In the South of France, the best theme parks are among the most popular leisure centers to relax and have fun. And for holidaymakers traveling with children, a visit to any of the theme parks will be delightful, especially for the young ones. Built for recreation and maximum thrill, there are lots of stuff to see and do at the parks in the area.

Here Are Some Of The Best Theme Parks To Visit In The South Of France

Aquasplash, Antibes

Right in the Cote d’Azur region, Aquasplash is the theme park to be with the family. To have modern fun with magnificent views of France’s beauty plus the Mediterranean Sea, this park is strategically positioned to offer those. The theme here highlights the magic of water as the park includes many water rides, rain showers, wave pools, lounge areas, and a faux beach. Aquasplash is located at 306 Avenue Mozart, 06600 Antibes.

Le Chateau des Engimes de Pons – The Castle of Riddles

Modern and well maintained, this is a theme park that blends fun and education in the right proportions for every guest. This Italian Renaissance castle is a spot of splendor for family, friends, and even lovers. The park features the Usson Castle, which is registered as a historical monument.

The show invites visitors to join Willy in his quest to hunt treasures and ultimately become a pirate. In the game, visitors are bound to use their resources during the 27 games adventure, but it will be demanding. There are many challenges to scale through, including an underground and a labyrinth. The park is not more than a half an hour walk from Saintes/Cognac/Royan.

Marineland, Antibes

This is another park located in Antibes that is worth a visit. Marineland has been in the business of amusing visitors for close to 50 years now. The setting is unique, the atmosphere is electrifying, and the activities are absorbing. This nice park is home to lodgers, which are a whale, sea lion, and dolphin killers. Upon your visit to the area, explore the range of lineups, whether alone or in the company of friends and families.

OK Corral, Best Theme Park Between Marseille and La Ciotat 

This park is located in the south of the country between La Ciotat and the city of Marseille. It was commissioned in 1966 and has been the favorite for locals since then. Now, visitors from different parts of the world stop by to explore what OK Corral has got.

The park retains its early western ambiance, and the rides are constantly updated to meet the needs of its teeming guests. There are various shows that are geared towards educating participants on the gold-rush era.

Antibes Land Park

Located on Cote d’Azur, the Antibes Land Park doubles as a leisure park. This is definitely one of the Best Theme Parks In The South of France. It is popular for its affordable rides and interesting games for children and adults. If you are a sucker for throwing rings onto bottles to win stuffed animals, this park will spoil you for choices. And after that, you can eat a hot dog and a burger before flying upside down. Take the kids for a merry-go-round they would not forget easily. And ensure you take pictures of the terrific landscape nearby.

Le Village des Fous, Antibes 

This is a 2 acres amusement park with lots of interesting games for adults and children. Not only that, Le Village des Fous is a park for the curious ones to discover gems for entertainment. It features a flying bathtub, SplashPage, upside huts the popular 13 m Affil Tower, and the Experiencez District.

With a wide variety of activities to keep anyone entertained for 3 straight hours, Le Village des Fous is the place to visit. There are even ample spots to find shade and many water activities to get participants busy. They can try a lot of stuff even though the area is small. From mazes to slides to climbing to water fun to the other 35 activities, one will get a good value for money to visit.

le village des fous theme park in villeneuve loubet

Kid’s Island, Antibes 

Despite changing its name from La Ferme du Far West, this theme park has not placed its foot off the gas. For kids who are used to clambering on metal toys and riding a pirate boat on the river, the Kid’s Island is the place to explore. While it features the far west train and the pony ride, different species of animals are neatly kept on the side.

The place is among the parks that make up the massive Marineland complex in Antibes. The site is well paved and flat, making it family-friendly. It is also easily accessible for guests with reduced mobility.

Animals like rabbits, goats, ponies, and sheep will be seen. While there is a range of ride, there are some that require supervision like the ride-on galloping ponies and the Wild West train.

Dinosaur’lstres, Best Theme Park In Istres

Dinosaurs and more of them! The Dinosaur’lstres is a theme park that will blow your mind. The park is a brilliant idea on the of a stunning Etang and the little picturesque town of Istres. This place is on a little tree with a hill situated close to the Municipality building.

The scene is a wonderful location and a great escape from the sounds from the heat. Dinosaur’Istres is ideal for children and even dinosaur-loving adults. Upon visit, you should check the Animal Art Park situated on the other end of the Municipality buildings’ square. Children and parents will get the opportunity to learn more about the extinct terrestrial reptiles, too, and relax.

Dinosaur’lstres, Best Theme Park In Istres

Parc de Figueolles, Martigues

Heading to Parc de Figueolles in the company of friends is always a good idea, especially in the summer. The park also features a little farm for adorable animals. The carousel alone is worth taking a second look as it is fantastic and splendid for riders.

The park is massive and nice, with free entry and a free car park for guests. Activities featured here include beach relaxation, mountain bike, walking, and horse riding. Visitors can proceed to any of the nearby 176 restaurants after the visit. And to sign off from an interesting day, there are about 21 nearby attractions to explore.

Aoubre l’Aventure Nature, Theme Park In Flassans-Sur-Issole

The animal theme is Aoubre L’aventure Nature is among the most creative in the area. The place features the baby “accrobranche” (a sport where participants climb, swing, and use pulleys to reach trees) and the animals which children will love to harness.

The children pathway called Mowgli is a must-try for even adults too. Strategically built, there are trees around the Aoubre L’aventure, providing good shade for those who are taking a break from the activities. A snack bar close by has many options for the thirsty, and the zoo is full of adorable farm animals.

Aoubre l

Luge Monty Express, Montgenevre

Luge Monty Express is part of the many reasons to visit Montgenevre in south France. Ensuring fun from the get-go, visitors will take a cableway to reach the top of the structure. The site is particularly clean and well-maintained structures. If you visit in an off-peak season, then the queues would not be frustrating.

The coaster ride is something you do not want to miss even as an adult. The views from above are impeccable, and the landscape vistas of the nearby landscape are idyllic. After the rides, you can hit the terrace bar for some relaxing ambiance.

Aqua Parc, Embrun 

Visitors that have been to the Aqua Par in Embrun have concluded that it is one of the best aqua park inflatable in the area. For all the fun and activities it offers, this park is reasonably priced, especially for those who purchase a multi-day or multi-hour ticket. The fun here is on another level as there is something that catches the fancy at every turn. The activities are safe and well supervised. What is more- the staff at Aqua Parc can speak English, so no fear of losing any detail in translation.

Corbi Parc – Best Theme Park In Corbieres, South Of France

Situated in Corbieres, Corbi Parc amusement park doubles as an animal park like many parks in the country. The animals are well kept, and the facilities are well maintained for the kids and adults. To get into the fray, you can launch yourself on any of the flying ropes or bouncing mats. At the ball area, everyone is invited to get involved, and there is a real train to venture around.

The water jets are nicely designed for kids to have fun, and the carousel is a delight. If you visit in the afternoon, special games are lineup for guests while the children are encouraged to dance. You can visit any of the 3 nearby attractions to cool off or hit any of the 2 restaurants to have a tasty bite of local treats after an eventful day.

Best Theme Parks In The South of France – Summary

The Best Theme Parks In The South of France do not just offer activities for the thrill-seekers alone. Fascinating views of the visited area are what visitors should look forward to seeing too. Some of these theme parks are in close proximity to incredible attractions that will impress tourists. So indulge the sites in taking down two birds with a stone.

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