Proudly perched on the Garonne River, the stunning city of Toulouse ranks high among the top destinations in southern France. Some travelers prefer to visit Bordeaux, but for a good number of others, Toulouse is the chief charm of the south, hence their visitation. Lyon can boast of its cuisine, Bordeaux its wine, but for Toulouse, the weather and calm vibe are worth experiencing.

From the special culinary treats, the adorable city character, to the stately architecture, Toulouse is a vibrant and gorgeous city. At night, you should take a walk across the Garonne to see the magnificence of the city’s monuments in grand style. 

Here Is Why Toulouse Is Worth Visiting:

Trip to Space at La Cité de l’Espace

The city is worth visiting for the continent’s space capital. For those who fancy the chance to take on space for a day at the Cité de l’Espace, a visit to Toulouse will afford them that. Participants will see replicas of the popular Ariane 5 rocket and the MIR space station. Children’s visitors can also take time to relish the virtual reality simulators. This will make them feel like astronauts, and who knows, a future iconic astronaut might be inspired after a visit to La Cité de l’Espace. It is located at Avenue Jean Gonord, Toulouse.

La Cité de l

The Admirable Place du Capitole 

This place might be the most camera-captured attraction in the city. Given away by its brick façade, visitors will be amazed by its grace and grandeur. They can step inside the square’s court and discover the many rooms, each a massive show of largesse. The Salle des Illustres is one of them, and in 1994, it was tagged a Monument Historique.

Things Worth Seeing In Toulouse Place du Capitole

Strolling Through Adorable Gardens

The city is a perfect place for lovers of nature. Surely, there is a lot of gardens and parks where visitors can relax or have a picnic with loved ones. For family travelers, the Jardin de Compans Caffarelli playgrounds will be attractive to them. But if you are a lone traveler and in need of some ‘me time’, the Jardin des Plates is a fitting option.

Toulouse Is a Gastronomy Paradise

When you visit Toulouse, you must try some local treats. I recommend that you must. Locals take the art of food preparation seriously, and this is shown in the effort that goes to satisfying visitors at restaurants. In the city, tourists will come to appreciate the traditional dishes served there. There are more than 120 local treats that have the signature of the city.

While the cassoulet is Toulouse’s most popular dish, you can indulge in anything cooked with goose or duck. When you go out to eat, be prepared to be amazed by how well the treats are good.

The Stade Toulousain

Rugby followers know that the Stade Toulousain is one of the world’s best rugby teams. When you visit, go and watch the club play one of their home matches in a great surrounding marked with passion and devotion. Visitors are bound to be thoroughly entertained by the festive atmosphere in the Ernest Wallon stadium. The spirit is infectious, as you would not know the moment you join the fans in chanting the anthems. Stade Toulousain is located at Stade Ernest Wallon, 114 Rue des Troenes, Toulouse France.

Things In Toulouse Worth Seeing

World’s Best Wine Bar

Enophiles will particularly love the city of Toulouse despite Bordeaux’s reputation. The city has the best wine in the world- a testament to its excellent wine credentials. It will be recalled that in 2017, Le Wine Bar was duly recognized as the best wine bar in the world, according to the Glass Wine List. The bar has more than 3000 indexed wines, so visitors are certain to find something that interests their taste bud. Bordeaux will have to take the L on this. Le Wine Bar is located at 5 Rue de la Bourse, Toulouse.


France has some of the most splendid architectural structures in the whole of Europe, and Toulouse is home to some of them. The city is nicknamed La Ville Rose (The Pink City) because of the brick (red) facades that are visible across the city. Given the time of day, these popular buildings have various shades, which gives Toulouse its vibrant feel.

The city has retained many of its royal town buildings, which still stands from the period when Toulouse’s pastel industry flourished. Do not forget to visit the Hotel Assezat, a symbol of the city’s architecture that plays host to the Georges Bemberg Foundation. It is located at Place d’Assezat, Toulouse.

Cultural Significance  

The city of Toulouse is the cultural capital of medieval Europe. That is why you will find many relevant museums there. You will be amazed at the uniqueness of some of the catalogs been displayed. As an example, a Picasso painting at the Musee des Abattoirs in the Saint-Cyprien region is a beauty. There is the La depouille du Minotaure en costume d’Arlequin, which is also of the Spaniard’s paintings.

Garonne River

The Garonne River is one of the most popular things in Toulouse. And one of the most rewarding things to do is to take a stroll alongside the river. The Garonne crosses Toulouse and is a special attraction for visitors coming into the city. The river is the ideal spot to see the sunset or take a bike ride.

Garonne River In Toulouse

Toulouse by Night

Toulouse at night has many splendid views to cherish. The lights especially bring out the beauty of the city’s popular monuments and give them a majestic look. Take out your cameras and capture the lovely scenes you will not get anywhere else.

Basilica of Saint Sernin

This massive basilica is a landmark and usually regarded as one of the greatest churches in the country. Situated just 5 minutes from the city square, this church is a place to visit. The architecture is incredible, and the inner décor and art are beautiful. When the basilica is less occupied, visitors can take a guided tour to know more about the interesting histories while having a view of the grounds. Or you can just attend a service. It opens from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm and located at 13 Place Saint Sernin Toulouse.

Basilica of Saint Sernin Cathedral In Toulouse

Pont Neuf 

This is a popular old bridge in the city and is raised in the late 1500s. Given the nice sights there, lots of people usually use it to take walks or ride their bikes. And along the Pont Neuf are information on its construction. Pont Neuf courses across the Garonne with a 375 m length. It links many cities. The river also offers interesting activities like an electric boat drive and paddle boating. When you are there, see the colored lights that lit up the bridge.

Is Toulouse Worth? – Summary

The Space station and the Garonne are some of the things Toulouse is worth visiting for. There are museums, churches, and even gardens that make the city a place to be. Upon visitation, see what the city has to offer, and you will be amazed at how lovely it is. There are lots of things to explore and learn about the Pink City that will keep it close to your heart on every vacation.