Is the Louvre Museum Worth Visiting? This sounds very much like a question the unaware would ask. The Louvre Museum is the eternal mecca of art aficionados across the world. And it is no surprise that they troop into the museum every year to see the impressive art collection that ranges across varied art periods. This extraordinary art repository is the world’s most famous museum with a staggering record of more than 10 million visitors every year coming to see more than 30,000 pieces across 8 departments.

The Louvre is not just about the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo, or Liberty Leading the People. It is an art haven with the most impressive collection spanning over different generations. There is some truth to the assertion that when the Louvre is removed, there is not much magic about the city of Paris.

In the museum, there are unique pieces of art that will captivate any visitor. And there are also a countless number of ways to be lost in the Louvre if one is not careful. Evidently, there is so much to how special the Louvre Museum is. A day at this ravishing destination might be remiss. Try to spend a few more in exploring its rooms and most of what makes it a massive gem to the French capital.

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These are Things to Note Before Visiting the Louvre Museum:

When to Visit 

For a unique experience, visit the museum at night. You will come to appreciate its scintillating setting and the stunning light effects that no one can get anywhere else. Except on Tuesdays, the museum is opened every day. The doors are opened from 9 am to 6 pm, but on Wednesdays and Fridays, it closes at 9:45 pm. And in case you are on a budget, take note that entry to the Louvre is free on the first Sunday of the month from October to March.

Many travelers find Wednesday and Friday evenings cool to visit. This is because visiting is less stressful as there are often no crowds and long queues. That means you would not have to worry about rushing to take spots at seeing a painting. You will have enough time to admire the pieces you find the most fascinating. Such time is also great for some photos without any stranger photobombing your shots.

If you cannot wait that late, you can as well get there as early as possible, say before 9 am when the museum opens. You will discover that there are fewer crowds at such early hours. To have the best of the Louvre, avoid weekends, school holidays, and peak summer times.

Reasons To Visit the Louvre

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Guided Tours

For many, visiting the Louvre without any prior knowledge of the museum can be overwhelming. When that happens, it is almost impossible to enjoy one’s time out there. Thanks to tour operators across Paris, visitors have the chance to savor every second spent in the museum even when they have never been there before. Tour companies will assist in seeing the wonderful collections, thereby saving time and energy. You will also be given some great details, sometimes with an audio guide on the works on display.

Get Your Tickets in Advance

Being the juicy destination that it is for travelers, the Louvre is often crowded, especially in the summertime. That is why it makes a lot of sense to get entry tickets in advance in order to skip the line. This tip actually applies to every monument in the city of Paris. Standing in a queue for half-an-hour or even more can be super draining even to the strong.

Where to Buy Tickets

In the advisable case that you got your tickets to the museum in advance, you can proceed to the Pyramid if you decide to use the entrance. Advance tickets are sold online at the museum’s website. When you reach the entrance, go straight to the guard just in front of the Pyramid. Ticket holders have a separate line, but everyone, regardless of the type of ticket they hold, will still have to go through security. You might consider this for cost- entry is free for children below 18-years-old and under-26 visitors from the European Union.

Choose the Right Entrance

It is easy and encouraged to lose track of time in the museum, but it would be incredibly uncool to lose time outside of it. The most convenient way to enter the museum is not by the Pyramid entrance. In the case that you want to take great pictures of the Pyramid, you can leave the Louvre by its entrance, however, do not come in by it.

The entrance is often crowded, and the lines can be frustratingly long. Other entry options are the Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre metro station and the Carrousel du Louvre entrance that is situated at 99, rue de Rivoli. It is best if you have not gotten your ticket already. And if you have your tickets already, nothing stops you from using here. There is the Porte de Richelieu entrance situated at the sculpture section’s entrance just between the museum courtyard and the rue de Rivoli. Here, only visitors with tickets are allowed.

Is the Louvre Worth Visiting

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Know Where Your Favorite Artworks Are

While it is not compulsory, knowing where your favorite masterpiece is located will save you a lot of effort and time. This is particularly true if you have been to the museum before or a guide operator accompanies you. The Louvre is one of the world’s biggest, and it has various historical masterpieces.

If there is an artwork you have been wanting to see, but you feel you do not have enough time to search for it, check the museum map before stepping in. The map offers a good direction on how to reach your intending destination. As soon as you get inside the Louvre, you will promptly see the three entrances to the numerous floors: the Sully entrance, the Richelieu entrance, and the Denon entrance.

You will see many Egyptian, Greek, and Roman antiquities and sculptures at ground level. You can also step into the Apollo Gallery when you arrive. It is the spot where you will find the incredible ceiling and the King’s crown. Then, you can proceed to the museum’s first level.

Situated on the Denon wings, visitors can find Italian paintings from the Renaissance, like Da Vinci’s piece (the ever-gorgeous Mona Lisa is here). Then proceed to the French paintings where masterpieces like Delacroix’s ‘La Liberté le Peuple (Liberty leading the People) and Jacques-Louis David’s Le Sacre de Napoléon (Coronation of Napoleon) can be found. The interesting La Vénus de Milo (Aphrodite from Milos) also makes up the impressive list.

Four Popular Pieces in the Louvre Worth Seeing

The Mona Lisa

This is the museum’s most popular piece. Everyone that steps into the building is compelled to check it out for its radiant goodness. In fact, most people visit the Da Vinci’s painting before they go anywhere in the museum. What mainly draws people to the Mona Lisa is the allure of the technique than resounds than its luring story. The depicted woman’s identity is not known, but the enigma surrounding her smile is not hard to miss.

In 1515, the Italian artist himself brought the painting to France, but no one quite knows how the French royalty got their hands on it. Another twist that makes the painting more captivating is its 1911 theft, but it was recovered in 1913.

Exhibits Worth Seeing at the Louvre in Paris

The Winged Victory of Samothrace 

This is another popular work you should see in the Louvre. It is a monumental Greek antiquity that catches the attention of visitors easily. Situated atop a set of stairs that courses to level one (Mona Lisa’s spot), you cannot possibly miss this one. This piece depicts the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, standing with wings on a ship’s bow. The delicate details on the wings, the effect of the garment’s transparency, and the goddess’s tunic are beautiful.

Discovered on the French Island of Samothrace, the Winged Victory of Samothrace is a marble piece that dates back to the 190 BC. It was brought to the country in the 1800s. The goddess’s head is missing, but the rest of her body is spanking.

Louis XV’s Crown

In the course of the Revolution in 1789, many of the royal treasures were either stolen or destroyed. However, the little that is left of the treasure bears immense historical value because it is a solid record of the French royalty. For French history buffs, this is the place to visit. The King commissioned the crown and worn it in his coronation. The stately 1722 piece comprises of silk, silver, and embellished with precious stones and pearls.

Winged Human-Headed Bulls

Situated in the near Eastern Antiquities section of the Louvre, the two identical works are 13 feet wide and 13 feet tall apart, and each was made from just a block of alabaster. According to the official description, the Winged human-headed bulls were guardians of the city. The details on the pieces are stunning.

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Is the Louvre Worth Visiting? – Summary

Visiting the Louvre Museum is worth it any time of the year. And even if you decide to spend days exploring the museum, you will not see everything there because it is really big. Every piece seems to grip you for moments. To ensure that you prepare for your Louvre adventure and get the best of it, we have compiled the above list that will help you be better prepared when you visit the Louvre.

What do you think? Is the Louvre Worth It? Let us know in the comments below.

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