Paris is a very beautiful city surrounded by culture, art, beautiful people, and endless beautiful places. But is visiting Paris worth it? It all depends on who you ask. Many say definitely as others claim that there are too many people and that you may end up disappointed.

The multiple neighborhoods of Paris make tourism increase. The Latin Quarter, for example, has an immense amount of museums, hotels, restaurants and other places of interest. Another example is the Jewish Quarter that is more cultural than touristy but still retains its popularity.

Now, in this article we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of visiting every corner of Paris. The key objective is to reach a conclusion or take action on the subject so you can have a very interesting holiday.

Advantages Of Traveling To Paris

Traveling to Paris brings many advantages; you will be shown below so that you can see what benefits such a beautiful city brings.


Paris is full of art, from Picasso to other artists of a similar level. It has very beautiful sculptures and ideal for taking photos. Visit its museums, Picasso’s, for example, and admire such beautiful works.

Paris also has unique sculptures in museums, parks, fountains, botanical gardens; among others, in the Latin Quarter, you can see more about it where you can increase your love of art.

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Architectural Diversity

In Paris you can observe the architectural diversity in each of the buildings and hotels that were built in the middle ages. Most of them have a Gothic style and are large structures that make them unique.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of those great monuments worthy of admiring all day long. Both externally and internally they will leave you hallucinating and wondering how is this possible?


The gastronomy in Paris is very extensive; you can taste French, European, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish food, among others. You should also go to the streets of the Latin Quarter. There, you will see a lot of restaurants with different dishes and food to eat.

Each restaurant has special menus if you are vegetarian or vegan, so you should not worry about it. Just enjoy your stay in Paris and go to the best restaurants in the area.

Receptive People

The receptivity of Parisians is unique; most are very friendly people who will help you have a better experience in their country and city. Many of these places know how to speak English or Spanish, or if you prefer, you speak French.

The Eiffel Tower

If you go to Paris-France, you will probably visit the Eiffel Tower. This great monument is so beautiful and unique that you will keep thinking about how that great structure was built.

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Mona Lisa

Admiring Leonardo da Vinci’s work of Mona Lisa at the Louvre museum is a dream for many. This famous and popular artwork is something unique and even more so if you have it before your eyes.

Enjoy Free Museums

What Paris has is an immense amount of free museums for the public. There you can see some art, literature, culture, and information from its most recognized artists. It is estimated that every 100 meters there is one art museum.

Many Tours In Paris Are Free

As you read it, many tours in this beautiful land are free, at no cost. Although you must reserve your position in advance to keep your spot. These tours are aimed at the Latin and Jewish Quarters where the sites of interest are centered.

You can see the Notre-Dame Cathedral at no cost if you wish. Also, you can visit the oldest university in Europe; which is the Sorbonne University, the Luxembourg Gardens, and the Pantheon in the Latin Quarter of Paris.

Disadvantages Of Traveling To Paris

Not everything is rosy, and sometimes visiting Paris brings somewhat annoying disadvantages; you must take your precautions to have some rest, tourism and learn about the city.

Heavy Traffic

In Paris, the number of tourists is very large, so it is not surprising that the traffic is heavy. The roads and the subway has a great number of tourists, which are usually in January or December.

Cold Weather

In the winter season, you should avoid Paris to evade such a cold climate. Preferably visit during spring, where there will be less flow of tourists and a friendlier climate.

Full Museums

If you visit Paris in a high season, do not be surprised to find the most famous museums crowded. For example, the Louvre museum where the Mona Lisa lies is one of the most visited in the capital.

Accommodation Costs

You must visit Paris in a low season since the reservation cost can be more accessible. That way you will enjoy the capital with less money. If you visit Paris during the high season, you must make your reservation at least one month in advance. The flow of tourists is so high that you will have a problem finding a place to stay.

Expensive Restaurants

As a general rule, the more central the restaurant, the more expensive. This should be taken into account if you visit Paris and want to save a few euros. Also, do not be scammed, and know this to find places that fit your budget.

Nonconformity With Parisians

Many tourists claim that Parisians are not as receptive as they seem to be. Also, some interactions can lead to a scam. You must be very aware and not get carried away by what anyone tells you. Also, the city has a small degree of crime.


Currently, there is a disorder in the areas near the Eiffel Tower. The disorder of tourists and locals is huge; the authorities have tried to solve it, but the annual flow of tourists is increasing.

Is Paris Overrated?

The big question is that Paris is overrated? And your answer is maybe (although, we don’t really believe that); many establishments offer promises concerning the city to win more tourists. The same practice is applied by tourism agencies as well.

Paris has many unique museums, but it is not said that many of these are admission-free. Not to mention that many have high fees and long lines.

Many restaurants in the central areas have very high prices. This makes tourists in that aspect have many complaints; the authorities have not yet solved that problem.

Although the city is somewhat safe, tourists cannot be late at night because of theft. As it is a very popular city for tourists, this has been a place where crime has increased.

The transport can be annoying in high seasons of tourist flow. The city is in a position to support a large number of people. However, every year it increases, it becomes a problem again.

A large number of people and students don’t get see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre museum throughout the year; they must have better control of the people inside the museum so that everyone can enjoy the exhibits.

Some Parisians are rude to tourists and xenophobic; you have to take care of it to avoid accidents, remember that you are a tourist and the laws lower you to some extent while the locals maintain all the existing benefits.

Many streets lack sufficient lighting, which increases tourist thefts; you must be very attentive if you go out with your family and return to your hotel/airbnb late at night.

Not because this in a country must be 100% safe, Paris, like many cities or countries, is overrated to boost tourism, do not underestimate the area, and do your tourism with caution to avoid serious accidents.

Is Paris Worth Visiting? – Summary

Personally, as a hardcore Francophile who never gets over Paris, I think that Paris is worth visiting 100%. However, I wanted to write this article without bias. I think I was able to do that and provide as many pros and cons I could think of. I really do believe that Paris is a city you should visit at least once in your life since it has many things to see and do.

Do you think Paris is worth visiting? Leave your comments below.