Take a list of holiday destinations and assess them. With France there, it should easily lead the pack for many reasons. A breathtaking journey through France’s amazing coast and its Most Beautiful Coastal Villages can be the experience of a lifetime. 

France’s coastal towns and villages are beautiful with surreal beauty and charm that have been the object of admiration for visitors from all over the world. In fact, a perfect rendezvous with nature will be along the coastal places in France. From architectural brilliance to nature’s most intriguing objects, the French coastal villages offer pristine beaches and the ideal holiday getaway.

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Here Are Some of the Most Beautiful Coastal Villages in France:


Of all coastal villages in France, the south has some mesmerizing ones that will sweep you off your feet. Sete is one and is among the most commercially vibrant ports along the Mediterranean coastline that covers the country along its southern fringes.

Most Beautiful Coastal Villages in France - Sete

Sete is attractively old-fashioned, and it spreads into a long 13 km coastal boundary. This place is different from others because it has a distinct quiet air. If you are looking to find somewhere serene, this is definitely a place to be. It is also popular for its fresh seafood and water jousting legacy. Part of the interesting things to do in Sete is a visit to the beaches, eventful boat trips, and watersports. 


With the Atlantic sea dividing water from land and a history that can give a classic Hollywood movie a run for its money, the coastal village of Saint-Jean-de-Luz is the picturesque definition of civilization.

Saint Jean de Luz Village in the French Coast

The town possesses three walls as a barrier to the strong north winds of the sea and has an enchanting history that details how the town first came to be. From natural, fresh food to a longing to relocate, Saint-Jean-de-Luz can ranks high among the coastal towns in the country.

There are enough surfing options during favorable weather around Biarritz to make your vacation even more splendid. Located in Southern France, the local markets and a casino are the highlights here.

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Trouville Sur Mer

If you are looking for an amazing natural diversity all wrapped up in a village, Trouville Sur Mer in northern France will warmly welcome you. It has large swaths of beach, hillocks, rolling hills, and a quaint port, typical of a coastal village. 

Trouville Coastal Village in France

You will also find a boardwalk, which is the village’s most famous area from the 19th-century that is marked with flea markets and shops. The best time to visit Trouville Sur Mer is in the summer because the hot sand against the cold seawater is worth feeling. 


On the list of beautiful French coastal villages, Honfleur is a jewel. Located at river Seine’s tip just before it runs into the English Channel, the village has enough stuff to keep any visitor’s attention. Its major highlight is its 16th-century quaint harbor. 

The 15th-century St. Catherine’s church is among the illustrious history of Honfleur. Its beaches are spectacular, and the Botanical Gardens’ greenery is what you should look forward to seeing. Another thing to do is to visit the Satie House and Museum or the Calvados shop.


For the most fascinating beaches and tourist-friendly village among French coastal spots, Etretat should be the pick for you. Here, you will find limestone cliffs and surreal caves that will you stare. The call if the distant sea and the erosion of the cliffs make one of the most memorable beach days in the entire country.


Saint Malo Villages to Visit Along the Coast of France

This is the idyllic joining of the magnificent beauty of nature and cultural heritage. Saint-Malo dates back to the Celtic era during which it was built before the Romans destroyed it. Later, monks built the monastery, and you can still see the headland built around the 12th-century that serves as a fortification against the Vikings. When you visit, the village’s walls are worth exploring and the Grand Aquarium Saint Melo.


This is another gem among the most beautiful coastal villages in France. Close to Dieppe, Ault is a little village that is quaint and simple, but its white cliffs, beaches, and traditions are begging to be experienced. A perfect way to take on this stunning village is on a bicycle. Its streets, by-lanes, and lanes all tell interesting tales, and the Ault exude life and joy. Upon visitation, see the Liberty Park, Fall festivals, and the international food fest (in case you are around when these events are live).


Biarritz has a rich history that dates back to 1854, and that chronicles the story of kings, queens, and rulers. Close to the Spanish border, Biarritz has a lush blend of both French and Spanish influences palpably expressed. A reason to visit apart from its ravishing views is the yearly surfing festival it hosts every July.

Biarritz is an ideal place to escape the bustles and noise of city life consisting of good food, great wines, and nice people. Located in south-western France, visit Port des Pecheurs, Aquarium de Biarritz, and the Biarritz Lighthouse for some amazing time out. 

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Regarded as one of the most beautiful and best coastal villages in France, Pigna is situated on Corsica, on the imposing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A strip of mountain cascading down to the beaches makes this village a must-visit.

You might be grateful for the plain pleasures and the sound of blowing wind, asserting serenity. Pigna is terrific beyond words, and the surest way to enjoy the sultry charm of the village is by taking in the views as you explore the strips of lands. What to do here? Attend the Centre Culturel Voce and be wowed by the architecture. 


For a wonderful sight of distributaries and tributaries of a river that is closing in into one and its flat course in action, you should visit this village. Martigues has canals that pass through the streets that link the Etang de Berre Lake.

Martigues Coastal Village in France

The lake flows to the sea, making the village a unique spot for tourists to come and see. As a whole, Martigues’ main craft is fishing, but its history dates back to a long while ago when it was a Roman barrack before it secured its independence around the 12th-century. 

Martigues’ churches and chapels have their own stories to share too. To enjoy your stay here, rent a car and drive to the close La Couronne that boasts of one of the area’s most stunning beaches. Different recreational activities are marked with other attractions here. However, the best way to enjoy the village is to relax by the shore with a glass of wine, a friendly outdoor game, and a group of friends or acquaintances that makes it all worthwhile. 


This is one of the most beautiful French coastal villages. Located on the Opal Coast, to Calais’ south, this incredible place has what you might be looking for in a French coastal village. There is a considerable distance between the village and the bustles of other towns. 

Wimereux offers remarkable views of its beaches you will not see on the internet. When you visit, play golf at the village’s golf club and visit the Second World War museum.

Cap Ferret

Best Coastal Villages in France - Cap Ferret

There are many beaches in Cap Ferret that include the wild, mild, and the ocean – there is something to do. The village is in southern France, and when you visit, checkout Phare du Cap Ferret, the picturesque landscapes it has. La Cabane du Mirabeau is a must-see too.


Barfleur has one of the major fishing ports in the middle ages and is currently the leaving point for Norman upper-class, which goes to England. Situated on the tip of the Contenin peninsula, the village is a small, serene, and quaint fishing village that guests must-see. St. Nicolas Church and Gatteville Lighthouse are some of the highlights of the village.

La Flotte

Located at Charente-Maritime, La Flotte is a leisure marina and an alluring fishing port whose moorings are usually plenty throughout the year with boats. You will also see white houses in the village that make up a strikingly different background to the hollyhocks that creeps on the walls. 


Seated just on a hill on the top of two lagoons on the Languedoc coast, this interesting village is built in an 11th-century. At the side of the beach is bubbling sight of active bars, restaurants, while the marina has many yachts and boats. 


Wedged between Monaco and Menton on the famed French Riviera, this quaint village hangs to a hilltop right above the Mediterranean Sea. Given its exotic location, the village is a popular destination among wealthy locals and tourists in search of a luxurious treat.

In addition, the village possesses many historical spots with ancient chateau dating back to the 10th-century. The St. Marguerite church is a place to visit. 


Wedged among the massive boulders that seem like a giant has dropped them on the shores like stones, this fascinating village is not just a hamlet. Few of the buildings in the village are between rocks, like 17th-century coastguard’s small chapel. But the village has been revived even has an inn to rest after a day of sightseeing. 

St Briac-Sur-Mer

This village used to be known as a traditional fishing center of the Opal Coast in Brittany and but an alluring seaside resort. Check out the village’s beautiful streets, which inspired great minds like Renoir, and a 17th-century bell tower prior to proceeding to one of St Briac-Sur-Mer’s nine beaches. 

Most Beautiful Coastal Villages in France – Summary

France is not just about Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and the other big cities. There is a thrilling encounter you can have by visiting some of the country’s beautiful coastal villages. They are quaint, stunning, and picturesque more than you can imagine. 

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