Paris is a city to fall in love with, boulevards, monuments, works of art, and magical lights all come together to form this beautiful city. It’s a city to taste: chocolate, cheese, wine, desserts, etc. And it’s a city to hear: opera, jazz or world-class music, or maybe you just like the sound of the metro train wagons whooshing by.

First-time visitors often arrive in Paris with all sorts of expectations; beautiful views, intellectuals having deep discussions in cafes, romantic walks along the Seine, sexy cabaret theatrical entertainment, etc. It’s all here, but don’t forget to wander off a little and see Paris’ backstreets too.

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Here Is a List of The Best Tours To Take in Paris

Paris Romantic Tours

Best Tours in Paris France

Whether you’re in the first stages of your relationship, thinking about proposing, honeymooning, or celebrating a long, happy life together, everyone agrees that Paris is the romance capital of the world. It was not nicknamed the ‘City of Love‘ by accident.

During the day, a horse-and-carriage ride starting from the Eiffel Tower and continuing on to the Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe is a remarkable way to see this beautiful city. Alternatively, you can toast your love while you sample some excellent French wine in a royal cellar near the Louvre.

After nightfall, a dinner and a show while you enjoy the instagrammable highlights of Paris is a perfect idea. Take a romantic Seine river tour as you and your partner are entertained by a live singer or a band. The beautiful buildings along the river and monuments are illuminated by lights as you pass by. A glass roof guarantees exceptional views from wherever you are; however, for sightseeing at its best, book the exclusive bow table.

Or why not start your evening off with a river cruise, tour the streets and squares of Paris at night before ending up at a fine French restaurant for a romantic dinner for two? Even better: travel in style in a private car and return to champagne in your hotel.

Then again, if you’re rekindling the flame, nothing can put the ooh back in the ooh la la like the can-can can! Dress up for a night on the town at world-famous Moulin Rouge. There, dancing showgirls put on a spectacle you’ll never forget.

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French Wine & Champagne Tastings

Best Wine Tours in Paris France

Paris is a great place to go wine tasting. Sparkling Champagne, vintage reds, or crisp white wines; whichever you prefer, follow the lead of an expert sommelier, and you’ll never drink cask wine again.

There are three simple rules: look, smell, taste! At this stage, the professional taster will spit the wine out, while the amateur taster will swallow then come back for more.

Wine tastings are held in the intimate setting of a historic wine cellar, led by professional sommeliers who are passionate, personable, and charming. The wines are accompanied by cheese, a variety of breads, and savories.

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Paris by Night Tours

Best Night Tours in Paris

As if Paris wasn’t gorgeous enough by day, at night it becomes a seductress of lights and shadows with that grand dame, the Eiffel Tower, shining the brightest light of all. Lit up from top to bottom, the Eiffel Tower also has a sweeping light circling from its top peak like a lighthouse.

Other Paris icons are also bathed in light at night. The Arc de Triomphe tops the Champs Elysees, itself beautifully lit along the length of the avenue. Many of the city’s wonderful squares are also lit up at night. Place Vendome, Place Pigalle, Place Blanche, and Place de la Concorde, which is the gateway to the Champs Elysee, the Tuileries Garden, the Rue Royale, and the Seine River at the Pont de la Concorde.

And of course, the Louvre lights its regal façade while the modern pyramid in the courtyard glows gently. The Paris Opera looks beautiful at night – it was built for such an evening performance. Step inside to see the ceiling by Marc Chagall painted in 1963.

The Trocadero, Les Invalides, the many museums – all light up at night. And you will not want to miss the grand cathedral, Notre Dame, with its towers and gargoyles. The Cathedral is only a short walk from some of the city’s most interesting places to eat and drink and wander.

A night cruise along the Seine reveals beauty after beauty as so many of Paris’s icons stand proudly riverside. One of the advantages of visiting Paris in winter is that it gets darker earlier, so you have more time to enjoy this greatest of world cities wearing her cloak of many colors. No wonder they call her the City of Light.

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Paris by Bike Tours

Best Bike Tours in Paris

The bicycle was launched to an unsuspecting world in Paris in 1818. The city has taken the self-propelled form of transport to its heart ever since. Cyclists regularly take over the Paris streets during ‘Critical Mass’ gatherings of bike riders, and in-line skaters take to the streets every Friday evening.

Tour Paris like a Parisian and you’ll agree that riding a bike is the best way to see the city. Bicycle tours visit places you just can’t get to on four wheels.

Not the least bit strenuous, bike tours are relaxing, energizing and fun. Stopping every few hundred yards for information and photo opportunities, they provide heaps of useful information, unique and fascinating stories, the opportunity to meet other travelers, and fantastic photo opportunities.

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Loire Valley Castles Tours from Paris

Best Loire Valley Castles Tours From Paris

The gentle green landscape of the Loire Valley lies within easy reach of Paris. While not lacking in scenic vistas and historic towns, it is the region’s magnificent concentration of chateaux, which makes it an irresistible detour from the French capital. 

Just as the Renaissance was leading in a new age of learning, research, and artistic excellence, French aristocrats were following the monarch’s lead and building lavish residences on or near the Loire River, commissioning the finest architects and artisans in France and beyond.

Over 300 castles were built in the region, but only a handful are open for public visits. Among them is Chateau d’Amboise, which dates back to the 11th century but reached its apogee under King Francois I. He invited Amboise’s most famous non-royal resident, Leonardo da Vinci, to work there and the Italian genius is buried in the chateau’s chapel of Saint-Hubert.

Da Vinci may be responsible for one of the most compelling details of an even more magnificent chateau Chambord; namely the double-helix staircase, where two sets of stairs interweave without meeting. Chambord’s facade is one of the Loire’s most famous, rising from a solid base and becoming more extravagant the higher it rises, with a mixture of gable windows and towers extending from its roof.

Meanwhile, instantly recognizable, Chenonceau is one of the great monuments of the French Renaissance, suspended on arches over the river Cher and admiring its own reflection in the calm waters. The chateau’s fascinating history is dominated by powerful women.

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Celebrating Bastille Day in Paris Tour

Bastille Day Tours in Paris

On the 14th of July, 1789, the French Revolution kicked off with the Storming of the Bastilles. Today, you can find French nationals and Francophones celebrating this historic event around the globe, with Paris serving as the hot spot for commemorating the momentous occasion.

Visitors to the City of Light can kick off Bastille Day with the morning Military Parade on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. This annual tradition showcases the French military’s regiments and pays homage to an age-old tradition of national honor and protection. The president of the French Republic makes an appearance, and tourists are treated to a parade, mounted troops, and a motorized brigade until noon.

Travelers looking for a delightful mix of color, sound, and lights can catch an impressive fireworks display launched from the iconic Eiffel Tower. This annual event is one of the most popular highlights of the year, marking the historic battle with truly epic fanfare. A scenic dinner cruise along the Seine is a great way to escape the crowds and enjoy the fireworks from the boat’s main deck. During the day, book a skip-the-line ticket to catch the famous views from the Eiffel Tower and visit its top without waiting in a long queue.

After the fireworks, visitors can dance the night away at one of more than a dozen Paris fire stations. This playful tradition, which takes place between 9 pm and 4 am, has served as a way to recognize first responders and raise funds to improve the conditions of fire halls. It’s an opportunity to mix with locals and enjoy a night of celebration in a truly memorable setting.

Moulin Rouge VIP Experiences

The Moulin Rouge cabaret first became famous by the Can-Can dances and beautiful paintings by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Since its opening on the 6th of October 1889, the show has continuously entertained its audiences. It is, without a doubt, the most famous cabaret in Paris today.

Moulin Rouge Tours Paris

Moulin Rouge Show Ticket – VIP Seating with Champagne

With this exclusive package, you’ll receive the ultimate treatment starting with your skip-the-line entry. After skipping the queues, you’ll be greeted by a staff member who will lead you to the complimentary coat check and then to your premium table. Get comfortable in your VIP seats and take a minute to take in the atmosphere and ambiance of this incredible cabaret venue, one of the most popular and historic in Paris. From your seats, located on the private balcony and set away from the rest of the crowd, enjoy first-class views of the spectacular costumes, lavish sets, and vibrant lights of the show.

Admire the colorful backdrop and brilliantly choreographed performances on moving staircases, in a gigantic aquarium, on swings, and in garden settings. Thrill all of your senses on this magical night as you enjoy Champagne and dine on macaroons from the same French patisserie that the aristocrats of yesteryear made famous.

Moulin Rouge Show with Exclusive VIP Seating and 4-Course Dinner

For an even more lavish evening, you can enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits of a VIP experience along with a 3-course dinner in the Moulin Rouge! Set on fine china, you’ll enjoy French specialties paired with wines selected by your sommelier. The menu is changing often; however, you’ll be offered French delicacies like duck foie gras, sea bass fillet, and a delicious French dessert.

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Seine River Cruises

Best Paris River Cruises

The River Seine is the lifeblood of Paris. Engage yourself in romance, cruising under the beautiful Parisian bridges to see the architectural wonders and explore the everyday life of this wonderful city from the water.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable night, starting at the Eiffel Tower, sipping champagne, enjoying fine cuisine and sophisticated entertainment, with unobstructed views of the illuminated riverside bursting with architecture, monuments, and historic sights! Try a relaxing cruise along the most fascinating waterways in Paris, for a few hours of blissful floating through gorgeous Paris scenery, from the Cite to Cathedral Notre-Dame and the Pont Neuf.

Start at the Musée d’Orsay, the imposing old train station, now the best place to see Impressionist art. Up at street level is the promenade lined by second-hand booksellers with their classic green stalls, below is the tree and stone river walk where Parisian dogs chase balls and tourists take a rest from sightseeing. Heading east takes you below the Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris, connecting the Rive Gauche, the left bank, with the Rive Droite, the right bank. The left or south side is the Latin Quarter, once a bohemian area of writers and artists, while the right or north is the sophisticated, expensive side, featuring the Champs Elysées, Rue de Rivoli, and the Louvre.

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Paris Helicopter Tour

Paris Helicopter Tour Price

Paris is about beauty. Not just its art, or its fashion, or even its inhabitants, but the design of the city itself: the buildings and street layout. It’s also a very dense city with narrow streets, lined by generally four or five-story buildings. So, how do you get a sense of this city ringed around the Seine River? You need to get high above it, and the best way to get a view is to book a helicopter tour. 

However, if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, head up into Montmartre and climb to Sacre Coeur, the white church on the top of the hill. This is the highest point in the city, so you get a nice view.

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Paris Tour With a Citroen 2CV

Paris Tour With a Citroen 2CV

This was one of the best tours I have taken in Paris. Being driven around in the Citroen was something different and got a view of Paris before setting out to see things on my own. The highlight was Montmarte, and my guide was terrific. Explained everything as we saw things and was also interested in where we came from. I would recommend this to anyone traveling to Paris.

Montmartre & Sacre Coeur Walking Tours

Best Walking Tours of Montmartre

For visitors to Paris, there are many quintessentially Parisian attractions, from the Eiffel Tower to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. But after the museums and monuments and wide boulevards, many people want to find something that feels like “their” Paris; a Paris they have discovered all on their own. This is why exploring Montmartre on foot can be the highlight of any trip to Paris.

A Montmartre and Sacre Coeur Walking Tour is the perfect way to learn while you stroll through the ancient streets of this former rural suburb. From the Moulin Rouge up to Sacre Coeur, a guide can bring life to the historic streets with takes of the artists who lived and worked there as well as describe the daily life of both yesterday and today. There’s also the chance to see Paris’s only urban vineyard, which proudly produces Le Clos Montmartre wine each year.

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Mont St-Michel Tours from Paris

The gorgeous island of Mont St-Michel is absolutely one of the most sought-after destinations in France. Mont St-Michel is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site, unspoiled village, unique shops, and a lovely bay, it’s an ideal place to enjoy a sunny day or escape the streets of Paris. There’s a St-Michel experience to suit every traveler, whether it’s a single-day tour or a multi-day trip.

One-Day Tour From Paris

A day trip from Paris includes a spectacular drive through Normandy on the way to Mont Saint Michel, where visitors can explore the Mont-Saint-Michel Benedictine Abbey on a guided tour. Also, you can take a walk of the backstreets of the charming village, where local shop owners are eager to make you feel welcome. There’s also an option for a four-hour private tour, complete with round-trip transportation from Paris. Whether it’s the Gothic cathedral or a local museum, travelers will have lots to enjoy on this exceptional tour.

Two-Day Tour From Paris

Visitors looking to delve deeper into history can opt for the two-day Normandy, Saint-Malo, and Mont St-Michel tour from Paris. This includes a fast tour of both the Normandy and Brittany regions of France. This excursion includes a walking tour through Rouen, a visit to the D Day landing beaches of Omaha, a stop in the American cemetery of Saint-Laurent and Arromanches, and a guided visit of St Malo. The two-day Mont St-Michel and Loire Valley castles tour from Paris also takes travelers back in time, but with a royal touch.

Three-Day Tour From Paris

For a three-day option, choose a tour from Paris to Poitiers Normandy, Mont St-Michel, Brittany, Poitou-Charentes, and Loire Valley. Travelers get an unforgettable look at some of France’s northern and central highlights, as well as tours of the historic towns of St-Malo and Rennes. There’s also the three-day Normandy, St Malo, Mont St Michel, and Chateaux country tour, showcasing some of the country’s most diverse (and beautiful) regions.

Four-Day Tour From Paris

If you’re looking for the ultimate French exploration experience, the four-day Normandy, St Malo, Mont St Michel, Chateaux country tour covers some of the most famous landmarks, most breathtaking countryside and three very different French regions—making it one of the most inclusive options on offer. Visitors will enjoy a walking tour of the medieval town of Rouen, a visit to the beaches of Normandy, and a tour of the abbey in Mont Saint Michel. It’s the best way to enjoy all of the nation’s beautiful diversity just beyond Paris city limits. 

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Skip the Line Tours in Paris

Skip the Line Tours in Paris
2h Waiting Line in Front of the Louvre

Skip the Line at the Palace of Versailles

If there’s one thing travelers shouldn’t do while visiting France, it’s waiting in the long lines that accompany the country’s top attractions, such as the magnificent Palace of Versailles, located just 15 miles (25 kilometers) from Paris. Pre-booking skip-the-line tickets to this royal estate is the best way to maximize time, ensuring you head straight to the front of the line and enjoy priority access to spend more time wandering the grand halls and beautiful gardens and less time standing outside. As the most famous of all French chateaux, Versailles receives more than 5 million annual visitors — here’s how to get the royal treatment and skip right to the front of the queue.

With multiple options available, there’s a skip-the-line tour to suit all budgets and itineraries. Travelers can either make their own way to Versailles or combine skip-the-line entrance with round-trip train transport or private hotel transfers from Paris.

Options at Versailles

The choices don’t end there — choose between a self-guided audio tour upon entrance and a guided tour of Versailles, or see more with a guided full-day option or a bike tour around the royal gardens. Whichever you decide, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to soak up the magic of Versailles and enjoy highlights like the Hall of Mirrors. Some options also include entry to Marie Antoinette’s Estate, the Queen’s Hamlet, and the French Gardens. For the full experience, time your visit during the weekend to view the spectacular Fountain Show or on a Tuesday to watch the dazzling Musical Fountains.

Versailles and Beyond

To see more of the surrounding area on your trip, opt for a tour that combines skip-the-line palace entry with nearby highlights, such as lunch at the Eiffel Tower, a visit to Monet’s home in Giverny; or a general sightseeing experience in Paris. Those looking for a unique take on a tour through the palace can choose a two-hour mystery-themed visit, while travelers who want the best of the best can book a Viator VIP experience for a private visit to the Royal Quarters, rooms that are typically off-limits to the public.

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Skip the Line at the Eiffel Tower

Few world landmarks are more iconic than the Eiffel Tower; it’s no surprise that the tower is one of Europe’s most-visited attractions. With nearly 7 million annual visitors (90% of whom are international travelers), according to the Societe d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel. This landmark ranks high on most must-see lists, indicating its epic views and storied history can be discouraged by huge crowds, especially in summer. Luckily, skip-the-line tickets and tours offer travelers a much faster trip up the Eiffel Tower. That way, you can bypass other tourists and head straight for the top.

A skip-the-line ticket allows visitors fast-track entry to the first and second levels, as well as access to the Eiffel Tower’s highest point. You can explore the structure on your own and fly through the priority walkway to the high-speed elevator, all without waiting in the long ticket queues.

Visitors who want more insight into the tower’s history can opt for a skip-the-line small-group tour. This includes an expert guide and a trip to the second level, where you’ll learn about the monument and its unique architecture. 

For travelers looking to see more of the city than just the Eiffel Tower, a tour combining both skip-the-line tower entry and a Seine River cruise provides a great Parisian experience. Local guides take visitors straight to the second-floor viewing gallery, where they learn fun facts and unique stats about the Eiffel Tower. The tour ends with a trip down the UNESCO-listed riverbanks of the Seine River; travelers can admire the famous Louvre and iconic Notre Dame, too.

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Louvre Skip the Line Tours

The Louvre may be the world’s greatest art museum. Don’t be daunted by its size and overwhelming richness; if you have even the merest interest in the fruits of human civilization from antiquity to the 19th century, then visit you must. 

Paris might be renowned as one of the most romantic cities in the world, but having to share your sightseeing experience – as it’s also one of the most popular cities in the world – with thousands of other tourists can quickly turn a fun trip into a stressful day as you spend hours in line at famous attractions. Thankfully, it’s possible to book Skip the Line tickets for many of Paris’ most popular sights like the Louvre, meaning you can head straight to the front of the queue and spend the rest of your time soaking up the atmosphere in the City of Lights. 

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WWI Battlefields Tours From Paris

Most visitors are familiar with the WWII battlegrounds and monuments in Normandy that are a popular day trip from Paris. However, what they may not know is that France has many battlefields and memorials from WWI as well. Just as France honors the memory of the ‘War to End All Wars’, they also remember with great respect the ‘Great War’. And although a trip to see the WWI battlegrounds from Paris is more time-consuming than touring the Normandy sites, it’s worth at least a day trip to one of the sites. A longer trip might also take you to Belgium as well if you’re country-counting! 

World War Tours in France

Here Are The Main Sites to See During You Tour


Ypres, Belgium is a major stop on anyone’s WWI itinerary. The Ypres salient battlefields, which pushed into enemy territory, were where no less than five Battles of Ypres were fought. Located in the Flanders region of Belgium, Ypres today is not only a base from which to visit these hallowed grounds, but the In Flanders Field Museum gives even the most novice visitor the perfect context for the sites to come.

Although it can make for a long day, stick around for the 8 pm. Last Post ceremony at Menin Gate in Ypres. This nightly ceremony remembers the brave soldiers who fought in the Battles of Ypres and saved France from the German enemy.


The Somme department of the region of Picardy is another important WWI locale that can be explored as a day trip, or during a longer itinerary.

For those who want to learn about the history of the war, a good start is the Somme Trench Museum in Albert. Not for the claustrophobic, this museum in the tunnels under the town display artifacts, original documents, uniforms, and other items that bring the war to life. 

For battle enthusiasts, a road trip through what today is a pastoral scene reveals the remains of trenches, the “Danger Tree” at Hamel, and of course the Lochnagar Crater, at which one of the loudest man-made sounds in history was made when the explosion that left this crater was detonated.


Verdun, in the Meuse department of northeast France, was the site of one of the deadliest battles of the War. Dotted with World War I battlefields and landmarks, it’s also the home of the Romagne War Museum and the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial, which is the largest US cemetery in Europe.

Aisne and Marne

Located in the Picardy region, Aisne and Marne were two more sites of deadly battles. Here visitors can pay their respects to the fallen at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery. Also, you can learn more about WWI at the Museum of the Great War in the nearby town of Meaux and visit one of the most famous battlegrounds of the war, Belleau Wood.

Christmas Tours in Paris

Paris Christmas Tours

Paris has long been the destination of choice for stylish shoppers, lovers, and food lovers alike. Few wouldn’t want to spend Christmas in Paris. It’s perfect for shopping in the chic boutiques, or wining and dining in the City of Lights.

Take a stroll down the elegant Champs-Elysées and see this famous avenue decked out sparkling Christmas trees and 150,000 Chrismass lights stretching from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde. Or why not stop in for the glitz and glam of a holiday show of Moulin Rouge?

Food plays a key role in most holidays, and Christmas is absolutely not the exception. Try your hand at an authentic French Christmas menu at a cooking class that lets you familiarize yourself in France’s rich culinary heritage while cooking a delicious winter meal. Take home the recipes to recreate the menu for your family and friends over the Christmas holiday!

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Which ones do you think are the Best Tours in Paris? Let us know in the comments down below.