and service while making more profits from eager tourists. Instead, they have decided to go for quality with the few daily tours.

Why you Should Visit the Bustronome Paris – Summary

The Bustronome is only a perfect place to have lunch and dinner and see the city differently; you can organize small events with friends and family. With the bubbling city background and cozy ambiance of the Bustronome, there are hardly better ways to celebrate. The Bustronome dinner or lunch should be on your next Paris itinerary.