The French city of Quimper is situated in the province of Brittany, a stunning area with eye-catching features. That is why beaches near Quimper and even the ones in the city are some of the most glorious beaches in the whole country. From vast expanses of white sand to hidden coves, they all have something similar: some of the clearest waters you could ever dream of swimming in. 

Here are Some of the Best Beaches near Quimper


The Saint-Guirec beach on the edge of the adorable village of Saint-Guirec is famous for its pink granite rocks. The beach is a sheltered place; therefore, it is great for long summer days with or without children. You will find the amazing coastal track too that links it with the massive size of the rest of the coastline.

Coq Beach

Coq beach is situated aline the River Odet, close to the port of Benodet and the ocean. Contracted to a swath of sand at high tide, its complete form makes it intriguing late in the afternoon to savor the sunshine’s last rays. Some appealing villas are along the coastline as well. The Coq beach is located along the “Corniche de l’Estuaire; a-way road access through the “Rue Menyer”.

Plage du Cap Coz Quimper

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Trez Beach

This beach in Benodet is the major one of this Bretagne seaside resort. Trez is a stunning sandy cove that spans for around 600 m and is situated at the Odet river’s entryway. Trez beach is supervised in the summer season between July and August and has provisions for persons who are differently-abled. There, you can also rent cabins, and there is a children’s section, much to the delight of the young ones. On the south end, you will find the thalassotherapy center of Benodet as well as the Casino. In the section closest to Benodet’s port, there is a marina and two slip paths on both sides. Many small car parks are available here. 

The Letty Beach

East of Benodet is the Letty Beach, which opens to the inland seas called Blanche. And considering its sheltered state from the ocean by the point of Fouesnant, you could tell that there is something special about the beach. Even though it is not supervised, you can only swim at high tide. A campsite border the Letty beach. To access it, take the road for Letty and make a right turn on the ‘Rue du Canvez’ at the roundabout before taking the left turn. Parking is not easy here, But you can park as well on Saint Gilles beach and follow the coastal track.

Saint Gilles Beach

Saint Gilles beach appeals to few bathers in the peak season in its little sandy area between several rocks. Here is the area of Benodet’s campsites, but close by cove of Groasguen is the widest known. Additionally, the beach is not supervised. Every day, most visitors come for the shore fishing. If you have a car, parking is not difficult as there is a big free car park. Meanwhile, dogs are prohibited on Saint Gilles beach. You can access it by taking the road for Letty. Turn into ‘Rue du Canvez’ at the roundabout before taking a turn left on Poulmic’s road.

Kernous Beach

This beach is one of the most phenomenal beaches in Concarneau. Not too popular, getting there can be a bit challenging but not difficult. In a very wooded and preserved area, you will find a sandy cove. The space increases immensely at low tide, and it shows some rocks offering an exotic side. Its southwest allows for full sunshine and is properly sheltered.  

Parking can be difficult in this area, but it can reduce overcrowding. The shortest route is by the track of the Pierres Noires. You can walk to the paved road’s end and make a left, then at the intersection, turn right and follow the track to the beach.

Sables Blancs Beach 

The Sables Blancs beach in Concarneau is a family-friendly beach that is one of the largest (500 m at low tide). In July and August, it is supervised, and events for kids are organized. The northern end is the most delightful and the widest known, and at high tide, the southern end vanishes.

You will find a sailing center (equipment rental) and a few shops close by like cafes, restaurants, etc. There is free parking close to the beach, but it can be crowded during the high season because of the campsite nearby. 

Sables Blancs beach is equipped to host people with reduced mobility, and nearby is a lifeguard station. To access the beach from Concarneau’s beach, the simplest way is to trail the seafront (Peneroff docks )before La Croix, then Guillou and Wylie boulevards.

Quimper Beaches

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Cornouaille Beach 

Situated to the west of the Cornouaille port, this beach is among the most phenomenal beaches of the resort. But unlike the nearby beaches such as Sables Blancs Beach, this one is not furnished with equipment. And with its amazing sandbar, the central part is the most interesting. Approaching south towards the marina, the coast is rocky with sandy coves such as Rodel Beach or Dames Beach. During the high tide, these areas are less appealing, but the central part of Cornouialle Beach is more suitable for swimming.


Indeed this is one of the most captivating beaches in Brittany, looking like a Caribbean haven rather than a slice of northern France. Situated in the Armorique Regional Park on the Crozon peninsula, this beach has over a kilometer of fine white sand. The resort village of Morgat perches just at the back, making it easy to reach. From there, you can take the coastal track- a short way to Fort Kador for astonishing views through the pine trees approaching the bay.

Cap d’Erquy

The sensational vistas offered from Cap d’Erquy are indeed something unique. Dunes meeting the emerald sea, with the deep colors of the heaths and beautiful purple stones in the background, make this place one of Brittany’s most scenic spots. Tourists and locals alike come here to explore this coastline from the top on several tracks and have a nice time in the wild beaches from below. 

Le Guilvinec and Penmarch

Between the harbor towns of Penmarch and Le Guilvinec in Brittany, Plage du Ster is a magnificent delight. It is a long stretch of sand for families, and it is not difficult to reach. Plage de Skividan is east of Le Guilvinec, which is another beautiful clear water and swath of fine sand. Given its nice environment, it is kept from getting too busy, while the sand tracks that leads behind the beaches over the coastal grasses is a breathtaking setting for an easy walk.

Quimper Beaches - Plage de Kermor


This beach has some of the finest white sand that you have ever come across. The Trestrignel beach perches in a sheltered location in-between two petit peninsulas- the Pointe du Sphynx (which is only a 15-minute stroll from the elegant beach town of Perros-Guirec and the Pointe du Chateau (which surely deserves a visit). If the weather is great, you will have a massive view out over the isle of Tome and the Sept-Iles archipelago. 


This beach is located on the terrific island of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, just off the region’s coastline. Baluden is cherished by both locals and visitors thanks to its west-facing feature that wholly captures the afternoon sunshine. There is a little car park, but visitors have to walk briefly before reaching the sand. When you are there, go to Herlin beach, which is another sandy cove and is very close.