The wonderful port city of Nantes is a great family destination, and equally magnificent are the beaches near it. The city is the capital of the north-western French area of Pays de la Loire. Therefore, its environs is a group of beguiling natural lures just waiting to be explored and thoroughly enjoyed.

If you plan to visit the region for vacation, expect to see some of the best beaches in northern France with an Atlantic vibe. In this post, I feature some of the best beaches near Nantes that you can have a crack at when next you are around. These are public and private beaches.

Plage du Grand Traict

The Grande Plage beach of Saint-Nazaire stretches along the streets of Verdun, President Wilson, and Albert 1st. The section close to the exterior harbor is called the Little Traict beach (eastern end) and the western section of the Grand Traict beach. A bronze statue separates both parts on a spot where you will find some rocks at low tide. Essentially, there are over 2 miles of fine sand here.

There is a kids’ play area on the beach of Petit Traict, while on Grand Traict beach, just west, you can see the several fisheries that stretch towards St Marc. Meanwhile, parking can be difficult in the summer period.

Plage du Grand Traict - Best Beaches Around Nantes
Plage du Grand Traict

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Baches in La Baule-Escoublac

In between the Loire area and the salt marshes of Guerande, La Baule’s seaside resort has become one of the gems of the region and southern Brittany in the country. Along the waterfront is a ravishing sandy beach, which has been described as one of the most beautiful beaches in entire Europe. The seaside also has lots of facilities, making it perfect for families with kids or those looking to have a nice time doing water activities. But this place would not suit those seeking a wild area. The beaches of Pouliguen and Pornichet are border areas. They are more diverse, and Guerande’s peninsula is also a great place to visit for a pleasurable walk or to enjoy the beaches of Croisic and Turballe.

Beaches in Le Pouliguen 

The resort of Pouliguen is situated west of the popular resort of La Baule. The harbor sets them apart as well as a channel that allows seawater into the salt marshes. In Pouliguen, there are many beaches, but the main one (beach if Nau) is different from others. Overlooking La Baule, this one often gets crowded. Tourists like to come here to eat or sunbathe on the seafront.

The setting is great, with fine buildings and vehicles are parked away from the seafront. Close by, the Pouliguen wood charms several families. And approaching the Croisic are other small discrete coves and small beaches that are less crowded.

The countryside around Pouliguen is varied and outstanding. For those in search of beach activities, La Baule’s beach is perfect, while those looking for quiet can consider the small coves of Batz Sur Mer that are equally good.

Beaches in Le Pouliguen
Beach in Le Pouliguen

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Beaches in Le Croisic 

In the department of Loire-Atlantique is the little seaside resort of Le Croisic. It is a paradise of calm just at Brittany’s entryway. Situated 30 km from Saint-Nazaire, north of the peninsula of the same name, it has a deep heritage and amazing beaches, much to the pleasure of holidaymakers. Among the attractions is the menhir of Pierre Longue, situated on the seafront of the several chapels (Cricifix, St. Goustan), or the manor of Kervaudu, a manor building from the 1400s typical of the Breton architecture.

Younger visitors will love the Oceanarium of Croisic, which is an aquarium known for the varied population of species. Then they will enjoy exploring the beaches of Croisic, mainly situated on the peninsula. Castouillet, St Goustan, Port-Lin or Sable Menu, they all have several advantages. Families will love the Port-Lin and Sable with their clubs and great seaside villas along the promenade.

St. Goustan’s is situated afoot the pier of Trehic, the chance to unravel the landscape around the city. From the fishing port’s active docks, you will find several paths to the coves lining the wild coast. Close by, you can check out the creeks of La Turaballe or go to the stunning beaches of La Baule.

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Beaches in Batz-Sur-Mer

Situated in the department of Loire-Atlantique, about 30 km from Saint-Nazaire, the little town of Batz-sur-Mer is part of the Guerande peninsula. Encircled by Le Croisic and Le Pouliguen, the town was a crucial parish center in the Middle Ages, as seen in the ruins of the Gothic sanctuary of Saint-Guenole and the Chapel of Notre-Dame-du-Murier. Right here, the peninsula, the marsh’s views, the Traict, and the ocean all lie to be sighted. You just have to climb the narrow stairs.

It will be recalled that the monks created the salt marshes that tourists love to view. Today, however, it is the coves of Batz sur Mr and the adorable beaches that attract the vacationers. La Govelle, Saint-Michel, Valentin, and some wild areas are to the pleasure of the boldest swimmers. Saint-Michel’s beach might be one of the most delightful, with the menhir, its rocks, and the resplendent landscapes cover the popular pier.

Lovers of sailing will love Valentin Beach, while sports enthusiasts will prefer the one of La Govelle, nestled in the center of Cote Sauvage’s rocks. For quiet, go to the Baie des Bonnes Soeurs, Manerick, Roche Mathieu, Dervin, and Dilane.

Beaches in Batz-Sur-Mer

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Villes-Martin Beach

On the street of Albert 1er, just after the area of Saint-Nazaire fisheries, is the Villes Martin beach. This beach offers a stunning wide sandy field in its center. It is supervised in the summertime and allows persons with reduced mobility with the supply of tyralos. Villes-Martin can be crowded in the peak seasons because of its proximity to the city center. Like in the Grande Plage, parking can be difficult around here. So, ensure that you arrive on time to use the small car at the front of the beach.

Kerlédé Beach

Right from Villes Martin’s lighthouse, people can sight the craggy coast of St Nazaire. At the back of the fort, there is a petit beach and various small sandy craggy coves such as Kerlédé, Ker Villes, Rocher du Lion or Belle Fontaine, and Kerloupiots. You can reach these beaches through the coastal track. To access these beaches, proceed towards Villes Martin along the street of Albert 1er. Park at the fort after the main beach. Kerlédé Beach offers a good deal of a classic beach, like a nautical center and proximity to the city center.

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Bonne Anse beach

Close to the Coulee Verte, in the town of Saint-Nazaire, western Porcé area is where the Bonne Anse beach is. It is bordered by the coastal track. Reaching the different beaches and coves is not often easy because of the cliffs. However, the place is perfect for those who want a quiet and serene beach setting. The area also has lush greenery. There is no parking close to the beach, so you can park on Porcé beach’s small park. You will enjoy Bonne Anse beach because it is close to the city center and is a wild beach.

Porcé Beach

This beach is one of the family-friendly beaches near Nantes. It is situated in the western end, near the ‘Coulée Verte’ and the university. Lifeguards are usually on duty in the summer season. The beach is not approved for persons with reduced mobility, but it is easily accessible with help. Porcé beach has a splendid natural setting located in the center of some cliffs. The beach can be difficult to find, though. To get there, take the street Albert 1er from the center of St Nazaire before proceeding to the street Chemin Porcé and Ferdinand Buisson. Make a left on the Chemin des Dames. Further down the road is a small car park.

Porcé Beach
Porcé Beach

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Trébézy Beach 

This beach has a great expanse of sandy secluded and pristine cove, amid lush greenery. Trébézy beach is often visited by locals in the west of Saint-Nazaire. To access it, park down Trébézy’s road. You will see fisheries and a small car park. Then take the stairs on the right as they lead you to the beach.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, beaches near Nantes are varied and beautiful. A trip to the area means that you are near the Atlantic Ocean and would be offered some of the best beachy features in France. Some of the beaches are accessible by bike or by foot, and it could feel like you are at the world’s end because of the fascinating natural settings. When next you are in Nantes, add some of these amazing beaches to your itinerary for some unmatchable experiences.