The ravishing Porto Vecchio is set on a clifftop with picturesque views over the bay and harbor below. If you want to spend some time in France where you mostly stay outside, this island in Southern Corsica should be your destination. 

There are canyons to explore, cruises to chill on, beaches to relax, and even some ancient wreckages, you will definitely discover your own adventure with the most thrilling things to do in the town.

Here are Some of the Things to Do in Porto Vecchio:

Explore Porto Vecchio Itself

Kick-off things by feeling the spirit of the town. Porto Vecchio is divided into the harbor and the Old Town). In the hills, the center of the town is a labyrinth of beautiful stone streets in the Old Town, lined with boutique shops selling clothes and other items. There are also many bakeries, ice cream stores, and restaurants to go you a literal taste of the nice place.

The harbor has a little more modern feature than the rest of Porto Vecchio. There, tourists would find lots of waterfront restaurants and bars that will make their nightlife something to remember.

Have a Tasty Native Meal 

As mentioned previously, there are many fantastic restaurants in this town. Porto Vecchio has lots of establishments. From the exclusive ones to the family-friendly diners. Whether you wish to eat out as a group or just you, there is something interesting for everyone. 

Go South to Bonifacio

Rather conspicuous, the vibe of Bonifacio cannot be missed. It is located on Corsica’s southernmost tip and has a citadel that gives impeccable views. There is also an active marina which houses some impressive yachts you will ever see. Choose from a lush of bubbling waterfront diners and enjoy some splendid lunch in the sunshine. Afternoons hardly get better.

Head to the Plage de Palombaggia 

Set in between pine forests and mountains, this beach is rated among the best on the continent. There is pink granite that surrounds Plage de Palombaggia, adding to the lush terrain and colors that characterize the place. The site is protected and has powdery and golden sandy beaches spanning from 2 km. They are a great relaxation spot and ideal for swimming in the clear blue sea.

Plage de Palombaggia is the most popular beach in Porto Vecchio. As such, it gets crowded in the summer with locals and tourists from different parts of the world visiting. However, you can get a good spot to park and set up if you go earlier. 

The beach is quite safe even for children and you will see lifeguards everywhere on duty. The beach affords people the chance to enjoy water sports with many rental and guide companies that offer snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, diving, and pedal boating. 

Explore the Bavella Canyon

Located in the Corsican mountains, the Bavella Canyon is just an hour and a half drive away. Here, there are many crystal waterfalls, with shining green pools, craggy cliffsides, canyons, and forests. The Pulischellu, Vacca, and Purcaraccia canyons can be found here.

For safety, there are available guides and canyoning and hikes tours, which have different difficulty levels. You do not need to be an expert hiker to take on the canyons. 

Head to the Megalithic Castle Ruins

You should visit the megalithic castle sites in Porto Vecchio especially if you are a lover of archaeology. Of the two prehistoric megalithic sites of castle/fortress ruins in the town, Castello d’Araggio is a special one.

The ancient passages and stone walls are hemmed in mountains, sea, and forests but are well preserved. Take a short hike to the site, which is about 25 minutes, and explore like a professional archeologist. You can leave behind your car in the park just south of Porto Vecchio. 

Engage in Water Sports

The city has solid beaches credentials creating chances to have lots of activities on the water. Activities like boating and boat tours, snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba diving, jet-skiing, etc. are all possible. In the case that you do not know where to start, there are many places for tour companies and gear rentals for these actions. 

Participate in Outdoor Recreation 

Water sports are not the only recreational and outdoor activities that tourists indulge in Porto Vecchio. The likes of rock climbing, canyoning, hiking, horseback riding, ATV/buggy rentals, and biking tours are all available.

Do not forget to tour the town on a bike, through the forests and mountains for some fun. You can even ride a horse on the beaches or do everything, depending on how much time you have.

Tour the Town Through a Day Cruise

A brilliant way to the views of the adorable city is out on the ocean, on a ship. Tourists can book a day cruise with one of the various tour companies around as they take in the sights of the town’s beaches while savoring coffee, lunch or refreshments.

Enjoy The Nightlife at a Bar or Club 

One of Porto Vecchio’s popular spot is Le Patio, a chic open-air stone courtyard bar, where guests are treated to good music. The atmosphere there is electrifying with people of different ages vibing to the rhythm of the loud music. Le Patio is located in the city center and hemmed in between old stone architecture. 

Via Notte is another lively nightlife spot. It is a restaurant, bar, and club at the same time. They serve some of the finest Italian food in the city. It is located at route of Porr, 20137 and Le Patio is located at 6 Impasse Ettori, 20137. 

Step Into the Parish of Saint Jean Baptiste 

St. John the Baptist (Saint Jean Baptiste) is Porto Vecchio’s patron saint. Built-in 19-century, this church has retained much of its splendor. The highlight of this place is the chapel’s stunning bell tower on its round side, whole with a cross, bell, and clock. This chapel is magnificent that even if you do not step inside, you will still be stunned by the exteriors.

Visit the Art Gallery

Like the rest of France, Porto Vecchio has a penchant for the arts. Visit the Galerie du Levant for unusual artworks and cool designs. You will also find unique sculptures, sketches, paintings, pictures, collages, and experimental concepts. As a fact, you do not need to be an art buff before you find the gallery adorable. Galerie du Levant is located at 17 Rue du Gal de Gaulle, 20137.

A Boat Trip From the Harbor 

Given the amazing scenery of the coastline that surrounds the city, your Porto Vecchio is not complete without a boat tour. In addition, the sea is charmingly clear reminiscent of the Bahamas. 

Boat tours can be expensive but they are worth every penny. The guide can also be educative as you learn about the areas. And there is usually the option of stopping at swimming spots where you can strut your stuff and have some snacks with cocktails. 

Take a Drive Through the Mountains 

About two-thirds of the Corsican area is made up of incredible granite mountains and large forests, which are bond by many rivers, waterfalls, and lakes. Drive through the mountains and back along the Port Vecchio’s coast. As a tip, you will be having stops along the way because of the spectacular sights you will encounter. So prepare your camera.

Shop at Hidden Boutiques 

Proceed to the top of the hill where you will find a small piazza with lots of restaurants and shops, hemmed by a collection of narrow streets. Stroll and at every twisting pathway, you will see quaint diners along with different charming boutique shops dealing in kitchenware and clothing through to general holiday souvenirs. 

Have Fun at Plage de Santa Giulia 

With white powder-soft sands and a blue sea, this place will definitely astound you. The massive lagoon-ish sea is shallow and calm, allowing people to reach the small reef parts. The nearby pine trees forests and mountains overdraw the amazing colors alone. As spellbinding as any Caribbean beach, this is a Nirvana for water sports lovers as well. 

Kayaking in the knee-deep water is possible here. And one can hire a snorkeling guide to navigate the reef at the crescent’s south side.

As a perfect beach for children, the Plage de Santa Giulia gets crowded especially in the summer. So arrive early when you visit. Right at the center of this place is a restaurant and bar with many shades. Prior to your Porto Vecchio trip, you might want to check out tour companies’ packages.

Things To Do in Porto Vecchio – Summary

Summer holidays do not get better than a nice thing in Porto Vecchio. Relish the moments you have when you visit the beaches, gallery, bar, restaurants, canyons and all that the city lushly offers- the city is primed just for you.