Is it your first time in the stunning French city of Reims or your twentieth visit? The fact is that everyone should visit Reims to enjoy and discover the city’s top attractions. Reims is captivating that way! It is a delightful city full of different and beautiful spots worth visiting.

This city can offer the most memorable monuments of your life; from Gothic-inspired architecture and its magnificent cathedrals to its outstanding museums with lush and authentic collections.

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Here Are Some Things To Do That Make Reims Worth Visiting

Step Into the Cathédrale Notre Dame

Usually, the Cathédrale Notre Dame is impossible to miss, and it is why it pulls so many people from different parts of the world all-year-round. Famous as one of the city’s most emblematic landmarks, the extremely beautiful Cathédrale Notre Dame is absolutely a must-see of any tour in Reims.

Why You Should Visit Reims, France

This fact people hardly know this, but the cathedral has a unique place in the heart of the French community. Similar to the imposing Westminster Abbey in London, the popular Cathédrale Notre Dame is a major tourist spot that stands with pride in the city center. When you visit, try to see the cathedral’s soaring towers too. This place is perhaps the best tourist attraction in the entire city.

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Learn History at Musée de la Reddition 

Surely, the towering museum has reenacted the original looks of the Allied Known to be a structure that enjoys attention from tourists; the incredible Musée de la Reddition is just a brilliant tourist destination that offers more than you will first see. Built-in the commemoration of the Second World War, the world-famous museum retains the memory of the Eisenhower’s headquarters.

Forces’ Operations Room. Previously, the present museum housed it, and later it was converted to a historical museum. When you visit, you will be offered a glance at the massive story and past of the warfare presented through the display of memorabilia, objects, and models that well preserved at the museum. The museum is located at 12 Rue du Président Franklin Roosevelt, 51100 Reims.

Appreciate the Romanesque Basilique St-Rémi

Visit the Basilica of St. Remi in Reims

Here is another ravishing spot that surely deserves a visit. The Basilique St-Rémi is also known as the Abbey of St-Rémi. This stately landmark is a good example to highlight its significance to the locals. It is one of the few Romanesque churches that still stand today and retains its natural aura. It is located at Rue Saint-Julien, 51100 Reims.

Visit Musée des Beaux-Arts 

Before going to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, I advise that you make some space for the unimaginable. With so much attractive range of significant cathedrals, museums, and many other major landmarks, it is impossible to see enough of the amazing Reims. Without a doubt, this is the tale of the Musée des Beau-Arts. Situated at 8 Rue Chanzy, 51100 Reims, the distinct museums contains an incredible collection of paintings and fine examples of general artistry.

Shop at Halles du Boulingrin 

Reims Food Hall Halles Boulingrin

In Reims, you will have the chance to show without remorse. Halles du Boulingrin is the main shopping market hall in the city and is among the most popular and crowded spots. Not that the Cathédrale Notre Dame is less famous, this place is just the ideal destination for anyone who would love to relish the vibrant atmosphere and do some thrilling shopping. The main food store is the place to visit if you are hungry. Halles du Boulingrin is located at 31 Rue de Mars, Reims.

Relax at the Le Millénaire

Chef Laurent Laplaige has been managing the delectable and exquisite Le Millénaire for some time now. Visitors will love here because the liveliness and hospitality are palpable. The excellent cuisine is not the only highlight here, the morning coffee just in front of some Reims’ best attractions is the best way to start the day. The restaurant is located at 4 Rue Bertin, Reims.

Enjoy Place Drouet d’Erlon 

If you intend to leave Reims without seeing the stately Place Drouet d’Erlon, it could be remiss of you. Known as the major square and coursing to some of the city’s chicest pedestrian and shopping streets, the elegant Place Drouet d’Erlon is a perfect place for visitors to stop for a delicious meal or a drink. Alongside the comfy atmosphere, visitors can also savor the appealing views of the park that is hidden.

Tour Palais du Tau

If you would like to discover another beautiful and popular destination in Reims, take a tour of Palais du Tau. Situated at 2 Place du Cardinal Lucon, 51100 Reims, the distinct Palace du Tau has been recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, bearing testament to the landmark’s class. Close to Palais du Tau is where French monarchs used to host their post-coronation festivities and banquets.

Discover the Hidden Gem at Villa Demoiselle 

Some visitors have made the mistake of thinking Villa Demoiselle is a typical super luxurious accommodation or a lavish private property. This landmark is nothing like that. With its distinct name, it comes as no surprise that visitors have a wrong assumption of the place. The Villa Demoiselle appears to be an attractive castle that is concealed from the world. However, this interesting place cannot quite hide from adventurous visitors, and in fact, it is waiting to be explored by them. It is located at 56 Boulevard Henry Vasnier, 51100.

Connect to the Divine at Chapelle Foujita

Tsuguharu Foujita, the Japanese artist of the Ecole de Paris, was profoundly touched after visiting the Basilique Saint-Rémi that he converted to Christianity. On October 14, 1959, his baptism took place at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims. There, he subsequently got the baptismal name, Leonard.

With the financial help of René Lalou in 1965 alongside a focused artistic vision, Leonard Foujita built his own chapel in the city. That was how the Chapelle Foujita was birthed from start to finish. He managed the architectural plans and supervised the building’s construction. He then sketched the stained-glass windows and ironwork before painting the chapel choir’s frescoes. The artist went for the Romanesque style for the chapel because it reminds of the Saint-Rémi Basilica and because a Romanesque structure that is simple will fit for showing his extremely beautiful detailed murals.

Through every scene of his brilliant work beautifying the chapel, Foujita’s disposition to artistic panache and spirituality can be seen radiating. It is located at 33 Rue du Champs Mars, Reims.

Celebrate at a Festival

In spring or early summer, every year, the city changes into the scene of a medieval festivity called Les Fetes Johanniques, also known as the Joan of Arc festival. The festivals relive Joan’s arrival in the city after her victories for King Charles VII’s coronation. Reims celebrates this significant event with original pageants, musical performances, an artisan crafts market, and other street entertainment.

In the course of the festival’s coronation parade, locals don their 125th-century costume to follow ‘Joan d’Arc’ and ‘King Charles VII’ in a procession that leads to Notre-Dame Cathedral. Les Sacres du Folklore is another vibrant cultural event that is a meeting point for dancers, musicians. And singers from different parts of the world. In June or July, the festival is held and features a gala event, concerts, and dance performances.

Is Reims Worth Visiting? – Summary

Reims is a lovely French city that is never unattractive or boring. It boasts a nice diversity of major tourist spots and famous landmarks that are worth being explored. In addition, the gorgeous Reims is incredibly proud of its museums that have original art collections like the popular drawings, exquisite paintings, different sculptures, etc. Until you visit them, you don’t know why Reims is worth visiting; even more so than you read here today.

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