Genuinely enjoying Paris is not merely about visiting popular public places and doing regular stuff that average tourists do. How about a little bit of mystic, wonder, and the unusual? 

To feel the French capital like never before, we have curated an interesting list of unconventional things to do when you visit Paris. 

Get Lost

Yes, you read that right, dare to be lost! Who knows, discovering gems while missing your way could be the highlight of your visit. Getting lost in Paris is actually simple and not as scary as it sounds. Often times, travelers even get lost without trying. The most important part is to savor every moment.

Be prepared to be amazed. Let the sweet aroma of soupe a l’oignon leads the way. Trail the smell of flowers from the closest florist booth and if you might even be inspired as an artist. If you are still wondering how to get lost, just wander the streets of Paris without an aim. The enchanting sounds, scents, and colors of the city will surely guide you to where you ought to be.

Stroll Down the River Seine Like it’s Your First Time

The river is quite popular among tourists, but there is always something different, even about the most familiar. When tourists take on the river, they often times go up and down the bank to get to the popular spots in Paris.

But you do not have to do that in a rush. When you do, you ultimately miss out on the chance to spend a romantic time savoring water sounds and the widely-known sites. 

Attend a Workshop at Shakespeare and Company 

A trip to the popular Shakespeare and Company is another unconventional thing to do in Paris. It will totally be worth your time. There, you will have the chance to discover a number of unpopular books and read them in the most delicately festooned settings scattered all over the store. 

The company organizes quite a number of workshops with both English and French languages. The massive space in the upstairs library has its walls stuffed with books. The books which are part of the founder’s George Whitman’s personal library can accommodate about 30 people. 

Endeavor to join the programs lined up by this phenomenal bookstore. It is an opportunity for you to meet new people who share your interests in literature. 

Have Yourself the Daintiest of Items From a Vintage Clothing Shop 

Shops that sell second-hand clothing are common among women in Paris. From high-end brand names to affordable accessories, there are lots of things to find in these shops. You will also find many vintage clothing shops that offer clothes at various sizes, styles, prices.

You might not feel too comfy donning second-hand clothes, but you might want to check these stocks. They are a great collection of vintage fashion, and all garment is distinct. These collections also represent important pieces of French history. Do the minimal even if you hesitate to purchase the stock- at least do some window-shopping.

A Photo Tour in Paris

You might not be an amateur photographer but try to assume the role when you visit Paris. Capture your moments on a camera so you can relive them later on. The French city is an amazing place to get on your device, given the bright color and stunning scenes you will be treated to. Upon your return home, purchase a good bottle of French wine with some cheese as you reminisce on the precious times you had in the City of Lights.

Visit the Waterfront at the Jardin Tino Rossi for Ballroom Dancing 

 Another unconventional thing to do in Paris is to indulge in ballroom dancing at the Jardin Tino Rossi. On warm nights at the quail along Port St Bernard’s left bank, people stroll, celebrate, and do lots of ballroom dancing and picnicking. 

In fact, starting from June 1st to August end, in the evening, dancers meet along the riverbank close to the Institut du Monde Arabe, to fine-tune their salsa, waltz, and swing, and tango skills. You get to watch passion and love on display as the dancers take to the floor. There is a chance for you to meet new people and discuss your love for dancing as well if you are a dancer. It is so much fun here!

Unusual Museums 

Louvre and co are not the only museums in Paris. Spend time to discover the rarity in the less popular ones too. The Museum of Comparative Anatomy and Paleontology offers an incredible look into a world of 1800s science with multiple rows of animal skeletons lined with old glass and wood cabinets.

The Jardin des Plantes houses the museum, and there is a zoo, botanical garden, and a collection of other natural history museums. Other museums in the same category are Musée du Moyen Age, Musée des Arts et Métiers, and Musée de Quai Branly.

Strap your Bag and Hunt for Some Roman Ruins 

You do not need to be an expert archaeologist to find Roman ruins in Paris. How is that so? The impressive city is full of vestiges of its ancient Roman past: baths, a coliseum, and different remains of pillars, walls, and carved stones, ready to be discovered.

While the Roman Baths at Cluny are overwhelmingly the most attractive monumental remnant from the Roman epoch, the Archaeological Crypt close to Notre Dame exposes the center of Lutetia, the old Roman city, just on the Île de la Cité.

Walk along the Promenade Plantée and Viaduc des Arts

A long, tapering swath of trees and flowers bloom on what used to be a raised railway track. The pathway, fondly known to locals as La Coulee Verte, extends from Bastille through the district close to Bercy and Gare de Lyon, straight to the west perimeter of the Bois de Vincennes.

After having a nice time at the gardens, get to the street level and stroll along the Viaduc des Arts where workshops, cafes, and galleries have been hosted in the vaulted arches under the garden. The major area of both can be found at Avenue Daumesnil, close to Bastille.

Discover 19th-Century French Covered Passage

Examine the 19th-century covered passages of the city: remains of the after-revolution rise of the French middle class, these indicants of today’s section malls and stores have almost vanished. Few of the most attractive lie strung in a line spanning from Passage Vivienne, at the back of Palais Royal, extend northward, where they meet at Rue Cadet, a beautiful, buzzing street. 

Taste Velvety Wine at the Canal St Martin

Make a wine toast at the edge of the Canal St Martin with a partner or friend on a cool evening. A lot of first-timers to Paris and even long-timers are yet to feel the Canal St Martin, but it is a famous trip with initiated Parisians, hip crowd, and artists. You can also indulge in a Canal St Martin walking tour to explore the most alluring areas.

Immerse Yourself in Free Paris Street Art

The perfect area for a graffiti-viewing hip safari is the Canal Martin, located in the 10th district, part of the most interesting areas of Paris. There are good graffiti, great restaurants, and artistic shops that make up nice sights while strolling.

So that you do not miss the exciting spots for seeing the graffiti, visit Locales, who provides a space invader tour that fits an entire family. Or you can just guide yourself to St Martin where you roam as you like. 

Unconventional Things to Do in Paris – Summary

Paris has the Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the Eifel Tower, but if you are seeking more as a traveler, try the featured unconventional things for something entirely different. There are many options, and things on the streets to see and do. Paris is much more!