Are you in the process of planning a holiday? If so, there is no doubt that you will want it to be one to remember, especially considering that it has probably been a while since you last had a chance to venture somewhere new. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a break and get into a different surrounding, a change of scenery can do the world of good. Not sure where to go or what to do? Here are a few reasons why it is worth it to plan a holiday that takes you out into the great outdoors.

It takes you away from crowds

To protect yourself from coming into contact with COVID-19 during your time away, it is advised to avoid crowds and practice strict social distancing. Most holidays revolving around spending time outdoors make it easy to do precisely that. Instead of socializing with other people, you will be reconnecting with nature. However, you will still need to bring a good filtration mask to protect yourself and those around you while going to the destination.

It boosts your fitness

It is natural to be keen to explore when you find yourself out in the great outdoors, and this is why these types of holidays can work wonders for your fitness. You may find yourself hiking, walking, or biking through the natural wilderness, or perhaps engaging in a variety of outdoor activities, such as fishing, canoeing, or swimming. Regardless, most travelers will certainly leave their holidays significantly fitter than they were when they first booked their park holidays.

It improves your physical health

Along with ensuring that you get a decent dose of exercise, a holiday in the great outdoors provides that you breathe in cleaner air. This is because most nature-packed holiday destinations are situated far away from bustling cities, meaning fewer pollutants for you to inhale.

Further to this, a holiday in the great outdoors also means that you get plenty of sunshine on your skin. As long as you have slathered on plenty of sunblock, this extra sun exposure is excellent news for your health in general. The World Health Organisation says that adequate sun exposure helps build up Vitamin D, all while reducing the risk of some autoimmune diseases and even some types of cancer.

It rejuvenates your mental health

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown hasn’t done anybody’s mental health any favours. If you are looking to recover from the anxiety, stress, and depression you have experienced in recent times, getting outdoors and into the fresh air is a great way to do it. Numerous mental health experts support ecotherapy (which essentially means taking part in various activities outside of nature) to treat several mental health issues.

There are countless types of outdoorsy holidays to choose from

Take a look at the different park holidays available, and you will quickly come to find that there is an outdoor adventure out there for everyone, regardless of their vacation preferences! Whether you prefer swimming in the waters of a crystal-clear lake, settling down to a family picnic with a mountain view, or exploring the hidden treasures of a lush forest, the options are practically endless if you know where to look.

These holidays tend to be cheaper

Luxurious getaways tend to be centred on expensive accommodation and plenty of pampering – both of which can cost a small fortune! On the other hand, when you decide to spend more time outside in nature, your holiday costs are automatically reduced. Lakeside cabins and secluded forest retreats will almost always be cheaper than 5-star hotels in the destination’s city centre. Some outdoorsy holiday packages often include the cost of accommodation and the cost of a few worthwhile activities.

Outdoor holidays are family-friendly

Most kids will not be keen on spending the day at the spa – but they will certainly be excited about exploring forests and running around the sandy shoreline. This is why most holidaymakers with children in tow will opt for outdoorsy holidays instead of ultra-luxe vacations.

Be sure to chat with your tour operator or booking agent for advice regarding family-friendly activities on offer in the area. It is always a good idea to plan your itinerary well to make bookings and avoid disappointment closer to the time. Early bookings are more important than ever before right now due to limited space resulting from COVID-19 safety protocols!

Final Thoughts

The bottom line? A holiday out in the great outdoors is a no-brainer for practically everyone right now. From noticeable relief from COVID-related anxiety to plenty of different adventures to choose from, these types of holidays are bound to provide experiences that you, and the rest of your travel party, will not be quick to forget. So, get moving, find a holiday package that suits your needs and budget, and get the New Year started on the right foot. You deserve a breather!