After a tough year, the dust surrounding the pandemic is finally starting to settle. Thankfully, this means that one of the most popular activities of all time – traveling – can finally resume (albeit in a new and different way). 

If you are planning on traveling somewhere soon (be it France, Spain, Italy, or any other country) you are in good hands, as here is a short guide filled with super helpful traveling tips. 

Optimize Your Smartphone 

Smartphones are a heavenly item when it comes to traveling. They make life so much easier – without them, travel would be a real challenge in the modern age. 

Smartphones can guide you to where you need to go through digital maps, send you instant alerts about the local area, and provide you with details about tourist destinations – just to name a few of the primary benefits. There are also plenty of other smart and surprising things your smartphone can do, so make sure to check them out. 

Carry a Small Phrase Book With You 

Small phrase books are a handy little tool to carry in your pocket.

Let’s say you are going to France. You should order a phrase book online before you go. The idea of this is that it gives you instinct access to the most essential phrases, such as greetings and ways to ask for food and directions, so that you do not get in sticky situations. 

If you cannot find a phrase book online, you can simply buy your own miniature notepad and jot down around 20 of the most important phrases for the country (or countries) you are heading to. 

Embrace Local Food

Some people can be a little picky about what food they eat. If you are one of these individuals, that’s OK – but try to embrace the local food of your travel locations. You will be surprised how open minded you become after tasting foods you originally assumed you would dislike. Of course, you need to avoid foods that will trigger any allergies you have, so make sure to check with any restaurants and cafes before ordering from them.

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Take Lots of Photos and Videos

Traveling is a luxury experience. Some of the world’s population never get the opportunity to do it, so you should savor every moment and use your camera freely. Do not worry about taking too many photos – there is no such concept. Capture as many as you like, and then you can edit the best ones when you arrive home. Your friends on Instagram will certainly be jealous – just do not take any embarrassing photos like this Instagram influencer did! 

Do Not Let the Weather Control Your Mood

Naturally, you will be conscious about the weather when traveling. After all, it is everyone’s worst nightmare to experience rain or excessive heat on their dream travel adventure. 

If luck is not on your side and the weather is consistently bad, try not to let it affect your mood. It just means you will have to be more prepared when going on adventures. Take your raincoats and listen to local advice regarding any heat waves.  

Be Friendly With The Locals 

Locals are super important when you travel. They deserve respect and warmth, so make sure to be as polite as possible to them. Plus, they are usually very helpful when it comes to recommending nearby tourist destinations and great places to eat – so you should try your best to engage in conversation with them. 

You could also make friends with locals – as this is not unheard of. Some people even find relationship partners on their travels. It is truly amazing what can happen!

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Pack Lightly 

Now, depending on how long you are going to be traveling for, you should be aiming to pack as little as possible. Why? Because it makes life easier. Yes, it is incredibly tempting to pack as much as possible – but are you really going to wear those 10 different pairs of trousers? It is highly unlikely. 

Embrace minimalism and remember, you can always buy new clothes when you are there if completely necessary. This is a great idea, as different countries and cultures come with new clothing styles that might appeal to your personality. 

Inform Your Bank Before You Set Off

Banks need to know your travel plans for security reasons. If you do not tell your bank what you are doing and end up using your bank card in another country, your banks system software will assume that your card has been stolen – which can even lead to them temporarily blocking your card. Imagine if this happens to you somewhere where there is no phone connection – it is the stuff of nightmares, right? Therefore, let your bank know all your plans before you go. They will register your details accordingly and wish you happy travels!  

Rent a Pocket Wi-Fi

Internet and Wi-Fi – can we live without them? Probably not. It is hard enough having no internet connection at home, let alone when you are in a different country traveling. 

So, it is a smart idea to rent a pocket Wi-Fi from your airport upon arrival. If you are traveling domestically, most phone providers, like EE, offer pocket Wi-Fis that you can rent for however long you need them for. 

This way, you will always have access to the internet, which will give you convenience and peace of mind. 

Finally, Avoid Scammers 

Some countries occasionally have scammers who prowl around busy city areas looking to scam travelers with overpriced products. If you encounter one of these scammers and they are being pushy with you, call for help or simply walk away. Whatever happens, do not be tempted to buy their products just to get them to leave you alone!

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