When you hear the name Chamonix, you probably think of snowboarding, skiing, and costly lift passes. Those who know better might even remember that the first edition of the Winter Olympics was hosted in 1924 in the spectacular resort area. Chamonix goes hand-in-hand with the winter sports scene, and it remains the goal of several climbers to reach its summit.

Situated in the French Alps, Mont Blanc is the highest European mountain peak. In its shadow is its stately snowcapped summit, Chamonix- the traditional alpine town filled with fine inns and historic churches. Since the maiden edition of the Winter Olympics, the town has become a world-famous ski resort. Six separate ski areas service all levels of expertise, from beginners to extreme skiers.

In addition to skiing, Chamonix is a brilliant destination for rock climbing, hiking, paragliding, tennis, golf, or just relaxation. Feel the alpine air caress your cheeks, immerse yourself in the inspiring scenery, and listen to the sound of hastening streams. Find the pleasing, rustic ambiance of cozy chalet eateries. Enjoy tasty meals of veritable Savoy cuisine- a hearty country cooking composed of cheese, potatoes, and charcuterie. Specialties like raclette and fondue are enriching after a long day hiking in the mountains and on the slopes.

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Here Are A Few Things Chamonix is Famous For

L’Aiguille du Midi

Translated as the Needle of the South, L’Aiguille du Midi is incredible. It was first ascended in1818 and has become a major tourist spot in the area. The mountain has two sections: one from the upper station at 3,777 m and the other from Chamonix to Plan de L’Aiguille at more than 2000 m up. You will find elevators and cable cars, so no one needs to be an expert to climb. From 1,035 m to 3,842m, it is almost the host of the world’s highest vertical ascent cable car.


Le 3842/Step Into the Void

Both sitting on L’Aiguille du Midi’s summit, even reaching these views is some scenery in and of itself. Le 3842 is a restaurant and café that offers high-class where quality food and drinks are served at even higher altitudes. Step Into the Void is a glass cube where visitors can enter into nothingness (figurate). The restaurant and café offer terrific picturesque views; however, Step Into the Void fixes a different direction to the scene: down.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the Alps’ highest peak and, consequently, Europe’s highest peak. At 4809 m, this mountain has a whole kilometer on l’Aiguille du Midi. Two things are a-must in Mont Blanc: the tunnel and the cable car that spans to the summit. Feel on top of the world, or use the tunnel beneath the mountain range and step 2480 m under the surface into the deepest operational tunnel in the world.

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Chamonix Town

The town was put on the map by two Brits who discovered it in 1741. They were enamored by the stunning alpine town called the Prieuré de Chamouni that is encircled by fantastic snow-coated mountains. In 1770, the town’s first inn was opened when interest in mountaineering was soaring. Not long, several visitors flock the Chamonix to experience the mystical ascent.

The first luxury hotel was established in 1816, with more to follow later in the 19th-century. In the time of Napoleon III, the road access to the town got better, and railways were launched. The train made Chamonix easily accessible in winter, making it a well-known sports destination.

Highlighting its history, the town’s architecture is a blend of local and modern styles. Stroll through the town and see the nice Baroque churches, the quaint alpine chalets, and historic Protestant sanctuaries. Several visitors stay in luxurious modern hotels. Nevertheless, there are rustic country lodges as well.

The town is popular for its fancy boutiques and high-end atmosphere. Chamonix also has dozens of highly-rated restaurants-from regular cafes and brisk brassieres to brilliant dining setups. For an experience like no other, try the local cuisine at a hearty local farm or auberge.

Chamonix Famous For

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Telecabine Panoramique Mont-Blanc

Offering breathtaking 360-degree views over the mountain scenery and crossing the Alps, Telecabine Panoramique Mont-Blanc courses from Chamonix to Courmayeur in neighboring Italy. This place is expensive, but the experience cannot be matched by any other cable car. The scenery over the valley and glacier are just extraordinary.

Glacier des Bossons

To feel a distinct nature site, go to the Glacier ds Bossons in the summertime. At 1400 m, take the chair lift to the Bossons Glacier, from the town of Bossons, and be prepared to be wowed by icicles. Walk to Les Pyramides chalet from the chair lift drop-off. The chalet is a fantastic place to savor a meal of satisfying country fare.

From there, there is an impressive scene of the glaciers’ frosty ice cascade, ice pyramids, and ice pinnacles. Then, hike along the craggy La Junction trail that twists at an altitude of 2,589 m through the High Alps. J. Balmat and Dr. Paccard hiked this route on their first Mont Blanc ascent in 1786. Take in the stunning views of the Taconnaz and Bossons glaciers from the top of La Junction trail. This area is perfect for skiing in winter at La Vormaine ski resort, which is the best ski area in the Chamonix Valley for newbies and kids who are prepared for ski school.

Chamonix Luge Alpine Coaster

Just five minutes from the center of Chamonix, this is a ski resort that attracts several visitors. Also known as Le Parc de Loisirs Chamonix, the Ski Area is not as inviting as other areas despite its charm. But the luge is massive fun for the young at heart and families. Throttle your speed with a brake as you go down the mountain face. Rides can be costly and can be purchased in batches, which is great. Chamonix Luge Alpine Coaster is located at 350 Chemin du Pied du Grepon, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

Musee des Cristaux

This is a small museum with an imposing collection of rocks, minerals, and crystals. The Center stage is dedicated to minerals from Mont Blanc and the surrounding areas. The crystal part is like a gallery, but there is also a part devoted to mountaineering and climbing, which is very interactive. Children are sure to take great joy from the interactive knot-tying and climbing wall. Musee des Cristaux is located at 615 Allée Recteur Payot, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France.

Tramway du Mont-Blanc

People looking to have magnificent views and those who love skiing will enjoy this tramway. The mountain railway offers enchanting views of the surrounding areas; however, hikers and mountaineers will be on the tram because it stops at many popular mountain trails. It might interest you to know that the lines are more than a hundred years old. So, the tram gives the vibe of a little trip into the past. You can find the tramway at Rue du Mont Lachat, Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains, France.

Mont Blanc Tramway in Chamonix


Slightly different from the other objects on the list, this is not an attraction per se but a beautiful town surrounded by the mountains. Perching on the South-East is the Argentiere glacier. The area is often aptly referred to as the Argentiere basin, given the small nook where it is located. The town is a well-known destination for snowboarders, skiers, and hikers.

The Merlet Animal Park

Occupying a 21 hectares area over the rocky outcroppings, over the field, and the forest is where the Merlet Animal Park is. The park covers cover eight wild species, most of which are from the neighboring area like ibex. Presentations are a constant occurrence in the summer to help visitors in knowing more about the park and animals. The park is located at 2495 Chemin de Merlet, Houches, France.

Beginners’ Ski Resorts

Even though it is often related to extreme skiing, the town of Chamonix is well set for beginners. The perfect ski resort for children is Les Planards; there is a toddler’s record, a learning treadmill, and two very easy beginners’ runs. In the Col de Balme ski area is La Vormaine that has easy, sunny slopes that are great for beginning snowboarders and skiers, with a kindergarten ski school for kids. Afoot the Brévent gondola is Le Savoy that has a rolling carpet for newbie skiers, two drag lifts, and a ski kindergarten. The ESF d’Argentière ski resort at the Grands Montets site has a ski school for kids aged 3 years and older.

What is Chamonix Famous For? – Summary

The surrounding mountains define Chamonix, and with such astonishing vistas, it is not difficult to see why. Even though the mountains are a major attraction here, the area certainly has several activities for those who favor the valley floor to the peak.