Among tourists, France is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and its capital city ranks highest among the most frequented cities. There is no bad timing as regards visiting the international fashion, art, and culinary capital of the world. And there are cheap flights to France regardless of where you are traveling from.

As long as you prepare well, you will be able to spot a great deal to France without stress. You might want to also set airfare alerts for your trip and watch routes to get yourself used to the standard flight costs. With that, you know how to spot good bargains as soon as they pop up. 

To get the cheapest flights to France, the airlines’ websites are often cheaper. But sometimes, great deals can be found on the third-part websites for the same flight. This is not to say aggregators are not good sources for finding cheap flights from different airlines. They are just known to charge an extra booking fee that might not apply if you bought directly from the airline. 

Here are steps to find the cheapest flights to France:

Book Flights in Advance 

When you book a flight ticket last minute, you do not get the best deals. This is because most airlines will very well increase their prices when they sell enough seats on a flight. It happens to cover their costs. That is why booking a flight as far in advance as possible is a smart idea. Booking 3-6 weeks ahead of time is often the better way to find cheap flights to France.

Search for Flights at Favorable Times

In the case that you are booking last minute, the best time to search for flights is often after midnight when flight companies tend to lower the prices on the flights that were not booked in the course of the day. If possible, plan to book earlier in the week instead of later.

Flexibility When you Depart and Arrive

Be flexible about when you depart and arrive. Flight prices are very affected by their demand. For example, departing on a Friday and returning on a Sunday will mean flights will be likely pricey than flights at non-peak times. 

By being flexible in both the dates and times you decide to travel, you stand a chance of saving much. You will also discover that avoiding weekends and peak travel times like school breaks and holidays will save you a lot of money too without stress.

Layovers are Useful

In the case that time is not an issue for you, layovers can be a great way to get cheaper flights. Though flights with layovers might cause a rough journey with lots of waiting periods in airports, they are usually the cheapest way of getting to France.

Flight search engines usually permit one to filter their results based on the number of layovers to accept. For direct flights to France, they are very expensive, and if you do not mind breaking flights into smaller flights, there are cheaper results to get.

Flexibility where you Depart and Arrive

If you are on the lookout for the cheapest flight to France, you can save a lot of money by searching for the cheapest point of arrival. Then plan your France trip itinerary from there. 

Flying somewhere apart from your destination in France can reduce costs. For example, flights to Paris are going to be more expensive than flights to smaller cities in France. 

Limit your Flight Searches

This might sound strange, but believe it- flight search engines usually track their user’s searches. In the case that you look at a specific flight several times, the search engine may know of your intent and therefore increase the price. However, you can use incognito mode or private browsing to search, so your online activity does not get tracked. 

See Flights on Multiple Search Engines 

If you have not noticed, the same flights usually have different prices on different travel sites. Ensure you compare both airlines’ websites and flight aggregators to be sure you are getting the best bargain.

Aggregators are a great place to start as they will show you flights from various airlines. As soon as you have found the cheapest options over a range of different websites, check their prices with the available ones on the airline’s website. As earlier noted, aggregators do charge an additional booking fee that might not apply if you buy tickets directly from the airline. 

Know your Baggage

Though most intercontinental flights offer a free checked bag, be certain to look at the airline’s luggage restrictions so you won’t pay a charge at the airport. Flying with just a carry on is not usually feasible for long travels, but a few weeks’ worths of summer clothes can likely be wedged into a backpack. Travel light to avoid the hassle of picking up and checking bags when you reach Paris.

See Prices for Different Types of Flights

Though booking a round trip flight is often the cheapest option for traveling to France, it is not usually so. Ensure you compare the price of a round trip flight with the cost of 2 one-way flights to ensure you are getting the best bargain available. 

In addition, be sure to factor in the cost of traveling into town from the airport into your flight budget. Consider cities or towns in France with many airports and consider public transport options from each of them. An airport might just be closer to the middle of the city than another.

Certainty About Your Flight

Airlines habitually charge high fees for changing one’s flight. Therefore, make sure you check all your travel plans properly before purchasing your ticket. Be sure to read all the fine print before checking out. Aggregator websites sometimes will ass extras like travel and luggage insurance, which you can get cheaper in another place. Then be cognizant of policies ahead of time to save you time and money. 

Where to Find the Cheapest Flights to France – Summary

Online resources like Omio, kayak, Opodo, are just a few places you can get amazing deals to come to France. All you need is information, and you will be fine. And as long as you consider the featured tips, you will not lose money on flights and whatnot.