One of the most exciting cities in the world, Paris has lots to offer to anyone seeking to reside here. From its rich cuisine, sprawling cafes, and artful museums, every day in Paris is a new adventure!

The city is divided into 20 districts, known as arrondissements. Each Arrondissement has a unique name, but they are popularly referred to by their numbers, such as 1st Arrondissement, 7th Arrondissement, and so on. Each of them comes with a unique feel; the beauty of this being that you get to experience different lifestyles within the same city. Be it a visit to Paris’ vast curated museums or a dive into its rich culinary scene; every visitor is bound to fall in love with the City of Love!

Here are the five best places to find nice apartments for rent in Paris.

The 8th Arrondissement (Élysée)

The 8th Arrondissement is home to numerous global firms and banks and is one of the key central business districts in Paris. Sitting on the right bank of the Seine River, this district has a lot to offer in terms of scenic beauty, great cuisine, and historical monuments.

Although the average rent might be on the higher end, given that it hosts a variety of multinational companies, it’s not uncommon to find affordable accommodation here. On average, it will cost you anywhere from $1,500 for a fully furnished studio apartment and $3,800 for a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment.

With two RER stations, public transport within and out of the district is very efficient. Other amenities you’ll enjoy here include two public parks, The Elysée Park and Parc Monceau. Don’t also forget to visit the famous Arc De Triomphe, Grand Palais, and Palais Granier.

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The 10th Arrondissement (Entrepôt)

Home to two of the busiest railway termini in Europe, the Gare Du Nord, and the Gare De lÉst, the 10th Arrondissement is a bustle of activity guaranteed to keep you occupied all day. The tourist in you will be glad to know about places such as Canal St-Martin, the Place de Republique, and the Façade of Gare Du Nord.

This Arrondissement is home to some of the most affordable property rates in Paris. A furnished studio apartment costs around $1,000 per month in rent.

The 7th Arrondissement (Palais-Bourbon)

This is easily the most popular district in Paris as it is home to the iconic Eiffel Tower and Hotel Les Invalides, the resting place of the famous French Military leader Napoleon Bonaparte. Other places of interest include Champ de Mars, the Palais Bourbon, and an assortment of world-famous museums.

As you can imagine, this district is also one of the most expensive places when it comes to property rates. Rent for a furnished studio apartment starts at $2,200 a month, while a two-bedroom costs upwards of $4,000. But you know what they say, nothing good comes cheap.

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The 5th Arrondissement (Panthéon)

The 5th Arrondissement instantly draws you in with its charm. The aura of Roman influence still lingers in its architecture. It is home to some of the most prestigious high schools, colleges, and universities in the world.

The district also boasts some of the coolest places around Paris. The Pantheon, the Arena of Lutetia, the Rue Saint-Jacques, and the Arab World Institute provide endless intrigue for inquisitive minds.

If you are the kind of person who prefers quiet time in nature, you’ll be pleased to know that there are two large public parks, the Luxembourg Gardens, and the Jardin des Plantes. The latter hosts Paris’ oldest zoo.

Although the average property rates range from mid to high in prices, you will still find furnished studio apartments going for around $1,200 a month.

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The 16th Arrondissement (Passy)

This is the largest district in Paris and boasts a myriad of museums, including a part of the monumental Arc de Triomphe. Equally, it does not lack when it comes to amenities with prestigious schools, large avenues, and various parks donning its geography.

Sports enthusiasts can visit the Rolland Garros tennis complex and the Parc des Princes, which is home to football giants Paris St. Germain and the Stade Jean-Bouin.

Property rental rates are pretty exorbitant in this district. Even so, you can still find a furnished studio apartment for around $1,000 a month.

Picked Your Favorite Neighborhood Yet?

Picking these five arrondissements was not easy for us, and we’re sure it won’t be for you either. All the 20 arrondissements, in their uniqueness, have a lot to offer to any prospective tenant. In our opinion, though, these five districts accurately represent the whole of Paris when it comes to property rates, local attractions, and social amenities.