Paris is home to a variety of dancing spots and nightclubs where you can get expressive with your steps and moves on the dance floor. After a busy day of sight-seeing, wine tasting, and museum visitation in the City of Lights, it is always a bright idea to wind down with light dancing or otherwise, depending on how you feel. 

Here are some cool places to go dancing in Paris:

La Bellevilloise

Located close to the Ménilmontant Métro station and perched in a corner of the city that is fast becoming one of Paris’ trendy, modern hang-outs, this music venue is a gem of the entire area. In the day, La Bellevilloise is an incredible art and culture center dedicated to exhibitions, events, film screenings, and concerts, with a cool café. At night, it is a hip indie clubbing spot for everyone.

La Java

You will find this vibrant music venue on the 10th arrondissement in the basement of Le Palais du Commerce shopping center, this club is a true nightlife paradise. It is a celebrated spot dedicated to underground, alternative, and emerging talents in the music scene. Its wide program is designed to discover musical talents and give up-and-coming acts to perform live. This venue also hosts LGBTQ events. 


Located beneath the Arc de Triomphe, it will take some doing to beat L’Arc’s excellent view. Here, you have the chance to dance the night away in one of the city’s most popular clubs. At night, the boulevards of the city are lit up, and the Arc de Triomphe can be seen shimmering from a distance as you dance your way into the night.

This is truly an electrifying atmosphere. Well-known DJs mix different genres to entertain the buzzing crowd as they shake their bodies to the rhythm of the tunes. L’Arc is a place you would not want to miss. The place hosts fashion weeks, as well.

Chez Raspoutine 

This vibrant clubhouse is located at 58 Rue Bassano, Paris. It is set in a popular clubbing district between the Arc de Triomphe and Avenue Montaigne and a glitz destination among the places to dance in Paris. Right from time, Chez Raspoutine has been an active fun spot. It was established sometimes in the 1970s and used to be a Russian cabaret and bordello.

Given its special allure, celebrities like Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg have graced it. Still, with the Russian style, Chez Raspoutine’s interior has gold furnishings and beautiful red that are a gorgeous blend. All the Baroque-style décor and velvet alcoves reference the club’s risqué past.

Every night, the city’s elite swarm in here in their numbers to dance and socialize at the cozy tables. From Thursday to Saturday, the DJ treats partiers to electro music till 6 am, and since it is usually open late, the party does not get bubbling till around 2 am. Here, you have the chance to party through the night without any care.

Note that gaining entry can be difficult as the bouncers are very discerning. So try to book a table ahead, and you will be fine. Alternatively, you can dress to impress and hope on luck at the door.


This gorgeous spot is located at 142 Rue de Montmartre. With electric crowds and a solid reputation, Silencio is a popular place in Paris to dance. It is different from other places simply because it is a members-only cinema and art club in the early hours of the evening. But the iconic destination morphs into a clubbing paradise at 11 pm.

Silencio is also one of the most exclusive in the city. Situated in the second arrondissement, it attracts a voguish, artsy client base. But it leads the rest of the pack in that it literally is under the streets of the city. When you visit, you will be dancing in a 700 square meters of the city’s underbelly.

The close expansive space is marked with nice lightning and minimalist decor that are hard to resist, which help to play the hip underground vibe. The entry hall leads to the main room, where the dance floor is. And you can be sure that different genres of music will be played here.

From DJ’s spinning alternative deep house to classic old hits, Silencio has it all. You will even find a smoking room and photo gallery; for that old Paris, artists feel. Regardless of the night, Silencio is always filled with chic parties. 

Le Marta

Located at 46 Avenue George V, Le Marta is among the most luxurious Paris nightclubs to have a memorable night. It shares a wall with the popular hotel Le Fouquet and is set in the middle in the center of the 8th arrondissement. This nice former nightclubs-turned club has been under the radar in the last few years while it underwent extensive renovations. The outcome is quite impressive. This chic place came back powerfully in 2019, and it has become a place to spend a wonderful night out.

The area where La Marta is located is among the upscale districts in Paris and is home to some of the most iconic hotels and shops. What is more, the club is close to Champs-Elysees. When you arrive, be sure to be watchful as the entrance is hidden behind an antique bookshelf. This adds to La Marta’s secretive nature and luxurious vibe.

Getting in, you will see luxurious décor, red velvet accents with upbeat tunes, and candlelight. It will be like a journey in time to the jazz era in Paris, but the music is not that jazzy at all. Rather, it features the latest chart-topping songs. The club is open until 3 am and if you are into modern music and sophisticated vibe, La Marta is an ideal place to dance the night away. 

Le Piaf

Perched in the glamorous area of the city’s 8th arrondissement, Le Piaf is among the upscale clubs in Paris. The club is particularly popular among tourists and locals for its glam. And for the initiated, the club gets its name from a 19th-century Parisian slang meaning “little songbird”.

In the early hours, the club is an upscale bar and restaurant. Therefore, it is a brilliant option if you want to have drinks or dinner out before the steamy session of dancing on the floor. Red velvet has a major role, and gold accents and framed portraits grace the walls. French classics like foie gras and canapés are served on vintage dishes. Their wide range of wine and cocktail menu is impressive too. You will not forget a visit to here! 

At night, this club invites both the hard and soft partiers. Proceed to the stairs at the back of the restaurant to the dance floor where the action happens. For a nice, speaksay-esque vibe, the room is lined with covered touches of red and gold and velvet benches. There is also a grand piano and a DJ booth right at the corner. 

However, the music played is different from day to day. At the club, new artists come in their numbers on weeknights, and more famous DJs take charge of proceedings on weekends. The genre of music played here ranges from jazzy to electro.

Where to Go Dancing in Paris – Summary

So there you have it! The coolest places to dance in Paris. Choosing the one to visit depends on what you are looking for: an all-out party kind of night (L’Arc or Chez Raspoutine) or a chill night (Le Piaf, Le Marta, or Silencio). Either one, you will immensely have a thrilling night out in Paris.