On the French coast, the town of Biarritz is one of the most popular and glamorous resort towns with many kilometers of golden sandy beach and a variety of watersports. In the last half-a-century, the resort has emerged as a paradise for surfers who come in their droves to ride the popular Basque cot waves.

Apart from the amazing beaches, Biarritz offers visitors large fin-de-siecle architecture, a handful of nice museums, luxurious spas, and the 10 golf courses that are situated close by. The town also rewards visitors with excellent restaurants and various cafes and bars where open-air drinking is the norm.

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Best Biarritz Beaches

On France’s southward coast, Biarritz has some of the busiest and best beaches. In the summertime, vacationers might find it difficult to get their own space of golden sand on the major Grande Plage beach because this is the bubbling place.

You can try many things like lying back and taking in the sun’s rays or hiring a sun lounger and checking out the various watersports on offer. Surfers can go to the Cote des Basques beach, where in July of every year, it hosts one of the biggest surf festivals in the world.

Cote de Basque

This right-hand end sandbar and varied peaks can be found beneath the castle and are some of the widest known waves in the area, especially for beginners. It might not particularly sweep you off your feet and the wave’s quality is largely dependent on the moving sandbar. However, it is consistently a perfect thin-lipped peeler through the peak periods. Cote de Basque is protected from the imposing afternoon northwest wind by the craggy foreland.

This beach extends close to 1 km. The massive sand beach to the south of Biarritz is especially accessible at low tide as it vanishes at high tide. From mid-June to the start of September, you will find a lifeguard in the summer. And from one end is a fascinating view of the Rocher de la Vierge and the mountains of the Spanish coast at the other end. Cote de Basque is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

You can reach the beach from two ways: from the parking lot on avenue du Beau Rivage then following the track that courses to the beach in around 5 minutes or from boulevard du Prince de Galles and avoiding the stairs.

Cote de Basque - Biarritz Beach
Cote de Basque

Grande Plage

Also called the Grande Beach in Biarritz, this is the most central beach in the area and is the most visited. It is situated along a fine esplanade with a swimming pool, a casino, and the Palais de Biarritz. This beach is one of the most beautiful in the entire area. Reaching here is not difficult from the Quai de la Grande Plage (ramp for the handicapped or stairs).

There is paid parking at the casino or in Vince Grande Plage. Grand Plage has a lifeguard from the start of June to September’s end. The kids can also have fun at the children’s clubs and surf schools that are made for them. Around Grand Plage, you will find many restaurants and cafes.

La Grande Plage, Beaches Biarritz
La Grande Plage

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Port Vieux

Without a doubt, Port Vieux is the smallest beach in this seaside area and the most attractive at the same time. Having an oval form, it is encircled by arcades. This is the locals’ favorite beach, and it is gradually becoming the tourists’ favorite too. From mid-June to September’s end, you should meet a lifeguard there.

Port Vieux beach is protected from waves and wind, making it ideal for families with kids. You can reach there from the Place du Port Vieux by stairs, but this place is not accessible for people with reduced mobility. Parking is not free, and in season, the faster way to reach here is to use the shuttle from Cote des Basque beach (free) or park in Sainte-Eugenie’s lot. There is a restaurant on this beach with a magnificent view of the sea and bars where you can find some of the best drinks around.

Marbella Beach

This Biarritz beach is situated to the south of this seaside location approaching Hendaye. Under the impasse de Marbella (where the thalassotherapy center of Biarritz is situated- Thermes Marins de Biarritz), it can be reached by stairs (around 60 steps- not accessible for persons with reduced mobility).

Holidaymakers looking for calm in a wild setting will be thrilled by the 300 m of sand here. You will find a lifeguard from June to September with a first-aid post stationed close to the parking lot near the stall. Marbella beach is popular throughout the Basque French area, especially with bodyboarders and surfers. Parking is free here.

Marbella Beach Biarritz
Marbella Beach

Milady Beach 

This beach is also popular, like Marbella beach. Milady beach is situated at the exit of Biarritz toward Bidard. The highlight of the beach is situated on rue du Moulin de Chabiague next to the parking lot. It is where you will find the first-aid post open in the summer, a playground for children, and a restaurant. There is another parking lot located on avenue de Ilbarritz; however, access to Milady beach is by stairs.

Milady beach is regarded as ‘Handiplage’ (handicap equipped) with unrestricted access to the sea. This beach is also popular for bodyboarding, And you can walk along the sea because of a nice promenade between grass and sand to Ilbarritz beach in Bidart. On the other side of rue de Madrid is a camping car zone near Milady beach.

Miramar Beach

Miramar beach is situated in the transition of Grande beach, at the back of Hotel du Grand Palais. Not as popular as Grande beach, it is mostly visited by locals. In the summertime, it gets really busy. Bodyboarding and surfing are permitted here on Miramar beach.

But swimming is risky in this zone because of the strong tides and the sea’s strong current. At the back of the rocks close to the lighthouse is Bernain beach. It has been closed for some time because of falling rocks. You can access Miramar beach either by stairs in the alley Church (at the back of hotel du Palais) or from Grande beach.

Miramar Beach Biarritz
Miramar Beach

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Pecheurs Beach in Biarritz

Pecheurs beach is situated between the belvedere Bellevue (approaching Grande beach) and the petit picturesque harbor. Such an alluring scene of beaches is not common. It is divided into two pieces from the rock bridge of Basta that gives a rare panorama of Biarritz’s casino beaches leading to the lighthouse. You will find many restaurants close to the petit harbor.

Final Thoughts

The choice is of beaches in the harbor town of Biarritz is delightful. Families can enjoy the Grand beach along the casino with a brilliant seafront esplanade. This is the most celebrated beach in town as you would see it on postcards with its flashy tents.

As for Milady beach, it attracts locals with simple access and lots of parking options. Approaching Port-Vieux beach is where you will find the charming side of Biarritz. Tourists and surfers alike can choose from several beaches here, but the widest known is Cote des Basque beach that hosts many competitions yearly.