Stately and breathtaking, northern France is the perfect getaway region for tourists who are looking to have a laidback, yet phenomenal vacation. The beautiful city of Lille, in particular, has lots of exciting relaxation spots and activities to make visitors more comfortable. 

Upon your visit to Lille, you will discover the city’s secrets on a fun beer tasting detective game. The purpose of the game is to find the stein of Gambrinus, the Prince of Beer, that was lost in some place in the city. In a tussle with the devil, he lost his popular stein that gives him immortality.

Along his story, you will assist Gambrinus in securing what he misplaced.

This is an opportunity to discover the old section of the city in a unique way with a beer quest. Thankfully, Lille is not a big place, so visitors can be explored on foot. Depending on the tour service you employ, visitors will spend hours hunting for historical treasures as you unravel the mythology and local history blended with beer tasting on the way. 

Every participant will be given a road book at the beginning of the quest, then they will be on their way to savor this interesting and funny way of exploring the city. 

There are about 4 beer tastings at 4 of Lille’s finest bars through the engaging journey. To finish the quest, participants will follow a path around the city’s streets and squares in the search for clues. Many major clues can be found in particular bars. The 4 bars are chosen for the game. Bear in mind that you will need to look in all directions, including natural spaces and even in the beer’s taste. 

Apart from the clues, there are hints, riddles, and historical notes to guide participants. They would receive extra credit for social-sharing photos of major points of interest, and when they enter the featured bars, they will submit their tickets to the barman who would be expecting. Then a form would be completed on the given beer color, country of origin, ABV, and style.

Here Are Some Tours For Beer Tasting Treasure Hunt in Lille:

France Voyage

This company specializes in holidays and weekends in French cities. Only adults are allowed to participate, and activities are subject to weather conditions. So observe the weather forecast before booking. France Voyage’s beer tasting treasure hunt is available from Tuesday to Saturday (excluding exceptional dates).

The departure time is from 4 pm on weekdays and 3 pm on Saturdays. This exciting city exploration is just for a few hours, but we bet it will be the most thrilling three hours on your trip to France. The departure point is at the Lille city center, and the language guide is in both French and English.

Be advised that this activity precludes people with reduced mobility. Participants are required to book in advance. For cancellation policy, see the company’s website for more details. Prices start at 26 euro. 


The beer tasting treasure hunt, courtesy of Viator, is for approximately 3 hours. There are choices for different departures throughout the day as participants explore the streets on a walking tour of Lille. You can even get inside tips from a local to ease your quest.

Viator’s departure point is at [Place Charles de Gaulle, 59800 Lille, and the departure time is 2 pm. Meanwhile, the return point is Rue de l’Hopital Militaire, 59800. Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking upon availability.

Unlike France Voyage’s plan, children are allowed in Viator’s but must be accompanied by an adult. The minimum age is 18 years over here. The company trip is not wheelchair accessible, and service animals are allowed. Viator’s package is a little easier because it is close to public transportation. As at the time of writing, prices start from 26.45 euros. 

Lille Tourism 

Nothing feels like doing it like a local pro. Lille Tourism is well experienced and skilled in curating the best of itineraries for your beer tasting treasure hunt in Lille. The company’s guide will help you delve into the heart of Old Lille with their guide, who will unearth the very best of brewery locations.

Unlike most operators, Lille Tourism serves fabulous French delicacies after the whole action. During the adventure, participants will be faced with many challenges, such as:

  • A challenge on orientation: Every participant must find their way, and the 4 featured bars to make a stop.
  • A tasting form for every beer tasted blind
  • An observation form about the pathway
  • Two pictorial challenges

At the start, a quizmaster welcomes you at the start to let you know the rules that apply in the game. Participants then proceed to the assault of the streets of the city furnished with roadbook. There is remote monitoring that is done by the quizmasters who would welcome participants on arrival and correct answers. The winner will be rewarded with a price. 

You will need a camera (or a smartphone) and a pen. You will also be given a small book with a comprehensive not on each monument or specialties encountered on the course, on each beer tasted, and the indications required for the acceptable conduct of the investigation. The 4 beer tastings are added in the game, and it is possible to take soft drinks if you are not big on alcohol. 

The online price is reduced and is 25 euro per person. The timetable of the action in French is on every Saturday at 2:30 pm, 3 pm, and 3:30 pm with a duration of 3 hours. The meeting place is at Place du General de Gaulle, close to the ‘Theatre du Nord”.

For just a few bucks, you will venture into a scintillating world of knowledge and fun as you see the city of Lille and its beautiful bars. And after the show, treat yourself to the most exquisite steak with fries, cheese, and béarnaise at a local diner with a glass of burgundy. You will hardly go wrong with those French specialties! Do ensure you have some local as well. Lille has some of the softest wines in France if you do not know.

Why You Should do the Beer Tasting Treasure Hunt in Lille – Summary

Discover the city in a different way and its local Flemish heritage. You should do beer tasting treasure hunt in Lille not only because it is fun, but there is also so much to learn. It is a chance to play and learn at the same time. After paying the game in a few hours, you would be surprised by how much you have known about the city and the world of beer.