Aside from excellent wine, the Bordeaux area is also known for its stunning beaches. In the summertime, several holidaymakers rush to the coast of Arcachon without the knowledge that there is a massive deal of beautiful beaches close to Bordeaux.

In this post, I will be sharing some of the best beaches in the area. You will find both ocean beaches, lake beaches, and the best beaches on the Bassin d’Arcachon. There are many more amazing beaches in France’s southwest, but I made sure to include only those near Bordeaux’s center.

Here Are Some of The Best Beaches Near Bordeaux.

Plage du Lac d’Hostens – South of Gironde

Part of the major attractions in the South Gironde area is Hostens Lac. Domaine des Lacs d’Hostens is situated in the center of the Landes de Gascogne forest that is about 50 km from Bordeaux. It has one of the most terrific beaches in the region.

This site is more than a cool place to swim. Hostens has many water activities like pedaling and kayaking, as well as mountain bike trails, pedaling, hiking trails, and a lot more. There are 5 lakes in the area, but Plage du Lac d’Hostens is situated on Lamothe lake’s shores. There is also a snack bar and restaurant next to the beach. You will get more information about the place at the tourist information point, which is situated close to the parking entry point of the Domain.

Plage du Lac d’Hostens - Best Beaches near Bordeaux
Plage du Lac d’Hostens

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La Plage du Moutchic – Lacanau 

This beach is situated on Lacanau lake’s banks, and it is around 50 km from Bordeaux. La Plage du Moutchic has a lovely supervised swimming section, a covered picnic area, and sports facilities like windsurfing. Boat rentals, canoes, and paddleboats make it the choicest destination for families from the area.

If peradventure, you forgot to bring food to the beach, no worries. There are two restaurants with a pleasing view of the lake and a snack bar that has all you want. If you do not like sand, part of La Plage du Moutchic is covered with soft, lush greenery. Parking is free here.

La Plage du Moutchic - Lacanau
La Plage du Moutchic

Plage Laouga – Near Arcachon 

This beach is a fine sandy beach that is situated about 400 km from the major beach of this amazing lake (Plage Cazaux). Families storm here for its calm water, and the pine forest of Landes de Gascogne shelters this end of the lake that forms several shaded spots on the beach. Plage Laouga is supervised in the peak season (mid-June-mid September) and has free parking close to it. The beach is 70 km from Bordeaux.

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Le Moulleau Beach – Arcachon Bay

While essentially a part of the city of Arcachon, Le Moulleau gives off a vibe that sets it apart as a small resort town with its own beaches, center, and restaurants. The beach is situated midway between the city’s center and the widely known Dune du Pilat that is often a perfect spot to round off an eventful day.

There are some restaurants and bars next to Le Moulleau so you can easily stay in the resort for the entire day. Visitors can also take a ferry and see the beaches on the other end of the Bassin at Cap Ferret. A bike, car, or a bus from Arcachon’s train station can access Le Moulleau.

Le Moulleau Beach - Arcachon Bay
Le Moulleau Beach

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Plage Pereire – Arcachon

In Arcachon, Plage Pereire is the most popular beach and is situated in Ville de Printemps, about 67 km from Bordeaux. It is a ravishing 3 km long beach with fine white sand and a beguiling vista of the Cap Ferret peninsula on the other end of the bay. Plage Pereire is equipped with lots of cycle paths, sports facilities, and green lawns for visitors to have a picnic on.

When heading to the center of Arcachon, cycling is one of the best ways to reach there. A cycle trail spanning from the central beach to the Dune du Pyla courses through this beach and other beaches in Arcachon.

Andernos Les Bains 

At the north of the Bassin d’Arcachon is Andernos Les Bains, which is one of the most charming towns in the region, especially in the peak periods. It has an adorable small center coursing to the main beach that has strips of ice cream shops, restaurants, and beach clothing boutiques. While the main beach is beautiful, if you want an isolated and relaxed ambiance, you should proceed towards the oyster’s port and continue further to Les Quinconces’ which is a great nature reserve.

After a little walk from the port into the reserve, you will see an astonishing beach with the forest. Andernos Les Bains is relatively isolated, so do not expect to see facilities there. It is also not supervised and situated around 50 km from the city of Bordeaux.

Plage de la Hume – Gujan Mestras

This beach is a family-friendly one and is situated in the touristy part of Gujan Mestras, a small town regarded as the capital of oyster farming on the Bassin d’Arcachon. Plage de la Hume’s location on the bay ensures the water is calm and easy to take a dip to swim. Before you do this, however, check the tide periods first. These hours change every day, and you can hardly see any water at some hours in the day.

In July and August, the Plage de la Hume is supervised to make it safer for children. The beach is situated close to the ports that Gujan Mestras is known for, so if you are getting famished, you can always step into one of the cabanes on the port for some treats.

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Plage du Grand Cohort- Lege Cap-Ferret

On the ocean end of the Cap Ferret’s peninsula is where Plage du Grand is situated. Unlike the calmer water on Bassin d’Arcachon, the waves are powerful, making it a surfing haven. This gorgeous white sandy beach charms both kite surfers and families that love to take on the ocean.

In the summertime, Plage du Grande Cohort tends to be crowded, and sometimes, parking could be difficult if you arrive late in the day. Visiting with children, bear in mind that the beach is supervised in the summer. It is situated about 60 km from Bordeaux’s center.

Lacanau Ocean Beaches 

The Lacanau Ocean beach is a very active beach that spans from the end of Boulevard de la Plage at Lacanau Ocean town that is situated 55 km from the city of Bordeaux. This beach is one of the longest in the Aquitaine region, stretching to 15 km of white sand. Lacanau Ocean beach is also a fantastic place for bathing in the sea with loved ones. It has all the facilities that an average beach should have, like shops and several restaurants.

Lacanau Ocean Beaches - Bordeaux Beaches
Lacanau Ocean Beaches

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Pastourelles Beach – Lege-Cap-Ferret

Close to Lege-Cap-Ferret, just north of Arcachon, is Pastourelles beach in Claouey. This sandy beach is situated away from the road, and it covers 400 m. Pastourelles beach looks over the Bay of Arcachon, and swimming is only permitted at high tide. In the low tide, meanwhile, some pools will thrill the kids.

Reaching the beach from Lege-Cap-Ferret is not difficult. Take the D106 approaching the Point of Cap Ferret. Just at the round-about in the village of Claouey, take a left towards Les Pastourelles. You will find a small alley at the end of this road on the left that will take you to the beach.

Jenny Beach – Le Porge

This is one of the wildest beaches you will find in Gironde. Situated south of Le Porge, close to the nudist center at La Jenny, where the setting looks like a desert. You can reach the beach by crossing a forest and a well-designed dune massif. Jenny beach is stunning and expands over many kilometers. While the left side is reserved for nudists, the right side is accessible by everyone.

To reach Jenny beach from Le Porge, follow Cap-Ferret’s instructions, then take the route de la Jenny on the right for around 7 km. When you reach the beach, the nudist section is on the left, then proceed straight ahead to the fence. From there, Jenny beach is a quarter of an hour by foot. Take along supplies because there are no shops/businesses in the area.

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Final Thoughts

Near Bordeaux, there are several beautiful beaches, from Cap Ferret to Lacanau, down to Landes in the southwest of France. Regardless of what you love to do on the beach, the amazing beaches around Bordeaux have varied facilities and settings that will conjure what you are looking for. And for those who do not like crowded areas, there are enough isolated amazing beaches with impeccable views just for them.