In southern France, there are a few great beaches to visit in and around the amazing coastal town of Menton. The town enjoys some of the cleanest waters on the French Riviera due to the sophisticated water purification system situated in the bay. Beaches in and near Menton are known to be very clean. The town has many beaches that straddle from Garavan on the Italian border to Carnoles. There is a blend of pebble and sandy beaches here as well as private and public beach clubs.

The town of Menton boasts of a local microclimate that is nearly subtropical with high temperatures, while the hills in its surrounding shield it from the alpine cold winds. In the summertime peak, humidity in the town can set in, but the breeze from the sea brings fresh air.

It is important to know that the beaches surrounding this town are mainly narrow strips of either pebbles or sand. The local council has made great contributions to increasing the shoreline by 30 m every year to accommodate the teeming numbers of sunbathers that visit this end of the French Riviera. Beaches towards the Italian border are generally sandy, and the ones on Menton’s west towards Nice and Monaco are rocky.

Here are some of the best beaches in and near Menton.

Les Sablettes Beach

Plage Sablettes or Les Sablettes Beach is a sheltered and calm beach with a bend of pebbles, sand, and gravel. Stretched with packed-down sand, the shallow waters are wonderful for children. This makes it a family-friendly beach. The backdrop of the incredibly colored buildings of the town makes this a special place as well. You might want to wind down by stepping into a beach restaurant to grab a bite. Alternatively, go eastward, where you will find snack spots on the coastal road. In the summer, Les Sablettes is monitored. You will find a volleyball court and a paid car park close to the beach.

Les Sablettes offers a beautiful view of the old town as well as the Mediterranean and the Italian Riviera. Dressed in white, the Les Sablettes beach restaurant beckons you to a place with stylish decoration and a tidy design. Stop here to enjoy a day of calm on this private beach with alluring decor: from the tables to the deckchair, through the sheers. Perfect for savoring the sun and bliss that Menton provides, this beach has several high-quality services, including showers, private parties, Mediterranean cuisine treats, and water sports close by.

Les Sablettes Beach - Menton Beaches
Les Sablettes Beach

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Plage Rondelli

This beach is situated just before port Garavan eastwards, towards the Italian border, and after Old Port. Plage Rondelli is very close to the Santana restaurant that has one of the most ravishing views of the town and the old city.

On a shallow cove, this sweeping sandy beach is a lovely family beach. What is not to love about Plage Rondelli?! The water is calm, there is a lifeguard, and the drop-off is not rough. Private beach restaurants have taken up a large chunk of the beach, however. The public section is little and can be pretty overcrowded in the summer.

Plage Rondelli is an artificial beach, so there is a slender layer of sand over concrete. You can walk on it comfortably but placing an umbrella can be a struggle for anyone. Here, there are several shops and restaurants on the promenade that links Sablettes with Rondelli and a stall for drinks and snacks on the beach. The beach is mostly frequented by young people.

The beach links a small cove next to many private beaches. The neighboring area is walkable, and this makes it quite family-friendly. Bear in mind that a car park is available close by and that charges apply here. From July and August, Plage Rondelli is monitored with an aid station on the dike close to the stadium. On the other end of the dike is a nautical center too.

Plage Rondelli Beach
Plage Rondelli

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Borrigo Beach

This beach is situated in Menton, towards Roquebrune Cap Martin after Casino beach. The first section is broad and covered in pebbles. Borrigo beach bears a semblance with Market and Casino beach. To access this beach from the town, go towards Monaco through the seacoast. Borrigo beach is situated after the casino and stretches to the Menton limits. It is the westernmost beach in Menton and is often visited by locals.

Hawai Beach

In Menton, Hawai beach is the easternmost beach with just a kilometer away from the Italian border. It is the last French beach and is situated along the Reine Astrid walkway just after the port Garavan. Hawai beach is a pebble beach with some sand as well. The beach is narrow and supervised in the summer season (July and August). You would not find many parking spaces along the road so you shouldn’t bring along your car if you can. Before visiting Hawai, you should know the beach is not family-friendly.

Fossan Beach

Situated on the Francis Plamera esplanade is Fossan beach in Menton, close to the Jean Cocteau Museum. Fossan beach is Menton’s only tobacco-free beach, so you cannot smoke when you visit. Fossan beach offers access through a brilliant wooden deck where visitors can sunbathe. In the peak season (July and August), the beach is monitored. Nearby is a kindergarten.

Fossan Beach is located on a curve of pebbles, sand, and rock. It is a wide beach and more sheltered than the other beaches in the town. While the water is shallow and calm, children love the Fossan beach as there are many things to do there. Catching the fancy of the young ones are also the kiddie play area and park on the eastern side that is also partly tree-shaded.

Fossan Beach in Menton
Fossan Beach

Market Beach

This beach spans from the Jean Cocteau museum (walkway of the sun to the Old Port) to the Menton casino (approaching Roquebrune Cap Martin). The one closest to the port (the eastern part) is the biggest, and the pebbles here are not big. The closer you are to the casino, you will observe that the bigger the pebbles become. Many entry points are available for differently-abled people. There is one close to the Royal Westminster hotel, while the second is at Paparazzi Bar (1400, Promenade of the Sun) nearby.

Casino Beach

Casino beach is situated just outside the resort towards Roquebrune Cap Martin. Sheltered in massive pebbles (just some sand sections), this beach spans around the Menton’s casino, hence its name. Opposite it is a ramp for the differently-abled people. Meanwhile, dogs are allowed in an area.

Casino beach, like all the beaches in the town of Menton, is monitored in the peak season (July and August). For those who plan to visit with a vehicle, there are just a few places to park along the road. Towards Italy, just outside the town, is a little beach opened to dogs. It is situated after Garavan port and offers access via stairs. But then, approach the seafront towards Italy. You will find parking spaces along the road after port Garavan. Casino beach is situated somewhere in the corner.

Final Thoughts

As France’s last town before Italy, Menton boasts of a long, wide-ranging coastline that has been managed well to the delight of beachgoers. From the craggy beaches on the western end to the eastern strip of private beach restaurants, there are beaches to suit all budgets and tastes.