For students, the biggest downside of wanting to travel is the cost, especially if you dream of going around France. Although the South of France and more specifically cities like Nice, Cannes, and Monaco are not the most affordable destinations, you can still visit them without breaking the bank.

When I was a student in France, I discovered the many activities you can enjoy even while on a budget. You just have to know where to look. If visiting these places has always been your dream, here are some affordable ideas for you.

Take a Stroll in La Croisette

Taking a stroll along La Croisette on the French Riviera can be one part of your itinerary if you will visit Cannes. This is the most fashionable street in the city. Many consider the palm-lined boulevard the hub of tourist activity in Cannes. 

Wander along the sidewalks to see the opulent villas, lavish Belle Epoque hotels, and upscale boutiques. Beyond the La Roseraie Park, you will see the idyllic Port Pierre Canto. Here, you will see rows of the most luxurious yachts docked at the harbor. 

Not too far from this is the Port de la Pointe Croisette, another harbor, which is the point of departure for regattas organized by the Yacht Club of Cannes. You can witness all of these beautiful sceneries for free!

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Take a Train to Explore The South of France

Another popular destination that you will enjoy is the city of Nice, which is centrally located. From here, it will be much easier for you to discover other incredible cities in the south of France. 

Taking a train ride is highly recommended as the fares are very cheap. Trains are very reliable, and they can bring you to various dream destinations. A train ticket to Cannes won’t cost you a lot. 

Prepare yourself for the journey as you will see plenty of beautiful places. You can even take a side trip to Italy then spend an afternoon there. Vintimille is also an option as it’s only an hour’s time from Nice.

This is the perfect place to indulge in a plate of fresh and authentic Italian pasta for half the price. You can also stock up on bottles of Prosecco to bring home!

Research Paper Help When Traveling

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Enjoy the Local Cuisine

One thing that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Nice, Cannes, or Monaco is the local food. These places are also famous for their scrumptious cuisines. However, skip the fancy restaurants and look for cheaper dining options. Personally, I do prefer the food in those places and they are pretty affordable too. While you’re there, you should try these dishes:

  • Socca

The dish is primarily made from chickpea flour. It’s slightly creamy when you bite into it, and you will surely enjoy the flavor.

  • Panisse

This is another delightful specialty made from chickpea flour, and it’s usually fried.

  • Pissaladière

This is a pie that contains anchovies and onions. If you aren’t a fan of anchovies, you can order the anchovy-free variety.

  • Salade Niçoise

The ingredients of this dish include tomatoes, tuna, raw vegetables, olives niçoises, hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, and a delightful olive oil vinaigrette.

  • Pan Bagnat

This is the “sandwich version” of the famous niçoise salad. It contains anchovies or tuna, hard-boiled eggs, raw vegetables, olive oil, and niçoise olives in a round-shaped bread.

  • Farcis Niçois

Also known as stuffed vegetables or daube niçoise, also known as beef stew. You can find these dishes in Nice. In fact, you will find many Niçoise versions of various dishes in this city. These are the same as the classic dishes, but with niçoise olive oil.

Cool off at Glacier Vilfeu

If you are a fan of ice cream (who isn’t?) and you’re in Cannes, you should visit Glacier Vilfeu. This is a famous place located between Palais des Festivals and Marché Forville, just across Église Notre-Dame de Bon Voyage

The parlor has a quirky ambiance that looks like the settings of the film, “Grease,” although without John Travolta jumping out from behind the counter. This ice cream parlor offers a wide selection of desserts and flavors. 

With all of these, you might find it too difficult to resist ordering all of the ice cream flavors, shakes, sundaes, loppypops, sorbets, and more. If this place is too crowded, you can also find ice cream treats at Amorino, which is very close to Palais des Festivals.

Visit The Great French Riviera Beaches

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located right here in the French Riviera. We have written up many great articles about beaches here. You should definitely visit some of the breathtaking public beaches in Nice, Monaco, Cannes, etc.

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You don’t have to cross traveling off your list if you’re a student. As you can see, there are plenty of affordable options you can choose from if you want to travel to France. The key here is to do your research and make a plan. That will make it easier to stick with your budget while having fun.