Most people fancy jumping on a plane and waking up in France in the company of someone they love. To many, the Eiffel Tower is what comes to mind when visiting France as it is always the first place every tourist wants to go and take a photo. 

However, there is more to France than the Eiffel Tower. One fascinating thing about France is its people’s love for flowers. Flowers are so much a part of France’s culture that the French people hold several flower-themed festivals every year, attracting tourists worldwide.

Flowers Any Day

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Three France Flower Festivals You Would Want To Visit

Toulouse (The Violet Festival)

The dominant flower in Toulouse is violet. This flower has been farmed in this region of France since the 19th century. The flower has a characteristic strong fragrance, simple petals, and a long peduncle of about 25 cm.

As a result, the Violet Festival has been one of the largest flower events held in Tourrettes-Sur-Loup every year since 1952. On the material day, which falls in March, the streets of the village burst with activity from as early as 9:30 am as residents erupt in dawn serenades and traditional dances.

The festival attracts tourists from all corners of the world and offers virtually everything for everyone. These include perfumes, kinds of honey, soap, liquors, and, most importantly, the beauty and scents of flowers.

Bataille De Fleurs (The Battle Of Flowers)

The first Bataille de Fleurs was held in 1876. Traditionally, young women in fine clothes rode in decorated carriages down the Promenade, exchanging bouquets with each other and onlookers. While the event may have evolved and changed over the years, it still maintains its elegance. 

The festival happens two days a year, one in February and another in March. Besides the flowers, today’s Bataille de Fleurs features theatrical performances, themed flower floats parade along the Promenade, and music. The festival is a world-famed tourist attraction and is considered among the best carnivals in the world.

Côte D’azur (Mimosa Festival)

The Mimosa Festival held on the French Riviera is one fabulous event that heralds the arrival of spring. The festival happens when the mimosa plant is in bloom at the end of winter.

The first Côte d’Azur was held in 1931 to celebrate the coming back to full vitality of the mimosa plant after two years of a harsh winter that ravaged the plant, which was and still is a significant part of the region’s economy.

Côte d’Azur festivities last for ten days, with the center of attraction being the glorious yellow floats on both weekends within the ten days. The festival happens on the streets of Mandelieu-La Napoule, where a good amount of mimosa flowers grown in the area become part of the festival.