France is the largest country in the European Union and is situated near Spain, Italy, and Germany. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world primarily due to the country’s satisfying cuisine and visually appealing structures and architecture. Likewise, France is also known as the home of several fashion brands and a center for art and culture. Apart from this, it’s famous for its capital Paris, dubbed as the city of lights and city of love.

With its wide array of offerings and enjoyable activities, the country has become an appealing choice for a lot of family vacations. If you’re both an art collector and an estate lawyer similar to family traveler Ryan Gibbs, you’ll surely enjoy the wonders and whimsical beauty of France. But really, regardless of your profession and interests, you’ll never run out of ideas and things to do while you’re in the country.

However, with a vast and varied place, you may wonder how to squeeze in your time there. To guide you, we’ve rounded up four tips for a perfect family vacation in France.

Rent An Apartment During Your Stay

Hotels are known for their speedy and hassle-free bookings, great accommodation, and impeccable service. While it can be convenient to book a room in a fancy hotel during your stay, try to be adventurous and try rentals. 

Renting apartments provides you the opportunity to be flexible to cook meals in a well-equipped kitchen, enjoy champagne and play music at your patio, and even invite guests over for dinner. Likewise, renting an apartment is great, especially if you’re traveling with the entire family. Your children can have separate bedrooms that allow you to take a breather and have privacy with your spouse.

Apart from this, renting offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. You get to shop for fresh ingredients in local markets to prepare for your meals, interact with local neighbors, visit nearby parks, and the like. This is an easy, affordable, and effective way to learn more about the place and experience the country like a native. 

Considering this, make sure to rent a place near certain landmarks to make it easy for you and the family to head back home after exploring the city. Staying near landmarks also encourages you to explore the city on foot as popular spots are typically near each other. 

For instance, the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum are quite close to each other. They’re also in close proximity to other great restaurants and cafes! It’s a perfect way to conveniently check out other places.

Eat Classic French Food

What better way to enjoy France than to eat and fill your tummies with their delectable cuisines and famous classics. For breakfast, opt for their traditional croissants and freshly grounded coffee. The kids can have a French omelet or a la tartine with their preferred spread — jams, jelly, or butter. La Tartine is a French toast that’s half or a quarter-sized of a baguette. Commonly, waiters would recommend having this paired with fresh fruit juice.  

Moreover, as you and the kids explore around the city, make sure to drop by cafes to enjoy the artisanal patisseries and other offerings — crepes with fresh fruits, sandwiches, cheese, chocolate soufflé, and more. Artisanal food is made with high-quality flour, selected eggs, and butter, making it such a delightful treat.

For dinner, try to order a set of Hors D’oeuvres for your appetizer. Usually, this set is accompanied by some cocktails. Hors D’oeuvres is similar to Spain’s tapas and wine set. The platter can be a mix of cheese, fruits, smoked salmon, and other small food pieces that can be enjoyed as you wait in your seats. This can also be relished either as your main course or together with your entrée.

In addition, although tipping in restaurants isn’t mandatory, feel free to leave a few Euros if you were satisfied with the service and the meals.

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Take On A Road Trip

There are so many places to visit while you’re in France. While it can be easy to get caught up with the whimsical lights and places within the city you’re staying in, you may be missing out on the neighboring sites. 

Likewise, you and your family wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing sceneries offered by far-flung areas. Notably, these distant places generally have fewer tourists, allowing you to enjoy the place and take as many photos as you can. Considering this, why not rent a car and drive around the country? This gives you the flexibility to take your family and visit medieval towns, castles, churches, shops, picturesque villages, and more. 

For instance, if you’re heading down to the southeast of France, make sure to check out and drop by the French Alps. Prepare yourself for the stunning sceneries, mountains, and winter activities you can do there.

Moreover, as you drive southwest of France, stop by Bordeaux City and take a tour of their wineries and vineyards. Bordeaux is regarded as the wine capital of the world and is known for its delectable wines and delicious blends. Hence, if you and your spouse ought to step up your wine tasting skills, take your time in the place. 

Nonetheless, make sure to choose a winery that has large outdoor or playground areas where you can safely leave your kids. Additionally, make sure to stock up on food and drinks as you take scenic drives along the region.

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Book A Guided Tour

Booking an all-day tour during your first day is preferable, especially when you’re traveling with kids. This allows you to gather ideas regarding the places and landmarks to visit during the following days. Consequently, this lightens up the burden of having to understand logistics and figure out where to go as there’s so much to see and do in the country.

Moreover, a guided tour during your first day allows you to feel like a tourist as you visit popular monuments and the city’s highlights.

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Final Thoughts

Planning for a family vacation in France can be quite overwhelming. With so many places to see and the limited time that you and the kids have, you want to squeeze in as much time to explore the country. By following the tips above, you can have an idea of how to customize your itinerary and have a perfect family vacation as how you’ve envisioned.