It is undeniable that Paris is a dream destination for food lovers because there are over a thousand restaurants and eating establishments in the city, and they all serve incredible food. Even if you get the craving for something exotic and Southeast Asian, you can satisfy it in Paris by visiting these Southeast Asian restaurants.

Here Are Some of The Best Southeast Asian Restaurants in Paris


The Philippines is known for their love of food, and anyone who has traveled to the Southeast Asian country knows that it is a food haven. BoBi was founded by two long-time friends, Jessica and Aurélie, in late 2019. The two wanted to share the comforting taste of home-cooked Filipino food with the French people. The food served at BoBi is common Filipino food, like cheese sticks, lumpia, and adobo, but the taste really represents the Philippines. Most of the dishes from the menu are also served a la carte because it is normal in Filipino culture to share your food with the rest of the people in your company.

Another thing about the menu at BoBi is that it changes with the season because the owners believe in highlighting fresh local and Filipino products. This means that you will always discover a new dish at BoBi every time to visit them. The people behind BoBi are keen to building a warm and accessible place so that the customers will always feel at home and experience true Filipino hospitality. If you would like to visit BoBi and have a taste of the Philippines while you are in Paris, the restaurant is located at 17 rue Oberkampf 75011 in Paris, France.

Nur Malaysia

Another Southeast Asian country that is known to be a food lover’s paradise in Malaysia. The country itself consists of multiple ethnic groups, and it is reflected in Malaysian cuisine, where the flavors of Malay, Chinese, and Indian food blend together to create a harmonious taste sensation. Nur Malaysia is a restaurant located in Paris that aims to bring the authentic taste of Malaysia to the people of the city. The menu for the restaurant offers mouth-watering local delicacies like nasi lemak, fried rice, and popular street snacks and desserts. If you like sweet drinks, don’t miss out on the traditional Malaysian milk tea, also known as “Teh Ais,” or the ever-popular “Teh 3 Layer” (three-layer milk tea). Bring a tumbler with you to bring one more home because you might become obsessed with the creamy sweet flavor of Malaysian milk tea.

Many reviews for the Nur Malaysia praise the food as well as the professional service by the waiters and the chefs, and if you have ever visited Malaysia, you will know that this high level of service is common. For a taste of Malaysia in the city of Paris, you can visit Nur Malaysia and their restaurant at 145-147 rue Ordener 75018 Paris.

Djakarta Bali

Indonesian cuisine is varied in taste and flavor but to get the authentic taste of Indonesian food is not easy, especially in a foreign country. Djakarta Bali is a restaurant located in the heart of Paris, and they serve authentic Indonesian and Balinese cuisine like a spicy beef stew called rendang and Indonesia salad called gado-gado. The menu of the restaurant offers a wide range of Indonesian and Balinese dishes that are unique and exotic. The restaurant is also beautifully decorated with chic and ethnic décor to provide an immersive dining experience.

Whenever you get a craving for Indonesian food, you can visit Djakarta Bali at 9 rue Vauvilliers 75001 in Paris, where you will always be served authentic Indonesian cuisine. The restaurant is also very accommodating to their guest and will help anyone that needs assistance, especially when it comes to choosing food from their menu. If you plan on visiting the restaurant but are worried about your food allergies, feel free to notify the staff at Djakarta Bali so that they can select the dishes that will be safe for your consumption.

Tone Krao

Finding authentic Thai food in Paris, or Europe for that matter is not easy. However, after having dinner at Tone Krao it brought back memories of my travels to Thailand, which was definitely nice. The portions were more than generous, the flavors are authentic, and the staff and service were super good. Just like in Thailand! They also ask you what level of spice you want since some Southeast Asian foods are pretty spicy! I will come back to test the whole menu for sure. Overall Tone Krao is a great restaurant, outstanding value for money. I had a starter, main course and a dessert, all for €25/person for quality cuisine and a great time.