On the French Riviera, St Tropez is a trendy seaside resort town. Its wonderful coastal setting makes it the ideal location for a beach holiday. Beyond the fast yachts, fancy bars, and great beach clubs are amazing beaches. The city has a lot of them- from the most popular one, Pampelonne, to Bonne Terrasse, the charming one.

Here is my guide to the best beaches in and close to St Tropez.

Tahiti Plage Beach

Tahiti Plage is situated just outside of the city, on the peninsula’s southern end. It is a popular beach whose club used to be among the first and most notable beach clubs in the city. The restaurant and beach bar remains popular among celebrities who are usually seen sailing on yachts or arriving in helicopters at the beach’s back. However, it is has a welcoming ambiance and is open to anyone. Be careful not to go to the Naturist part though.

Tahiti Plage is children-friendly. You can watch the kids have fun in the sea with the backdrop of big yachts moving up and down and the nice people on the beach. After you are through with the sea, head to an ice-cream shop for some cones and ice lollies. If you cannot rent the sun lounger, you can spread your towel on the beach and enjoy nature.

Tahiti Plage Beach - Best Beach in St Tropez
Tahiti Plage Beach – Best Beach in St Tropez

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Plage de la Glaye

This remains one of the 3 little beaches in St Tropez. It is the part of the coastline between two of the old fortresses in front of the old town. La Glaye is a stunning beach, but it is very small. Many people visit the bigger, broader beaches like Pampelonne Bay, but you can stop by if you can’t deal with a crowded beach. La Gayle might be small, but the beach’s breathtaking scenery leaves an impression all the time on first-timers and regular goers.

Plage de La Glaye - Saint Tropez
Plage de La Glaye

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Nikki Plage

This beach close to St Tropez has a charm that draws the popular and wealthy. Nikki Beach is situated in the ravishing Bay of Pampelonne. While Pampelonne is small in contrast, it is marked with sunbeds and white-clothed waiters serving drink and food to guests. In the evening, the beach is filled with sounds of danceable music as the celebrities rock hard at parties.

Since 2002 when it was made, this beach has retained its name as the best beach club in the city, attracting many great DJs too. You will find one of the priciest cocktails in the whole of France at the bar, which also has one of the finest champagne around, including Perrier-Jouet, Krug, Cristal, and Dom Perignon.

Grimaud Beach

Port Grimaud is situated in between Sainte-Maxime and Saint-Tropez. This seaside place was made in the 1960s by architect Francois Spoerry and built beyond the mashes of the town’s bay. Constructed with small canals like Venice, the usually traffic-free town is often used by boat owners.

It is situated slightly away from St Tropez and is one long stretch of sand. The sea is gently sloping and shallow, making it fit for families. Kayak and windsurfing hire is available too. The beach gets very crowded in the peak season, but it might be one of the best in and around the city.

Grimaud Beach
Grimaud Beach

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Le Rayol Canadel

Going along the coast from St Tropez approaching Toulon, Rayol Canadel-Sur-Mer is a little swath of coastline. Le Rayol Canadel is the area’s coolest beach and has few nice bars. Owing to its diving platform just a few feet away from the bay, children would love the beach. But it can be a tad difficult to find. So, the best way to discover it is by boarding the track from the airstrip at Cogolin, beyond the campsite and up past the hill. The vistas at the other end of the hill are fantastic, but it can be slightly stressful getting there.

Plage des Graniers 

Though small, the sandy bay looks over the city’s harbor, and it is a great alternative to see what is outside of St Tropez’s center. Plage des Graniers is encircled with a few attractive Provencal seascape villas and lush vegetation. It is difficult not to admire this small beach- though do not forget that it can be overcrowded in the peak seasons. Les Graniers is the name of the beach’s restaurant that perches to an end of the shore as it offers a delectable selection of salads, fresh seafood, and other local treats.

This beach has the perfect location under the Citadel also offers beachgoers the solid excuse to come to this 1500s historical landmark, with its enchanting views across the village and out to the clear seawater and the newly commissioned maritime museum.

Plage des Graniers Beach
Plage des Graniers Beach

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Plage des Salins

This is a quiet but wild creek that can be perfectly described as a hidden gem. It is a short walk from the city center but can be reached by the road along the Route des Salins. Its awesome restaurant even makes the trip more than worth it. Providing well-prepared fresh fish dishes with other local cuisine treats, with a pizzeria on its upper floor, indeed there is something for every palate.

As soon as you have tried out the food, move over to the fine sand and secure a spot for yourself and your friends. This is because Pampelonne is inclined to attract most beachgoers, as it is a quiet spot. There will be enough space, so you do not need to literally compete for it. While Plage de Salins is a little more exposed to the wind than Pampelonne, its ratings are high.

Bouillabaisse Beach

This is one of the laidback alternatives to the trendy beach clubs on Pampelonne beach and is located closer to St Tropez. It is situated just to the west of the city. There are some buildings backing the Bouillabaisse beach but were designed in a cool Provencal style. You will also find some restaurants with umbrellas and sun loungers for rent. For vehicle owners, there are two small free parking lots nearby.

Bouillabaisse’s water is clear and shallow, so it is great for paddling and swimming. Facilities are state-of-the-art with showers, public toilets, and a first aid station with lifeguards on duty in the peak periods.

La Bouillabaisse Plage Saint-Tropez
La Bouillabaisse Plage Saint-Tropez

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Plage de la Ponche

Plage de la Ponche is a nice beach that you can be reached directly from St Tropez’s center. You will not need to take a swimsuit as this beach is not visited by swimmers but by photographers and readers. The bay perches near the yacht entry to the port, so you will not want to be swimming too far away. It is better to stick to cooling your feet on a sunny day and stick to paddling. Plage de la Ponche is also the starting point for hikers who want to take on the Sentier Littoral (the coastal path).

Canoubiers Beach 

Canoubiers beach is located around the coastline from Plage des Graniers. It perches close to the major road of Route des Salins, so reaching there from wherever you are in St Tropez is easy. It is a sandy beach that hosts a sailing school and many other yachting and marine services. The sheltered bay suggests that the sea is usually calm here, so it is perfect for paddling.

The Canoubiers beach is regarded as the local’s choicest beach because it has easy access and shaded sections courtesy of the pine trees behind the sand area. In the summertime, there is a lifeguard on duty.

Final Thoughts

If you will be staying close to St Tropez or the city itself next summer, then getting a cool South of France beach to absorb the sun’s goodness must be a thing to do. I have had several great vacations in St Tropez, France, before now and what amazes me the most is that it is a coastal town like no other. So, recline in the sun and let the sound of twirling waves enwrap you. This is the most relaxed position you can assume on your St Tropez trip.