The city of Paris has become the convergence of culture for a long time now. Latin America and Afro-Caribbean culture are part of the cultural trends in the city. That is why Latin-inspired menus, cocktails, and dance nights are common features across Paris.

As part of the Latin feel, tango or merengue and salsa have also become an increasingly popular trend, especially at night. There are many Latin bars and clubs to spend an interesting night out.

Check out our List of the Best Latin Night Clubs in Paris:

La Pachanga  

Located on 8 Rue Vandamme in the 14th arrondissement, this vibrant Latin club cannot be missed with its low ceilings, dim lighting, and wooden tables. For a moment, you might forget you are in the French capital as you sip La Pachanga’s homemade cocktails, with star ingredients like pineapple, guava, or lemon juice.

You might as well treat yourself to a scrumptious meal at the bar with typical menu features like Chili con carne, Brazilian prawns, and Fajitas. The highlight of this club is its salsa dance classes, which are in session every day of the week. You can select from a wide range of passes, to give you access to La Pachanga, a salsa class, and a cocktail. You can take a break from Cuban salsa and try out the Kizomba and Bachata classes. 

Favela Chic

Want to dance to Latin music in a breathtaking club atmosphere? There is a perfect spot for you- the Favela Chic. This is a place like an institution in the French capital among hipsters and young hip fashionistas and urban professionals. The buzzing electronic Brazilian music, for a long time, has been known to charm people to dance on the tables. Therefore, if you are looking to have a relaxing night out, Favela Chic should not be considered.

The meals are not cheap here, and some dishes are not extraordinary yet pricey. But as a hard partier who loves Latin vibes, you will definitely be having a wild night out here. It is located in the 11th arrondissement at 18 Rue du Faubourg du Temple.

Barrio Latino

What you heard about the lively vibes of Latin clubs in Paris is true and Barrio Latino offers just that and much more. Its phenomenal architecture and colorful décor greets you with an exceptional invitation. 

Very much like the Favela Chic, this club has a club-esque atmosphere with Latin music blasting on speakers on Monday and Thursday nights, and many chances for a cacophonic night out. 

If you expect to learn salsa steps, visit on Sundays from 2-9 pm or Mondays from 8-9:30 pm, where classes are taken for an hour and a half each. After the practice, you might want to wait behind to practice your newly learned moves in the club.

The club also has a restaurant, and even though it offers quality treats, it is a rather low key as the Barrio Latino is widely known for its dance floor. It is located in the 12th arrondissement at 46 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine. 

Quais de Seine Paris

Few things are better than dancing the tango for free, outdoors with the idyllic and striking views of the Seine River banks. Despite not being a bar, every night of the summer, and on many nights during the year, visitors will find tango lovers and all aficionados of Latin culture teaming up for these wonderful dance nights.

Lots of people swarm to the river Qais at about 7 pm to start practicing their steps, before the proper fun commences. Learners and experts are all welcome here, and there is no need to bring along a partner. You will definitely have a partner when the action starts.

Cubana Café

Never been to Havana or fantasized about it before now? Stepping into the Cubana Café, located near Saint-Germain-des-Pres area on the left bank, is perhaps the closest thing you will get of the Cuban capital city, while you are in Paris.

Here there are themed nights that offer salsa classes and Latin music. The cocktails and tapas are incredibly good here. This suggests that dinner followed by a steamy dancing is quite possible. Cubana Café also offers Fumoir, concluded with leather sofa chairs and palm trees to enhance the solid Cuban experience. It is located in the 6th arrondissement at 47 Rue Vavin. 


This is the most unassuming Latin club in Paris on our list. Despite having an Irish name, this bar, which is located in the center of Pigalle hosts some of the best salsa events in the French capital. On Sundays, its ‘backstage’ music spot is converted to an Afro-Caribbean wonder. 

No one saw that coming. Every evening starts with a show at about 6:00 pm then a lesson at 7:00 pm or 8:00 follows and continues until 1:00 am. In the course of all these, the DJs will be bust spinning Latin American and Afro-Caribbean tunes to the delight of partiers. 

O’Sullivans’ atmosphere is convivial and relaxed, ideal for learners who may feel the more formal salsa groups are tad intimidating. Their Facebook page has all the information you need on special events and pictures. The place is located at 92 Boulevard de Clichy. 

Studio Massaro

Another place in Paris to immerse yourself in the dance culture of Latin America is the Studio Massaro. It is an official dance school with a wide range of classes and professional tutors. Though lessons are taught in French, you will be able to learn the moves notwithstanding as you watch. 

There is a full timetable on their website for more information. This place is an impressive venue for those who desire to better their dancing skills. Studio Massaro also hosts soirees regularly, for which the tickets are decently priced than some of the bigger clubs while integrating the same things such as lesson, a drink, a concert, and entrance. 

Attending Studio Massaro is a fantastic way to meet new people in a more laid-back environment. It is located at 90 Boulevard Voltaire. 

Le Centquatre 

Le Centquatre is the place to be for an unmatched Latin night experience. Though there may not be constantly organized salsa evenings at this fantastic music venue, it is undoubtedly a place for dance lovers to go and wind down. On Sunday evenings, the place is a perfect time to visit where one can meet people of all ages and backgrounds. Also, you can swarm into vibe and feast on the scrumptious pizza from the food trucks there.

 The blend of people adds to the phenomenal, electrifying atmosphere here. Imagine the sight of babies being swung around by their parents while young hip-hop dancers make moves close to them. Le Centquatre displays a spontaneous, bubbling Paris that is far away from its exciting, imperious reputation.

Le Centquatre sometimes put on salsa or samba nights in its underground dance and performance space. However, they are less popular. Be sure to check their website for lined-up events. It is located at 5 Rue Curial, Paris.

Best Latin Night Clubs in Paris – Summary

Latin-American and Afro-Caribbean cultures are heavily represented in Paris. That is why Latin clubs and dancing schools are not uncommon. To take your nightlife up a significant notch, a visit to any of the featured Latin clubs in Paris would do that just well.