For many travelers, the dazzling city of St Tropez is synonymous with celebrities, glamour, exclusive clubs, yachts, etc. The city simply has it all. Compared with other cities on the Cote d’Azur like Nice and Marseille, St Tropez is small but is located inside the shoreline. As such, it is a secluded destination any summer tourist will want to visit.

It hardly matters if you are in search of a luxurious, quiet getaway or you want to dance till the morning lights with celebrities in one of the popular local clubs, St Tropez is a magnificent place to check out on weekdays or weekends. The inviting town used to be a plain fishing village. Over the years, it has gained a global repute for being a seaside resort and a refined destination for the rich and famous.

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Here Are Some Of The Things Worth Doing in St Tropez:

Stroll Along the Promenade of the Old Port 

The Vieux Port is the city center and one of the most popular attractions. The port of St Tropez has lots of small fishing boats, colorful houses, yachts, and elegant cafes that make it appealing. Sitting in one of the cafes at the Saint Tropez harbor and just people-watching can be interesting.

You can also meander on the streets and adore the paintings by artists to immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere. If you are an early riser, go to Place aux Herbes at St Tropez port. It is a market square where you can feel like a local while buying fruits, vegetables, or flowers.

Relax at the Beach

The beach is among the popular things to do in St Tropez. Some tourists come from other French cities just to relax on the beach- their ingenious idea of escape from the niggling distractions of French urban life. The beaches here are amazing, and the waters have a marvelous turquoise color.

Tahiti, Plage Pampelonne, Moorea, Plage de la Fontanette, Plage de la Ponche, and Plage des Canoubiers are some of the great beaches to visit in St Tropez. Also, do not forget that beaches that are accessible by foot is Plage de la Bouillabaisse (public beach) situated outside the harbor. Plage des Graniers is another close option with pebbles and sands. Most beaches in St Tropez are private.

Is Saint Tropez Worth It

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Hire a Boat or Take a Boat Tour 

There are no worries if you do not have a fine beautiful boat parked on some of the piers of the city. You can always rent one, and even though it is expensive to do, it is worth it if you are a yacht lover. Different tour operators in the city design tour packages for people who are looking to cease their best moments on the water.

Relish the View on a Cocktail 

Spending a decent time in chic cafes and bars is one of the interesting things to do in the city. Gawp at the luxurious yachts in the Old Port’s cafes or savor the beautiful bird-eye vista from Ermitage Hotel on a glass of wine. Or you can have a superb dinner in Le Dit Vin restaurant. The choices are much here.

Explore Musee de l’Annociade 

If you are bored at the beach, the Musee de l’Annociade offers something much more different. The museum used to be the old Chapelle Notre-Dame de l’Annociade before it was converted to an art repository. The building dates back to the 1500s, and the museum contains a full collection of post-impressionist paintings- a body of work that features pieces by Signac, Matisse, Bonnard, and many others that resided in St Tropez at the end of the 1700s.

Reach the Top of the Citadel 

The St Tropez Citadel has a rather riveting hexagonal shape and shields the whole city from above. At the turn of the 1600s, its walls were built, and it has become one of the places to be for St Tropez sightseeing. When you visit, do not forget to step into the Musee d’Histoire Maritime, where there is the chance to learn stories about the maritime past of this gorgeous town.

Take a Walk at Place des Lices

Also known as Place Carnot, the Place des Lices is the place for respite from the luxury setting. Go enjoy the old charm of the city here. This is a city square situated close to the Vieux Port. For those who have been to France, they might know pétanque- a ball game like the boules. Here is the spot where locals play pétanque.

St Tropez Worth Visiting

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Additional Things Worth Visiting St Tropez For

In case you have some time to spare and do not want to visit the beach, you can find some additional exciting activities to do in the city:

La Ponche

This is St Tropez’s old town and is one of the most captivating walking spots. Take a walk on the streets full of attractive shops, chic cafes, and traditional restaurants. You can start your adventure in the area by strolling in the Rue de la Citadelle that leads to the city center.

Maison des Papillons

Traveling with kids to the French Riviera just got better. St Tropez has an impressive Butterfly Museum where visitors will see over 35,000 colorful specimens. There is also the chance to see the elusive, exotic, and even the extinct ones.

Museé de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma

It is common knowledge that St Tropez has a deep cinema history. This is because a lot of old-school movies, including ‘And God Created Woman’ were set here. The director of the Gendarme series of films- Jean Girault- also set the film at St Tropez. Subsequently, the police station’s frontal became popular among cinephiles.

Sentier du Littoral

See the astounding, wild coastal road that courses to the city’s peninsula. For outdoorsy tourists, the half-day hiking trail is a good one to start with and adore the peninsula’s pretty nature. Do not forget to take along good hiking boots and a bathing suit for the many bathing chances in case you are interested.

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

Part of the yearly October festivities in St Tropez is the racing regatta called Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez. It is a major competition that has been bringing people together for the past 35 years. In the course of the regatta, the bay is full of flashy large sails – a typical feature of the event.

Chapelle Sainte-Anne

This resplendent chapel dates from the 1500s and is situated in a fine area, just by the sea. It was here that Mick Jagger tied the knot with Bianca Jagger in 1971.

Cap Camarat

This is France’s second-highest lighthouse (129 m above sea level) after Le Phare de Gatteville. Go there for different views of the sea and the city.

Visiting Saint Tropez on a Day Trip 

Picture yourself relaxing on a Sunday in St Tropez at the beach and sipping a cocktail. It is no problem if you do not intend to spend a weekend or more in the city. You can visit on a day trip from other French cities. In fact, there are many good tours and options to help you.

But St Tropez lacks any train station and direct buses are hard to come by. A helpful alternative is to explore the city with a rented car. This will give you immeasurable flexibility and freedom in a country where the roads are exciting.

Where to Stay in St Tropez 

St Tropez is a luxury destination without a doubt. That is why getting a place of luxury is not difficult. There are also hotels for every budget plan there.

Luxury (200 euros and up): If you want something incredibly exclusive, St Tropez is the ideal place to do that, given the high number of deluxe class hotels per square meter. The 5-stars ones usually have a swimming pool, spa, and beautiful décor.

Middle-priced (100 euros to 200 euros): Many of them are located in the center of the city and offer nice rooms, a restaurant, delicious breakfasts, and a heated outdoor pool.

Budget (up to 100 euros): It can be difficult to find a decent accommodation option of fewer than 100 euros in a place like St Tropez. Not to worry, there are solutions, even if you are on a tight schedule and budget. Many of them are located minutes away from the city.

Is St Tropez Worth Visiting? – Summary

If you have explored other parts of the French Riviera, you will identify the palpable charm that distinguishes St Tropez from every other place in the region. The breathtaking city is not just for the wealthy and famous. It is for everyone open to new experiences, has an adventurous spirit, and hopes to be enthralled.