Visitors are drawn to the port city of St-Malo in Brittany, France, for many reasons. Whilst its major attractions include its lustrous beaches and grandiose walled citadel, many vacationers are thrilled by the amazing beaches near the city. They are attracted by these fine white sandy beaches and a bunch of craggy islands that may be accessed on foot.

Here Are Some Of The Top Beaches In and Near Saint-Malo

Saussaye Beach

Situated northwest of Cancale center, just on the road that leads to Saint-Coulomb, this beach is one of the most beguiling coves of Ile-et-Vilaine. Often visited by locals, this amazing sandy cove has a cliff landscape close to the edge of the Mouliere. Reaching there can be a tad hard, but you get to be rewarded as you relish the sandy beach away from the concentrated beaches downtown. Even though parking is difficult, it is cheap when you finally do. Meanwhile, it is important to be cautious because it is not monitored and is considered risky given the rough sea.

To reach Saussaye beach from Saint-Coulomb, take the D201 close to Cancale. In front of the fort (after the beach of Guesclin), follow the departmental road for 3.5 km. There is a small road that you will see on the left with a sign that says it is the beach.

Saussaye Beach in Saint Malo France

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Verger Beach

This beach is situated in the town of Cancale, just some kilometers east of Saint-Coulomb beach to the east of St-Malo. This large sandy beach gets quite busy in season owing to its easy access and well-preserved environment. The major area, just southwest of the beach, has a first-aid post in summer in the area near the parking. Go to the right, close to the edge of Moliere, if you want to do like the nudists.

Accessing the beach is not hard. Take the road by sea from Cancale (tourist road-D201) in the direction of St-Malo, then follow the signs to the Verger beach. You will find a big parking lot at the beach with a petit snack in the summertime.

Verger Beach in Saint Malo

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Roche Pelee Beach

Close to the thalassotherapy center of Dinard, on the western side of the point of the pointe de la Roche Pelee, is where you will find small sand creeks at low tide. The sand entirely vanishes at high tide but getting to the sea is possible through the stairs. This is also a perfect spot for snorkeling.

Especially known by the locals, these various creeks afford a wonderful setting away from the crowd. The trail along these various creeks is incredible and allows a massive view of the city of St-Malo and Saint Enogat. You can reach here by through the coastal track that leaves from Port Blanc Beach.

Malouine Creek 

Also known as Port-Salut Creek, Malouine Creek is situated close to the pointe with the same name close to Dinard. A large sandbank is revealed as the tide is going out. You should know that the view of the isles and the sea is great. You can access this creek from the stairs close to Allee des Douaniers. Alternatively, you can leave from St Enogat Beach and take the track that leads to the right in the direction of the pointe de la Malouine.

Beach of Port Riou

You will find this beach in the extension of Saint Enogat beach if you are going in the direction of pointe de la Malouine. This small sand creek has an original setting lined by enchanting villas, displaying the beauty of this place. Laidback and less popular than its neighbors, people come here for its fine sand and calm atmosphere.

You can reach Port-Riou beach from downtown via boulevard de la Mer. You can also leave from St Enogat beach towards the right. A cemented track is expected to lead you right to the beach. However, parking is hard nearby.

Beach of Port Riou

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Ecluse Beach

This beach in Dinard is the major one in this seaside location. Lined by a pedestrianized esplanade and attractive buildings (especially the casino), Ecluse beach records more visitors than others nearby. The beach is between the points of Moulinet and Malouine, and it offers a wonderful width of sand. But at low tide, the sea tends to drawback a lot.

Ecluse beach is well equipped with a first-aid post and is accessible for people with reduced mobility. There is a club for children and restaurants on the seafront along the esplanade. You will find the statue of Hitchcock in the middle that welcomes many holidaymakers. Ecluse beach is located downtown on boulevard Wilson. Parking is not free here.

Port aux Chevaux Beach

Port aux Chevaux beach is in Saint-Briac. In a luxurious and green sitting, this astonishing sandy beach is not too popular compared with others close to it, but it is duly reserved for lovers of quiet. Here is a petit corner of paradise and a clear view that helps you sight the resorts of Cotes d’Armor. To access this beach from the center of Saint-Briac, follow Saint-Lunaire’s direction by the D786 before making a left close to the golf to park on Port-Hue beach. Follow the coastal track on the left.

Perron Beach

To the west of the Dinard golf, under the tip of The Hague, is Perron beach that is linked at low tide by a tombolo to Perron (the island). While it enjoys little fame, it is well preserved but be careful as it is not monitored. You can reach Perron at low tide. The easiest way to reach there is to park at Port-Hue beach’s in the car park where parking is free, then follow the track that allows you to walk close to the top of The Hague.

Port Hue Beach

This beach of Saint-Briac-Sur-Mer is situated at the Dinard golf close to the top of The Hague. Port Hue beach is a recognized Blue Flag beach and is monitored throughout the summertime. Differently-abled persons can visit Port Hue beach as well. To reach there from Saint-Lunaire, take the D786 in the direction of Saint-Briac. Go beyond the golf of Dinard, then after a 100 m take the Mare Hue road on the right before turning to the right. Parking is free here.

Plage Du Port Hue

Salinette Beach

Another beach in Saint-Briac-Sur-Mer is the Salinette beach and is one of the most authentic beaches of the Emerald Coast. Lined with the castle of Nessay and white bath cabins, it opens on the bay of Saint-Briac with a view that stretches to Saint-Cast-le-Guildo through the bay’s several islets. The sand is super-fine, and the beach is monitored in the summertime.

You can reach Salinette beach from the D786 following the directions of the port and the beach. Lining the boulevard of the Bechay, you will find some parking lots, but in the peak seasons, it can be hard to park. Many people visit the beach also because of its nautical center that is well furnished.

Final Thoughts

Combined, the beaches featured in this post all have what a typical French beach possesses- fine sand is in abundance, there are pebbles, most are handicap accessible, parking is mostly free, lifeguards are on duty in the peak seasons, multiple recreational activities and lots more. When you visit St-Malo and environs, indeed you will be spoilt for choice. And it doesn’t matter if you prefer a wild beach or otherwise, there is surely your choice in this endowed area.