Every student wishes to study abroad at some point in their lifetime. Truly so, studying in a different country helps you open your mind to different cultures, languages, and social engagements. When an Ivory Coast citizen wishes to study in one of the Western European countries, France comes to their mind instantly. The visa requirements for ivory coast citizens are easy to fulfill, and you can easily apply to any of the French universities by visiting their websites. 

If you are an ivory coast citizen all set to explore France while studying there, here are a few tips to make your time memorable. 

Learn Informal French

You might have studied French in your school times at home, but Informal French is way different from what we study as literature. 

You should know Moliere if you like, but you should be able to buy a scrumptious croissant from the corner bakery without help. Besides, what is fun about studying in a foreign country when you don’t learn their language? Invest your time in learning French for informal conversations. 

Socialize With Locals

When you are living in France, make sure you fully understand French culture and traditions. For this, you will need to befriend locals. Enjoy your free time by meeting new people, dating French, and learning new things every day. Make sure that your social circle is not restricted to people from your own country or students living in the same city in which your university is located. Meet people who have come from different parts of France to study. This way, you can explore unknown regions as well. 

Explore As Much As Possible

When you are given a student visa for France, make sure you take advantage of the visa cote d Ivoire to the fullest. Explore famous places and tourist attractions in the city you are living in. On weekends and other holidays, when you do not have your exams coming up, make sure you do not sit idle in your hostel and explore neighboring cities. When you are a student, you have very little to worry about. Take advantage of your age and time and enjoy a fun life in France. If you are working to pay for your expenses, save enough to explore new places at least once in your stay. 

Involve Yourself In Cultural Activities 

When you are living in a foreign country, it would be dumb if you do not experience their culture firsthand. Get out of your comfort zone for once and involve yourself in cultural activities and traditions in different parts of France. You do not have to compromise your boundaries or cross your limits to explore a new culture. You can have fun in France while staying loyal to your cultural values and family limits. Spent our money smartly to make sure you get the best experience and build memories in France.