A job related to traveling around the world is a dream of many active people who want to visit different countries. And it may become a reality because many professions allow you to travel, see new places and learn about other cultures. Some of them do not require higher education or the possession of complex skills and are available to many people. We found out who often travels for their work, and we share this information with you.

What Professions are Related to Travel

Here is a list of professions related to tourism and travel. These professions allow you to see different parts of the world and make money at the same time: 

  • travel agent
  • animator
  • hotel employee
  • pilot 
  • sailor
  • flight attendant
  • international journalist
  • an anchor/travel blogger
  • diplomat
  • translator

We have tried to select professions from different areas for those who love to travel so that everyone could choose the one that suits her/him best. We will tell you about them in detail.

Travel Agent

The most obvious option for a profession related to tourism and travel is a travel agent. Travel agents not only help clients see other countries or relax on the seashore, but they often travel around the world themselves. This is due to the fact that a good travel agent must personally verify the comfort and lack of issues offered tours. Most often, agents are in the most favorite countries of tourists and travelers: 

  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Greece
  • Montenegro
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany


The profession of an animator is usually chosen by active young people who are attracted to work with travel and new acquaintances. The task of the animator is to entertain hotel guests, not to let them get bored: to organize games, competitions, etc. To work as an animator, you need to be in good physical shape, be communicative, and stress-resistant.

Hotel employee

Front desk workers, account managers, and managers also constantly travel the world, going from one hotel to another. If the hospitality industry appeals to you, choose an international hotel chain and find a job in the country you’d like to visit. 


The easiest way to visit another country is to fly there yourself. Hardly anyone travels more than pilots because they can travel from one part of the world to the other in just a few hours.


If you prefer not the air but the water sphere, you should think about working on a cruise ship. Of course, you can get a job on a cruise liner just as service personnel, but a sailor is a much more interesting profession, and at the same time shortage, well-paid and allows to travel. 

Flight Attendant 

This is an ideal profession for girls associated with travel. This field of work allows you to see many cities and countries and make new acquaintances. Those who want to get this job have special requirements: both physical parameters (a certain height and weight), and temperament (you need to be smiling, calm, stress-resistant, be able to make quick decisions, do not panic in extreme situations).

International Journalist 

Large media outlets, TV stations, and radio stations often have someone on their staff who goes on foreign trips to places where interesting events are taking place. Depending on the specifics of the media, it may be as hot spots where there are military operations or disasters occur and the cities where interesting cultural events are held. 

Host/Travel Blogger

Given the modern public’s interest in travel, many channels have launched projects devoted to travel to faraway countries. You can audition and get a chance to travel or start your travel blog.


Many students who know English well often begin their career by working in an essay writing service, and later with a deep knowledge, become interpreters. An interesting profession related to the English language and travel. Of course, sometimes knowledge of other languages is also required, but specialists in English are most in demand. Interpreters often take part in foreign trips as part of delegations, and their services are needed both by state organizations and private enterprises. The disadvantage of such work is a busy schedule that does not always allow seeing all the sights of another country.


A diplomat, consul, or ambassador is a great profession for traveling the world. Once you get the appropriate education and get a job in the civil service, you can count on being sent to represent the interests of your country in one of the foreign countries.