Riding a hot air balloon over the French capital is one of those unusual ideas that are totally satisfying at the end. But it has always been part of the culture in Paris. Tourists come in their droves to experience the magic of Paris every year, but just a few have fun in a unique way.

The first hot air balloon to convey living things was launched to the sky on 1783 in Versailles, as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette observed. A duck, rooster, and a sheep are the living things which were sent up as they thought it was not safe to experiment with humans.

From the grounds of the Bois de Boulogne, the first human trip occurred subsequently in the year. It is the biggest public park in the capital, and after the success of the venture, people commenced hot ballooning over Paris as entertainment for the upper class and royals who have the resources to afford it.

Now tourists do not need to be part of the wealthy or famous for being able to see the City of Lights from the sky. Lots of hot air ballooning companies offer this kind of service at different prices. So ensure you check the operators for pricing and deals before booking.

Here Are The Best Hot Air Balloon Ride Companies:

Ballon de Paris Generali in Paris

Parc Andre Citroen

This operator is most likely the most affordable and most accessible hot air balloon experience over the French capital. Right on the Left Bank of the Seine in the 15th district is a petit public park that was the host of the very first balloon launch. This park is on the former manufacturing site of Citroen vehicles in the country.

This place is a massive, round hot air balloon that can usually be seen somewhere in Paris skyline. Riders are sent up in the balloon about three times per hour, and it lasts for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the conditions in the sky determine the activities up there.

It reaches an altitude of 150 m and rarely goes beyond that. It offers riders a distinct view over the capital; close enough to see all the ravishing monuments and enjoy the vistas. When you employ the services of the Balloon Generali, you will be riding with the world’s largest manned hot air balloon.

The ride is suitable and safe for children to enjoy too. And as earlier said, the weather conditions determine how the rides will go. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride – Cost

Participants might want to call in advance before proceeding to the 15th district for a ride. Another stunning green lush to enjoy whether or not one is using the balloon is the Parc Andre-Citroen. The price for adults is about €12 and €6 for children under 11.

The balloon can carry 30 passengers at once, unlike some other operators in the city that has limited capacity. This operator opens every day from 9:00 am until 30 minutes prior to the park’s close (8:30 pm or 9:30 pm, depending on the season). 

To get there, a metro at Ligne 10 station Javel or line 8 station Balard will convey participants. And if they have a car, Porte de Sevres or Porte de la Plaine, which is an exit door is the way to pass. Then they can take the Boulevard Victor. 

Aerfun Balloons in Paris

A little away from Paris, Aerfun Balloons is a company that provides hot air balloon riders an opportunity to see the French green spaces and countryside from the sky. The company’s excursions are well planned than the Ballon de Paris Generali in Paris. 

To ride with Aerfun Balloons, one will need to book in advance. It will not be a short trip as it can last an entire day. The balloons will depart from the Maintenon station near Paris. So, prepare to leave the city if you stay in the city Centre.

One will have to visit the Montparnasse station in the capital to get to the balloon station. The trip is about 50 minutes to get there, and if one is able to depart from Versailles (an alternative), the trip will be for about 25 minutes.

It usually takes 3 hours from Maintenon station. Therefore, the excursion’s cost is somewhat justifiable. Participants will ride over the large valleys in the countryside and see villages and chateaus along the way.

This is an incredibly different experience to the one that services Paris. Participants would not be viewing iconic landmarks from the sky but will see a part of the country that many will never behold. In addition, one can take a free guided walking tour of the place when they reach the city and visit all the sites that might have been missed in the sky. Nothing is lost. Aerfun Balloons serves champagne on the ride that costs €220 per person.

Viator Balloons 

For those whose budget is very flexible and are looking for comfort in their hot air balloon ride, then the Viator Balloons in Paris is the fit. The gorgeous Fontainebleau Forest is where the trip takes place.

Again participants will have to take a train from the stations to reach here. And since Fontainebleau is just 60 km away, the trips are fast, around half an hour. When discussing the price for day trips, Versailles and Fontainebleau are often compared because of their many similarities. Fontainebleau is given to be less attended of the two options, so you might prefer it if you do not like the crowd. 

In these parts of the city, a balloon ride over the forest is not a task even the royals who lived were able to do. For three hours, participants will be treated to one of the best air balloon experiences in Paris. 

As a complementary feature, champagne is served on board, and there are items to add to the complete dinner menu on this trip. Participants can bring along binoculars for the chance to spot wildlife on the ground. The area used to be for royal hunting in the past. A ticket costs about €300 but depending on the chosen package.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Paris – Summary

You do not need much to enjoy a splendid balloon ride over the beautiful city of Paris. Just a binocular, your camera, and high expectations, and you will be fine. In your next Paris vacation, join millions of people who are striking a hot air balloon ride over the French capital on their bucket list. It is a lifetime opportunity to do Paris like most would never. And if you are seriously contemplating maximizing your life on your next holiday, we will recommend a thrilling session in the air as you see the wonderful views of a truly romantic city.