You can check out the 4 main and most appealing reasons why a student from any part of the globe should visit France. It is one of a kind country and one that offers an extremely high number of perks.  

Why should you have a student trip to France? The actual list of reasons would be extremely long that we cannot cover it here. But, there are a few main reasons that are interesting and do deserve your attention. Keep in mind that these reasons refer to student trips and travel only.

Amazing City To Inspire You

The first reason here is the most obvious one. It refers to Paris, and it is known as the ‘’city of lights’’. This city has over 30 million visitors per year, and each one is planning to come again. If you are at university-related to architecture, art, culture, or anything similar, you will find this city the best place on the planet. You can get inspiration, check various architectures, and see impressive pieces of art, and so much more. These will help you study harder and write better when you get back to college!

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This is a safe method, and you can use it when you don’t have enough time to write. For instance, you can stay one day more in France and order a paper instead of rushing home and writing.

Countless Attractions

France is a country that is very popular at school due to one interesting reason. There are a lot of attractions here. You probably had a lesson that involved some of them. Well, you can see here Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Disneyland and so much more. All of these are located in the same city, Paris, and you can check all of them within 2 days. It is a great opportunity for students who need to get back to their classes soon. This is just one of many attractions and something even your teacher would like to see.

This is just one of many reasons why so many students like studying in France. For them, this is the ultimate place to go to college.

Food Is The Best

 If you enjoy eating, France is once again an ideal country for you. France for students is a truly remarkable place in many ways and even food. The cheese here is known as some of the best in the world. Then we have their cuisine that shares the same passion. Some of the best chefs are from France, so you can get an idea.

French Alps Are a Reason As Well

If your education allows you, visit the French Alps. This is a truly impressive place to visit and one that comes with so many perks we cannot reveal half of them here. You can take a rest and enjoy yourself at 15.750 feet. Of course, you need stamina and skills to reach this place. Anyway, here you can relax, rest your mind and prepare for the first lesson once you get back to college. It is a very beneficial part of the trip that should be used by all students from all over the world. Keep in mind that this place has superb summer and also winter activities to offer and it is visited by up to 80 million tourists per year!


Here you were able to see the main reasons for a student trip to France. Of course, there are many more, and each student is different so you may have individual reasons why you will visit this country. All we can add is that there are a lot of attractions, great things to do and overall, you will have the best time in your life. When it comes to drawbacks, there are no cons.