Free booze or cheap booze. Paris is a perfect place to indulge in the most reasonable intoxications you have ever had. Not just for its drinks, there is a lot about Paris one can explore at night, and it is the favorite holiday destination for millions of tourists all over the world.

Alcohol drinks and fruit juices are very common and popular in the city, especially before dinners, when you are having a meet up with friends and relatives. 

When it comes to food, Paris has a great reputation. Most of the streets are full of famous French eateries. Besides, French food, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican food is also available in Paris. Talking about cocktails and drinks, Paris has many bars offering different types of drinks.

In fact, lots of famous drinks are invented in Paris. 

Some of the famous drinks that were oriented and widely consumed in Paris are:


If you are a tourist or traveler in Paris, you might be looking for stuff that is affordable yet fancy. The drink has got its name from the French Revolution-era in 1789. The drink is similar to that of white whiskey. There is also a touch of mint and citrus in it. The drink is popular in most of the bars in Paris.

The French 75

It is the most favorite drink in Paris. The drink is made of 4 ingredients, including gin, lime, champagne, and sugar. You can enjoy it by roaming the city, or you can sit and have it. It is very affordable, and a lot of Parisians and visitors have it a lot of time.

The Sidecar

The drink is a mixture of brandy and cognac. For a tangy flavor, lemon, and orange juice are also added. It is part of the most consumed drinks at the bars of Paris. The Sidecar is nice for its price, and many locals are familiar with it. If you like going to bars and clubs, you would most probably have had this drink before. 

While traveling or studying in Paris, most people refresh themselves by visiting bars on the weekends; Paris has many fascinating and charming ones. But most of them are quite expensive as the city is among the most expensive places. So, to rejuvenate and enjoy yourself, there are many types of drinking bars, including cocktail bars, beer bars, and wine bars in the city. These bars are considered nightlife heaven in the City of Lights. 

Besides expensive bars, there are many places where you can enjoy the drinks in an affordable price. 

Here is the list of some places where you can have drinks at an affordable rate: 

La Cordonnerie

The bar is located in the Rue Greta area. It is proudly among the oldest bars in the area. The bar offers rums, wine, champagne, and a cocktail at a very affordable price. Imported beers are also available. On Thursday and Saturdays, couscous is given free to all. 

The bar is always filled with locals and students. It is opened from 3 pm to 3 am. The happy hour starts at 3 pm and ends at 6 pm. You can enjoy rock and pop music here too.

Le Requin Chagrin

The bar is built out of wood. There 3 floors inside the bar. The drinking lounge has a round table where people can enjoy different drinks. There are many types of drinks available in the bar. The specialties include rum, whiskey, and house cocktail. 

These drinks cost only 12 euros. The bar opens at 3 am until 4 am. There are many sports and games arranged in the bar on the weekend. 

Different parties and musical nights are also there for fun. This is the best place for young people. 

Chez Marie

It is amongst the famous places where you can get a variety of drinks at good prices. The bar has deals for each day. It opens each morning at 5 am while remaining open until 4 am. The happy hour of the bar starts at 6 pm. 

After 9 pm onwards 2 glasses of wine cost 2.50 euros while cocktails are for 5 euros only. Sidecar, the French 75, are also available here. On Thursdays and Saturdays, the bar is filled up with great music, including techno, pop, rock, and electro. There are certain games played in the evening as well.

Paname Brewing Co.

It is an open bar located on the northern side of Paris. The bar is located beside the river; thus, one can enjoy the water, raft, and other activities while drinking. Paname Brewing Company is the most famous brand that produces a different kind of beers at an affordable price. 

A big mug of good quality beer can cost only 4 euros. So this place is highly recommended if you are traveling on a budget.

Le Crocodile

The bar is usually crowded. There are a lot of varieties of beers available in the bar. The menu has 300 varieties of drinks, and the specialties include mimosas, rose, and Sidecar. There are deals offered at the weekend. Special discounts are also given to students. One can enjoy music and concerts by different musicians during the happy hour, which is from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Le Teddy’s Bar

The bar has the longest happy hours. Usually, the bar opens at 3 pm until 8 am. The bar has beautiful décor inside with comfortable seats. The specialties of the bar include different cocktails and beers. This place is best for night owls because it is open all night and has amazing prices in both juices and alcohol.

Le Cinquante

It is one of the oldest bars in St-Martin street. The bar is famous for its drinks that can be customized as well as they provide customized mugs and t-shirts on-demand as well. Sauvignon, Brouilly, and Chablis are some common drinks available at good prices in the bar. A glass of sauvignon can cost from 8-10 euros. The bar has 2 lounges, one for dining and the other is the music hall. Sundays are conserved for open mic night.

Café Oz

The café is owned by some Australians. So, the specialties in the bar are Aussie beers and champagne. The décor is very fascinating. The Aussie beers are so famous that you have to wait for your turn. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are conserved for DJs. EDM is also held twice a month. This is a great place for tourists unless you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait for too long for your turn.

Le Zéro Zéro

During the daytime, the bar is a free WIFI café. While in the evening, the bar turns into a night club. Good quality champagne, wine, and beer are available at a very affordable price. There are a couple of dance floors where one can enjoy dance and music. This place is a great place to enjoy and relax while having a drink.

Hence you can easily enjoy affordable drinks while visiting these places and make your venture more exciting!

Where to Get Affordable Drinks in Paris – Summary

Well, if you want to have a drink in Paris, there are great bars from east to west. You will always find mixed crowds at the bars because of the Tourist rush. A lot of bars have welcoming tables, authentic decoration, and affordable prices. You can enjoy your drink with friends while seeing DJs and concerts, dances every night.

You can have cheap whiskeys and beers in house clubs. Paris is a perfect place for night owls. You can also find bars for having drinks along the water lake as well. For a night of bliss, drink, and comfort, visit any of the city’s cool and low-budget bars.