Amusement parks are perfect spots for family holidays, especially in the summer. Some love amusement parks with lots of varieties and fun activities to enjoy, some cherish waterparks that house massive flumes and beautiful waterslides, for some a more educational park with great fun is the real deal. Whatever activities you and yours are into, France definitely has something to offer.

Here Are The Best Amusement Parks In France:

Disneyland Paris – The Most Famous Amusement Park In The World

Among the parks in the country, this probably takes home the cake as the best and is Disney’s only theme park on the continent. The park is massive, close to one fifth the size of the city of Paris, and has many family-friendly rides.

When you visit, explore the 5 different universes of the park, the Main Street USA, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland, and Adventureland. Rides i=feature Space Mountain Mission 2, Big Thunder Mountain, and the Caribbean.

In addition, do not miss the Walt Disney Studios Park, where you can experience what it is like staying behind the camera at the movies, with working movie sets, stunt performers, and animation demonstrations.


A distinct amusement park and one of France’s biggest, the Parc du Futuroscope is a delightful experience. Hosted inside the chic buildings that are perched on the 60 hectares of the quiet countryside, the park’s highlights are mostly about multimedia and technology. 

Many of the activities at Futuroscope have won the THEA awards.

Visitors can sit in a big robot arm as it rocks to music at Dances with Robots. At the Aerobar, it will be launched 15 feet into the air while they have a drink at the top. There are many ravishing shows there like the Kube Mysteries and the Ice Age: the 4D experience.

Puy du Fou Theme Park

In 2012 Puy du Fou was rated the best park in the world. This place is a sensational experience where holidaymakers can travel into time with interesting live-action shows. From Romans to medieval knights, Vikings to musketeers, there are lots of historical characters to interact with here.

Adults and children alike like take part in many activities like falconry, jousting, chariots, and so on. Fights, dancing stunts, are all there in this spectacular park. And for the night shows, the Cinescenie is the world’s largest nighttime show featuring 1,200 actors on a 23-hectare stage. If you are anywhere close to the Poitiers area, this park is a place not to miss.


Festyland is located outside of Caen and is a historical park that is ideal for the young ones. With waterslides, rollercoasters, a medieval castle, and a 3D cinema, the park is a terrific day out. With activities themed after the Battle of Hastings, the Belle Epoque, and William the Conqueror, children can even learn a little while having fun. For those who want, there are live shows in the summer having dinosaurs, pirates, and Vikings.

Parc de Prehistroire de Bretagne 

For children that love dinosaurs, the Parc de Prehistorire de Bretagne is the park to visit. Visitors can stroll along the path at the 20-hectare park that courses alongside lakes and the forests. Boasting of 30 massive models of dinosaurs in various scenes and also a few scenes of prehistoric person fishing, hunting, and more, it is a good way to entertain and educate young participants.

Terra Botanica

Even though a plant-life amusement park might appear odd, especially for plant lovers, Terra Botanica is massive, irregular day out in lush greenery, and has a bubbling ambiance. From strolling into the entrance of the ogre’s head to the elves that move across the amusement park on bicycles, this place has a unique sense of entertainment.

Here also is a 110,000m2 of greens to discover with about 40 attractions and presentations around the property to get engaged with a 4D cinema too. At Terra Botanica, learning and fun go hand in hand.

Cite de L’Espace

At this amusement park, the family can discover all about man’s trip into space via interactive exhibits. Children who love science will be particularly fascinated at the wonders of Cite de L’Espace. At the exterior is a massive look-alike of the Mir space station and an Ariane 5 rocket. Visitors can also check out the Soyuz spacecraft.

With an observation dome, planetarium, IMAX, and the exhibition center, there are many things to do and see at this beautiful amusement park. Along with the kids, try the moonwalk simulator.

Parc Astérix 

Astérix is among the most popular French comic books. At Parc Astérix, visitors can meet him and his cohorts while they have thrilling rides. The park also has ghost rides, rollercoasters, and much more.

There are historical worlds to discover too- Vikings, Gaul, Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Egypt, and the time trip from the 300s to the 1900s France- surely there is incredible stuff to do here. The live shows are funny, and they include stories that will captivate anyone.


Vulcania is in Auvergne, and it is opposite the Chaine de Puys row of volcanoes (dormant ones actually). This park is a volcano themed one with stupendous educational day put and lots of fun to have.

The interactive park is mostly underground, where visitors can take a trip into the center of an active volcano, participate in science experiments, and enjoy some film experiences in 4D. Just outside, one can take a trip around Vulcania in the Volcanbul, which is a GPS-driven electric car, to take in the phenomenal views of the Chaine des Puys.

Aqualand – Bassin D’Arcachon

Aqualand Arcachon is the place to be for waterpark excitement. It is located in the stunning Gujan Mestras on Aquitaine’s coast and is a perfect setting for a day out. Sedate, giant flumes, rapids, whirlpools- however you like your rides, there is an interesting package for everyone. For the brave, the Black Hole flume, which is in total darkness, will be enchanting.

Le Pal

Located in Saint-Porcain-Sur-Besbre, Le Pal features nature, parks, zoos, and aquariums. Many have lauded the place to be a successful blend of an amusement park and a zoo. On the right side of the park is the zoo, which houses different species of animals, while the left side is the amusement park.

The park is spectacular and features few lovely rides which are designed for children between 3 to 10-years-old. At the zoo, visitors will see an impressive array of animals, including giraffes wolves, lions, lemurs, elephants, and many more. The enclosures are quite wide, and the animals are well kept.

Fraispertuis City

This fascinating place is a theme park in Jeanmenil Vosges. Like a good number of amusement parks in France, Fraispertuis City is not open throughout the year. From April to September, visitors can have a great time taking on rides and having all the fun things here offer, including 35 attractions.

From Western, Pirates, etc., the park has a stunning theming that would impress visitors. There is the Grand Canyon coaster. You should definitely try out.


This park is located at Dolancourt and has been compared to amusement parks in the UK and even the Disney. The selection of rides is perfect for visitors of all ages. For the brave, the Haunted House can be visited for unusual fun.

The site is very clean, and the roller coaster has a short wait, ensuring everyone gets a taste of the fun on time. As you will observe, all the rides have safe bag deposits and are even covered with a camera so you would not be bothered about your bag of valuables. Other activities include Swinging Apples, Log Flume, and mini roller coaster.

Best Amusement Parks in France – Summary

No dull moments at French amusement parks as they are lined with interesting activities and ultra-modern facilities. They are family-friendly, neat, and some even boast of fabulous views of the country. Ensure you add a trip to any of the featured amusement parks to your France itinerary, and you would be grateful you did.