Bordeaux boat trips are one of the exciting things to do when you visit. The city of Bordeaux, especially, has waterways that will delight every vacationer who wants to see the city from a different angle with a boat tour.

Here is Why You Should Take a Boat Tour in Bordeaux:


This interesting cruising area is made of the rivers Dorgone and Garonne. They run into the Atlantic Ocean, which forms the Gironde estuary together. A Bordeaux cruise is bound to take visitors to pleasing moorings on either river. Some trips even reach as far as the northern tip at Rohan.

Garonne Bordeaux River Tour

On a week’s cruise, visitors should expect to see lots of views like churches, small villages, hillsides, stilted carrelets fishing huts, troglodyte abodes, the popular Pont Pierre, the lifting bridge of Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas, and limestone cliffs- from the deck chair.

Bordeaux’s waterway is never boring, and in case anyone prefers wave-less and smooth water, seeing the color and texture of the waters change with the wind and sky, watching the tides turn, then they will undoubtedly enjoy the area.


Occupied for thousands of years, including being under English control for 300 of them, records have it that it was the Romans that commenced the viniculture that Bordeaux is widely known for today. They introduced the vine across the major wine-producing parts of the city. A might be expected, the place is immersed in history, from the many congregations of the monks that occupied there to manage the vineyards, to the fortified bastide towns of the Hundred Years War, to the businesspersons all over the continent that came to make prosperity from the wine industry. However, not one of these would have been possible if not for the waterways and Bordeaux’s capacity to trade by sea.


Given the over 8,500 castles in the area, the landscape is lush with vineyards. But the range of wines produced here is endless. In every of the city’s cruise, there are excursions to the popular Grand Cru châteaux and a minimum of two tastings in the St Emilion and Medoc vineyards. Rosés, reds, and whites from the local appellations are served on board the riverboat.


Being one of the most important and stunning French cities, Bordeaux was the area’s first trading port and now boasts of the largest town square and the longest pedestrian street in the continent. Added to the hundreds of attraction spots like the new Cite de Vin and the old Grand Theatre, there is the modern and terrific Mirro d’Eau– whose reflection breaks into a dreamy mist every 0 minutes- close to the Place de la Bourse.

The city’s setting on the turn of the river Garonne, the Port de la Lune, with its fascinating stand of 1700s merchant’s houses and significant maritime buildings, offers one of the world’s most romantic promenade.

Cruise Excursions 

Cycling, walking, and coach tours with local specialists, English-speaking guides, tastings, and tours of historical sites are on the list of Bordeaux’s cruise excursions.

  • Medoc- Chateaux de Margaux, Haute-Medoc, St Julien, Lafite Rothschild, Latour, and Mouton Rothschild
  • Dordogne- Blaye and Vauban’s Citadel, the Corniche route, Bourg
  • St Emilion- tastings, vineyards, the monolithic church, and medieval town.
  • Bordeaux- walking tour and panoramic coach
  • Cadillac- town tour, and the impressive château de Rouetaillade.


Another reason why you should take a boat trip to Bordeaux is the connections. Take the TGV fast train service from Gare Montparnasse in Paris or fly to the city’s international airport at Merignac to reach Bordeaux. It is easy to get there.

Massive freight ships continue to service the city and the surrounding region, including parts to construct the Airbus 380 at H in the city of Toulouse, and ocean cruise vessels also make stops in Bordeaux as part of their tour around the big global cities.

Bordeaux Cruise Tours

Croisière Commentee Prestige

Taking a Croisière Commentee Prestige Bordeaux tour courtesy of Viator can be an exhilarating thing to do when you visit the city. Treatment on the Luna yacht is classy and luxurious as it gets. The yacht’s chic décor will charm you during the visit experience with the top guide, Bruno Beurrier.

He has been doing this for decades, where he takes visitors on an educative and interesting trip. Part of the views to see is the UNESCO designated sites as participants, from the luxury of their seats, learn about the history of the places. Alcoholic beverages are allowed onboard and service and pets too. The trip, which costs as low as $23.60, has a maximum number of 40 travelers per tour.

Garonne River Cruise

This is another cruise in Bordeaux you will not want to miss. With this, you will have the chance to enjoy a splendid dinner cruise along the Garonne River to see the magnificent sights of the city from the water.

The tour usually begins with a welcome aperitif as participants begin to settle. They can watch the many attractions of the city through the window while they wine and dine. The food is made from seasonal and regional ingredients. Though there are many operators, a good number of the tour usually includes:

  • Bordeaux dinner cruise on the Garonne River
  • Cocktail while adoring the vistas
  • Admiring the fancy architecture along the riverbank which is a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • See Basilica of St Michael, Place de la Bourse, and other waterfront places well-lit at a night
  • A 3-course dinner preparation
Bordeaux Garonne River Cruise

The Garonne River flows through the city and much of the popular wine area that rings the city, making it a particularly beautiful waterway. During the tour, you will see the views of the city shining against the night sky- the Port of Bassens and Quai Richelieu among them. For the return journey, the yacht turns around at the Chateau Grattequina.

Cruise of the Wharf and Bridge Façade 

Visitors can see the past, and present glory of Bordeaux as the guide explains the history, architectural heritage, and cultural anecdotes on the trip. They will sail along the awe-inspiring facades of the 1700s UNESCO World Heritage docks, and they will be astonished by Cite du Vin’s contemporary architecture. They will see the bridges of the city and pass under the imposing Chaban-Delmas Bridge.

Bordeaux Boat Tours – Summary

A Bordeaux boat trip is fantastic and offers the best value for money. It is another way of seeing the city and adoring its wonderful sights without stress. Ensure you check with the tour operators in the area for the best deals and prices.