Paris is famous for being the city of love and romance, with the French language being regarded as the sexiest in the world. If you’re after a destination that oozes beauty and elegance, look no further than Paris.

Over 30 million tourists head to the city every year, looking for an unforgettable city break. If you’re off to the capital for your own getaway, you need to decide what to pack for your trip. To make things easier, here are the essentials that should be in your luggage for your Paris city break.

Comfortable Shoes

To get the most out of your Paris adventure, it’s likely you will be on foot for most of the day exploring. Whether you want to check out the architecture, cuisine, or immerse yourself in the breath-taking views, you need to pack a pair of comfortable shoes like sneakers that will support your feet throughout the day. No one wants to deal with sore blisters, especially if you have another day of sightseeing ahead.

Pair of Heels

If you’re heading to Paris for a romantic getaway with your partner, having a pair of heels with you is a must. Paris is famous for its tasty cuisine and fancy restaurants, which is why you need a pair of heels that will be suitable for such an occasion. A pair of Valentino shoes can be perfect for wining and dining during your Paris city break. You can find Valentino shoes online, alongside accessories and designer clothing that can match together beautifully and create a striking look.

Evening Dress

Once you’ve found a pair of heels to bring with you, you must pack a couple of evening dresses too. As women, we like to have the choice, so having a couple of options available to you is a must. Make sure your heels and dress flow together; otherwise, you won’t feel as confident in your outfit. Whether you’re bringing a dress from your closet or you want to buy something new for your upcoming adventure, make sure you know your body shape first and choose the color wisely.

Casual Clothes

As you walk through the Parisian streets, being in comfortable clothing is a must for getting the most out of your trip. Packing plenty of casual clothes like t-shirts and jeans will ensure you’re inappropriate attire to explore what the city is famous for. Whether you’re heading up the Eiffel Tower, paying a trip to the Louvre Museum, or checking out the Notre-Dame de Paris, wearing clothing that supports you and keeps you warm or cool (depending on when you visit) is important.


Paris isn’t exactly known for its sunny all-year-round glorious weather, so even if you’re heading to the capital in the summer months, it’s advised to pack a sweater in your luggage as rainfall can and does occur. If you’re heading to Paris in the winter or spring, temperatures may not be like they are where you live, which is why having a couple of sweaters to put on will keep you warm and comfortable as you explore the famous city. Even if you visit Paris during a heatwave, the long-haul flight to get there may be chilly thanks to the drop in temperature on the plane, which is why you should always bring a sweater.


Understandably, you will need to pack sleepwear to last you during your Paris city break. Whether you’re heading to the capital for a matter of days or a weeklong adventure, make sure you have cozy pajamas that you can put on after a busy day of sightseeing. If you struggle with your sleep as it is, being in an unfamiliar environment can make it more difficult to drift off, which is why you should bring a sleeping mask, earplugs, and even a travel pillow that will remind you of home. If you don’t get plenty of sleep, you won’t feel well-rested and ready for a day of exploring, which can put a downer on the trip.

Camera & Gadgets

Regardless of how long you have in Paris, you’re sure to make everlasting memories with your partner and loved ones. To remember every last detail, you must pack a camera and gadgets that let you take brilliant photos and videos of your trip. Lots of smartphones have a built-in camera that can work just as well, so don’t worry if you don’t have a professional camera to bring along. Also, don’t forget to pack your phone charger, and if you will be out for many hours, you may benefit from bringing a power bank with you.

No matter what time of year you go to Paris for your city break, as long as you have the essentials above in your luggage, you should have an unforgettable experience and create long-lasting memories.