A reason you should visit Porto Vecchio in Corsica is for the outdoor experience you would not get anywhere else. The town is especially popular among tourists for its wide offering in watersport activities. Boat tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing are all part of the watersports that tourists from near and far come to the city to do.

At Porto Vecchio, it is not just about watersports. There is a double delight when you indulge in these activities in an idyllic environment and an electrifying atmosphere. The city has lots of panoramic sea views perfect as a background to the intense and thrill on the water. And thanks to the many tours and dive clubs around, you are sure to have maximum fun with well-planned outings at beaches and resorts. 

Here Are Some Watersports in Porto Vecchio:

Take a Dive at Porto-Vecchio Plongee

Porto-Vecchio Plongee is a popular diving center that brings participants to the marine park of Bonifacio on the Cerbicales islands. The professional team here is outstanding in catering to the needs of everyone, whether old or young. Porto-Vecchio Plongee welcomes children as young as 8 years and maps out training to different explorations and levels. 

If you are looking to have quality time diving, this is the place to be. They have different diving gears for every participant’s preference. And because safety is paramount, the guides are well on the ground to offer help.

If you are rather a fan of deep diving, underwater adventures ay Porto-Vecchio Plongee is worth trying. For scuba-diving, there is a one-to-one instructor on standby to take you through.

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Scuba Diving at Oxygene Plongee

This lively dive club is located at Route de Muratello, and it is a perfect place for some scuba diving. Regardless of age, participants are welcome to have fun and relax like never before. The organization and technicality in planning have been particularly lauded by impressed participants. If you want scuba diving baptisms for your children, the personnel at Oxygene Plongee would be ready for you.

Windsurfing at Dolfinu Biancu 

Dolfinu Biancu is a reliable water sports tour in Porto Vecchio. The place is not only known for its windsurfing credentials, but other water sports are also practiced here as well in full gears. The diving site is situated in Toro is great, and the water is crystal clear. Taking on the sea is usually done in groups and lead by windsurfers. The team leaders are so good that participants will have a feeling of respect and safety for their passion for watersports.

Dolfinu Biancu is also awesome because participants do not have to put the gear together. All would be done for them, and even on the boat, they will have help with strapping the equipment. The area offers adorable sceneries that are really something to behold. 

Swimming at Dive Center Hippocambe

The Dive Center Hippocambe is located just in the Strait of Bonifacio, in the center of the natural reserve. Even though this natural reserve spans across southern Corsica, Dive Center Hippocambe has a sizable part for its watersport. 

While it is pleasant and brilliantly situated, be advised that the center is located in a nudist campsite. You might end up seeing lots of naked people. Also, note that you will have to cross the camp’s gates to get to the dive center. An ID will be required before entry, so do not forget before visiting.

With the warm welcome you will encounter and the level of professionalism of the staff with the standard of swimming equipment, there is no denying that your swimming experience will be enhanced. 

Kite Surfing Kallsite Plongee

Kite surfing is an exciting thing to do in Porto Vecchio. The place is based on the famous beach, Pallombaggia beach. In the area is particularly lively with ATMs and large supermarkets all lined. Kallsite Plongee will supply the kites and other equipment you need to ensure you have a splendid time at out. Both children and adults are welcomed for a thrilling encounter.

The place is also a great place to dive for the first time. The scenic is incredible, and the atmosphere is inviting.

Jet Skiing at Plongee Nature

 Plongee Nature is a paradise for jet skiers. The spot was off Ile de Forana with warm waters having different fishes. If you need help, there are guides on standby to assist along every step. The ambiance is different, and their equipment seems new and in perfect condition. Before you visit, ensure you contact the company to get information on availability and pricing.

Snorkeling at Croisiere Exclusive

Traveling to Porto Vecchio in the summer? You will be in for a lot of surprises. Croisiere Exclusive offers premium boat sports deals that will excite you. What is more, the services are reasonably priced, and there is something for everyone.

The tour operates from 8 am to 8 pm and offers tours for everyone. The water is beautiful and also ideal for a boat cruise. Snorkeling allows participants to see the interesting creatures beneath the waters. If you will be snorkeling for the first time, Croisiere Exclusive has a special package for beginners, so they enjoy their time in the water.

Even though the guides are not proficient in English, understanding them will not be difficult as every move is practical. And when you are done, you can have a meal, like an aperitif with Corsican crisps and meat. Drinks like rum, Corsican beer, water, soft fruit, and coke can follow. 

Croisiere Exclusive has a boat to enjoy the above in a boat. You can as well have dessert in the beautiful boat- a fresh fruit salad with ice-cold myrtle or limoncello. The boat is big, with nice toilets and other comfortable facilities. Ensure you check the weather forecast before going for some snorkeling. Bad weather can ruin the fun even before it ends.

Wakeboarding Sessions at France Voyage

To try out something totally different when in Porto Vecchio, indulge in some exhilarating wakeboarding sessions. A perfect blend of water sports and snowboarding, surfing, and skiing, wakeboarding is the ideal activity during your holiday.

When you are offshore in your wakeboard boat and given a board, ensure you make the best of this stimulating experience in a perfect setting, off the town’s coast. Whether you are a wakeboard expert or a first-timer, the fun is much.

France Voyage’s tour welcomes participants of all ages. But the weather has a great say over the activity, so check before booking. It is available every day, and the duration of the exercise is 15 or 30 minutes. The tour opens from 9 am to 6 pm but ensure that you arrive early with your voucher ready before 9 am. As earlier hinted, no prior experience is required as there are seasoned professionals to help participants. 

Watersports in Porto Vecchio – Summary

With its adorable beaches, resorts, and wonderful views, you might as well tag Porto Vecchio, the watersport city. From diving to snorkeling and many other sports, there are lots of activities to keep you busy on your vacation. Check-in with your tour to make sure they have the right equipment for your preferred water sport. And check the weather too as activities are subject to weather conditions. Also, to get the best info available on water sports and watersport-related activities you can visit Globo Surf.