Chic and elegant, the Louvre has been a spectacle to the world since its opening centuries ago and a true pride of the French capital. This is not merely a massive art repository; it is about the world’s biggest museum with the mist visitors, housed in a majestic chateau. It is no surprise that it is a big draw even without the exhibits.

The exhibits at the museum are big, with catalogs spanning from Egyptian art, through the Mona Lisa, and sculpture. A cool way to secure access to the Louvre is by a fast-track ticket. You should book a fast track ticket because it will substantially reduce waiting time in the rides. Long queues can be frustrating, especially if you had a busy day before then.

Fast track tickets are not the same as the regular ones. The former is better because it allows visitors to enter the museum without much of a queue. Therefore, fast track tickets are more expensive than regular ones. It would be a great idea to visit the Louvre, being a major tourist attraction in Paris, on a fast track ticket as there will be enough time to see the specialties that the museum has. 

If you need help seeing the museum, companies offer tours in different languages to make your Louvre experience more intimate. While you should book a fast track ticket to the Louvre, here are some facts to know: 

  • Try not to, but if you are buying tickets on the day of visitation, be prepared to wait on long queues for tickets. Plus, there are no guarantees that you will enter.
  • The better way to secure a ticket is to purchase online and book your timeslot in advance. But a great way to enter is to buy a fast track ticket. It will save you the stress.
  • The museum is not opened on Tuesdays.
  • Visitors less than 18 years of age are allowed to enter without any charges (ID will be required) 
  • Still holding the record for the world’s biggest museum, be decisive on how much time you want to budget for the visit.
  • Do not bring luggage and suitcases to the Louvre. As long as the luggage does not exceed 55cm x 35cm x 20cm, your package will be allowed in. 

Prices and Opening Hours

The Louvre is open every day except on Tuesdays and public holidays, from 9 am to 6 pm. If you want to visit on an evening, it opens until 9:45 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. Seasonality is a factor as regards opening, it is best to check on the museum’s website to ensure your timing aligns with the management’s. The website, you will also find a list of national holidays and closing days. 

The regular Louvre ticket is for whole-day access, with the exception of temporary exhibitions held in the Hall Napoleon. Be informed that there will be an extra charge if you want to see the temporary exhibitions. As a tip, entry is free for all visitors on the first Saturday of every month, from 6 pm to 9:45 pm and on July 14 (Bastille Day). Admission is also free for persons under 26 on Friday evenings from 6 pm to 9:45 pm.

Paris Museum Pass

Lots of art aficionados do this every year in their droves- they visit Paris just to see the Louvre museum. They do this by checking out getting a Paris Museum Pass. Let us say you intend to check out other art galleries and museums in the city or make recurring visits to the Louvre, the Paris Museum Pass will help you save more money. You can even jump ticket queues of the major venues. It is your one-pass ticket to see the magical and fascinating world of arts without hassle.

The authorities have now mandated that Paris Museum Pass holders book their admission time slots before they visit. They must present their pass with their document affirming to the time slot reservation. 

Fast Track Tickets for the Louvre

As earlier reiterated, you can completely avoid the niggling things that are the long queues by getting your tickets in advance. However, visitors cannot get the tickets from the museum. Instead, they can be picked up from an agency about 1 km from the Louvre.

The agency office is not difficult to locate as it is situated at the metro Bonne Nouvelle or Strasbourg Denis. It is also in the Grands Boulevards area of the city, which is a stone throw from most hotels in the area.

The Louvre fast track entrance costs about 17 euros for adults. There is also a fast track entrance with a guided audio tour that costs about 39 euros for adults and at least 9 euros for children (3-17 years). It would last for two-and-half hours, but you can continue to explore the museum on your own.

The museum also offers a fast track entrance with a 3-hour small-group walking tour. If you are looking to have a comprehensive guide on the Louvre, this option is made for you. Morning, afternoon, and evening tours are the options available. And they cost at least 61 euros for adults and at least 58 euros for children (4-14 years old).

What Not to Miss at the Louvre

Egyptian Antiquities

Spanning from 4000 BC to the 4th-century, the Egyptian Antiquities is a department you should visit. It has a large collection of artifacts from Ancient Egypt to the Byzantine period. You will also find the big Sphinx, mummies, papyrus scrolls, jewels, and other items are from the Middle Kingdom.

Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Department 

Being the oldest department in the museum, Francis I first curated it in the 16th-century. Items from the Dunrad collection were subsequently acquired in the 1800s, like the bronze Borghese Vase. You should also take in the immense beauty from the Hellenistic period and the elaborate Greek pottery.


With an impressive assemblage of ancient sculpture to Romanesque and Medieval, adore masterpieces of the Virgin of Auvergne and Daniel in the Lion’s Den. The catalog displays work for the periods after the Etruscan, Greek, and Roman Department up to 1850. This department is divided into 2: the foreign works in the Denon wing and the French collection in the Richelieu wing. 

Decorative Arts

From the Middle Ages to the 1800s, the Decorative Arts department used to be a part of the royal property and pieces transferred from the Basilica Saint-Denis, the place where French monarchs are buried. You will see ceramics, stained glass, vases, and bronzes. The Medieval and Renaissance artwork, plush tapestries, and jewelry are common sights here.


Boasting of over 7,500 works spanning nearly 600 years, almost two-thirds of the artifacts displayed are by French artists. You will also find Italian paintings and paintings from the era of Napoleon. The chef-d’oeuvre masterpieces include the captivating Mona Lisa, the Coronation of Napoleon, Liberty Leading the People, and Louis XIV.

Should You Book a Fast-Track Ticket to the Louvre?- Summary

This iconic museum is undoubtedly one of the most terrific art galleries in the world. Housing hundreds of thousands of museums and classic masterpieces, the museum is the crème-de-la-crème of French culture and strong evidence of European art history. 

The Louvre can be very busy and that is why you need to book a fast track ticket to help you beat the queues. Try to also visit on weekdays early morning or late afternoon. The queues tend to subside by then. Getting a fast track ticket is the first thing to have a splendid time at the Louvre. Do the Louvre like a true Parisian!