Now, as a blog writer, I, too, am a voracious blog reader! While I’ve always been more of a classic bookworm, I have found in recent years that blogs can be an equally resourceful and often more delightfully creative source of information. Inspired by a similar write-up by the talented writer not too long ago, I wanted to share with you readers some of my own personal favorites when it comes to blogs in Paris. I must admit, my Paris reading list is not limited to these blogs alone, but I think they make a good start. Happy weekend reading! I will not include France Travel Blog in this write-up since I think I would be a bit impartial. 

Here Are, in Our Opinion, The Best Paris Travel Blogs


Even long before I moved to this city from London, the HiPParis blog became my electronic social bible for all things Parisian. They have posts spanning everything from the latest hip restaurant opening and the essential fashion items for the fall to tips on how to find a pied-à-terre and how to “fauxke” a cigarette Parisian-style. The creative strength of HiPParis comes from its arsenal of amazing writers – many of whom are locals (French and expat) or have lived in Paris previously. Aside from articles on Paris, you will also find the occasional write-up on other places in France, Italy, and London, given the blog’s origins as the creative side-kick to the gorgeous rental portal, Haven in Paris.

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My Little Paris

My Little Paris was perhaps the second electronic social bible for all things Paris that I picked up shortly after moving to the City of Lights. It was recommended to me by several French friends, and whilst the website now has an English edition, it still retains a true French perspective with a “written by Parisians for Parisians” kind of feel. They always have fantastic tips on cool restaurants and bars and where to go for the best beauty treatment. And if you subscribe to their website, you can get invitations to the best ventes privées in town! Still, my favorite part of their website is their Idées du Jour, where they post up daily ideas on things to do in the city. Social butterflies rejoice!

Carin Olsson (also known as Paris in Four Months)

I think I could safely say that this blog has some of the most exquisite photographs across the entire Parisian blogging universe. Taken by the incredibly talented Carin Olsson, Paris in Four Months provides you with gorgeous glimpses into what life in Paris is like. As the blog title hints at, Carin herself had taken the incredibly brave decision to take some time off from her job in Sweden, pack up her bags, and move to Paris for four months. This blog chronicles her journey with beautiful photographs and some insider tips on the side. The four months are over, and Carin is now back in Stockholm, but (fortunately for fans like me!) she continues to share her photographs and experiences with the world.

Lost in Cheeseland

Another source of simply exquisite photographs is Lost in Cheeseland, run by Lindsey Tramuta. Aside from beautiful photos, she also has some amazing articles about what to see, where to eat, what to do, and who to know in Paris – all written in her trademark intelligent, slightly sarcastic, and often hilarious voice. A self-described “Paris transplant from Philadelphia who fell in love with a Frenchman and moved”, Lindsey is an expat with some serious insider credentials. Not only is she in touch with the who’s who of the Parisian creative & entrepreneurial scene (some of whom she features on her Franco File Fridays), she is an entrepreneur herself, having launched Lola’s Cookies (home of the Paris-based American cookie) back in 2010. So, in a nutshell – Lost in Cheeseland is the amazing creative space of this talented photographer/writer/entrepreneur/insider of the Parisian social scene. It’s no wonder I have a blogger girl crush!

Paris by Mouth

As a self-professed foodie, I am a big fan of Paris by Mouth, a collaborative website edited by a range of established food writers. Here, you can find quick and intelligent reviews of restaurants, wine shops, boulangeriespâtisseries, wine bars, and more! Whenever there’s a new restaurant opening, or a launch of a novel culinary concept (like the food truck, which only very recently hit France!), Paris by Mouth has it covered. I especially love their Five Great write-ups, where they list their top 5 picks of anything food-related – from classic French bakeries and crêperies to inexpensive Chinese and veggie havens. 

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52 Martinis

If Paris by Mouth is my go-to for food reviews, 52 Martinis is my online temple for anything and everything to do with cocktails in Paris. Run by the fabulous Forest Collins, this blog reviews a different cocktail bar every week, all year long (hence, the blog title). Forest’s mission is to “seek out superlative cocktails in the city, spill all on the blog, and share these spots with readers”. On top of writing about cocktails, she also regularly organizes soirées for Parisians interested in learning more about this beautiful beverage or discovering a new bar in the city. Whether you’re looking for the best martini in the 1e or more creative concoctions in the 11e, there is no better source than the Cocktail Queen herself.

Unlock Paris

Whether it’s the latest Sophie Calle exhibition or the coolest new café to hit the streets, Kim Laidlaw Adrey has got you covered in her blog, Unlock Paris (formerly known as I Heart Paris). I love this website for its simplicity and insight – and I always log on to find out what hip things are happening in the city. From restaurant openings to Fashion Week, Kim has her finger on the city’s pulse – and shares her little gems of experience on this lovely blog.

Artfully Adored

Last but definitely not least, there is Stephanie Elle’s Artfully Adored – the must-read blog for art fanatics like me! Some of you may already know Stephanie from her previous lifestyle blog, La Belle in France, which she retired when she launched this new website, which focuses specifically on art in Paris. As a Paris-based graduate student working towards a master’s in Art Business – and soon-to-be art professional! – Stephanie decided to launch this website in her “continued pursuit of the artful life”. Here, you can find reviews of the latest exhibitions, listings of upcoming not-to-be-missed art events, and glimpses into the workings of the French art market itself. I must say, even the Ecole du Louvre isn’t as comprehensive as this wonderful gem of a blog!

It was a pleasure to share some of my favorite Paris blogs with you, and I hope that you will be able to discover more of Paris through these wonderful online writers!

In the meantime, I would be keen to know: What are your favourite blogs about Paris?