The dazzling French city of Lyon is among the large World Heritage Sites in Europe. It is a massive renaissance old town, a historical industrial area, majestic 1800s Presquile quarter, and Roman ruins. Sitting at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône Rivers, and founded its wealth on the silk trade, Lyon is strategically positioned.

The city’s industry is replete with stunning renaissance architecture in Vieux Lyon, where almost-concealed pathways called Traboues link courtyards with the Saône Rivers. The city is popular among visitors for its food. In fact, Lyon is the culinary capital of the world. Beyond the heritage sites and great food, there are many things you can do in this city. 

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Here Are The Best Things You Should Do In Lyon:

Step Into Vieux Lyon

Things To Do in Vieux Lyon

Visitors can set into one of the biggest renaissance old quarters in the continent. In the 1400s, 1500s, and 1600s, the city’s silk industry was booming, and wealthy merchant families across the country, Flanders, Germany, and Italy settled in Lyon.

They established luxury houses, in the gothic, Italian renaissance, and French Renaissance styles. To this day, there are about 300 of these present in the areas of Saint-Jean, Saint-Paules, and Saint-Georges.

There were an estimated 180,000 looms in Lyon in the 1500s, and visitors can see the productive ways the industry has been set up, in tandem with the fabric of the city is Vieux Lyon’s famous traboules.

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Dine Your Way Around Lyon 

The city is a genuine foodie’s paradise! Let your foodie sensibilities be satisfied in Lyon as you tour along the passageways and duck in and out of elegant restaurants serving local treats. An interesting thing to do in the city is to grab a bite among the over 17 different delicious delicacies native to the place.

You can start off your food quest around Lyon with the help of a local guide to unravel the most delicious snacks available. Stroll through Vieux Lyon, one of the oldest areas in the city, and meander along the secret passageways that used to be the city’s silk weavers and merchants.

There are a lot of places to stop by, all of which offer incredibly nice treats. Find your way around the different streets in the old city and mingle with locals who own different delis and bakeries.

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Discover the City on Foot With a Local

Exploring Lyon alone can be daunting and less productive. But with the help of a local guide, you enjoy the experience much better and get to learn about many things. Relieve yourself from taking on the city by yourself and go on a walking tour around all the nice places you want to see.

In the case that you are seeing the city for the first time and have just a few days to visit, the best thing to do is get a private walking tour. With that, you cannot get lost, and much time is saved. Visitors can spend the tour being shown around the city’s Saint-Jean area with its beguiling Saint-Jean Cathedral. They can also meander along the enchanting Juiveries Street and peep the chic Hotel Gadagne.

Being shown the fascinating parts of Lyon by a local means that visitors will hear different interesting stories and learn about obscure gems that are otherwise easy to miss. The city’s system of ancient underground passageways is a must-see here.

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Cruise Around Lyon in an Eco-Friendly Tuk-Tuk

Exploring the city in an electric tuk-tuk is an activity every visitor should look forward to doing in Lyon. Yes, this is not Southeast Asia. However, the city of Lyon boasts of its own flotilla of electric tuk-tuks; one can excitedly whizz along with the city in one.

You might be wondering what a tuk-tuk is. It is like a golf buggy, but you still have the chance to see the city’s iconic attractions in a relaxed and eco-friendly way. This is quite a comfortable way to see the top attractions by jumping off as one wants. You can have a stop for some pictures or have some snacks.

With a tuk-tuk, there is no worry about getting lost anywhere or bustling to catch buses. Visitors have the luxury of sitting back and relax while the driver takes them on the ultimate cruise.

Eat on the Rhône River 

Banks of the Rhone River in Lyon

Whether romantic or not, a fun thing to do in the city is dining on the Hermes restaurant boat on the Rhône river. Lyon is a historic and stunning place and is best seen on a cruise among the Rhône; which passes right through its center. When you are around, do not forget to take pictures of the city in the evening when it is beautifully lit up.

Visitors can upgrade a boat ride by opting to have dinner onboard boat and set sail for an interesting cruise across the city. On the Hermes restaurant boat, visitors will be served drinks and toothsome food by the team of cordial staff. A scrumptious 3-course dinner will be served; you will also have the opportunity to rake in the magnificent views of Lyon along the way.

Visitors can sit in the upstairs restaurant area at nice tables and have some of the finest wines with their partners. It is more romantic than you will expect.

Be Foodie at the Delightful Restaurant Paul Bocuse 

Dashingly set out for dinner, dining and wining with your partner at a Michelin star restaurant. The popular French chef’s restaurant has been an anchor of the city’s food scene for years. It frequently gets visitors who travel from far and wide to revel in the delicacies’ goodness served there.

Among the tastiest and romantic things to do in the city is dining at this restaurant for dinner or lunch. The menu is impressive, featuring specialties like Besse chicken and truffle soup.

The waiter will assist you in choosing the perfect bottle of wine. Also, the service is of high quality, forging the ideal calm and laidback environment to savor a special meal.

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Have an Epic Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are catchy for kids. A good way to spend a day of family fun will be to go on a treasure hunt that will take participants across the city to explore while they hunt for clues. They will also be driven around Lyon by a guide. He will not only tell them about the views they will be seeing but also give gentle hints about the treasure hunt.

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Lyon, France

Discover a Miniature World of Wonder

Welcome to the fascinating world of mini stuff! The Mini World is among the most bubbling spots to visit in Lyon, especially for children. Miniature but glamorous, the city’s sights here is just impeccable and would impress both kids and adults.

The popular museum is incredibly entertaining for the young ones and adults who would not be chanced to join the playful fray with the gyrating funfair rides, animated construction sites, and noisy trains.

The gyrating mini world is sure to charm kids’ imagination as they look into the different small cities, peeping the little adventures happening and the figures enjoying themselves. There are also different landscapes to navigate and complex details to explore. A day here will be an action-packed one.

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Sail Along the Saône Rivers to the Science Museum 

Whether with the children, partner, or alone, gliding along the Saône on a boat to see iconic spots is something you should try in Lyon. There is are many boat cruises with the sole aim of seeing the city from a unique angle. To enhance your travel experience in this part of France, book a tour guide, and you will glad you did.

So jump on a brief boat cruise that is bound to take you through an unforgettable trip on the river. You will whisk through the city center seeing, from the boat, its wonderful buildings slide by.

And to end a great day off, go ashore at the Musee des Confluences- a chic science museum with spell-binding collections.

See the Sunset From the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere

Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

This magnificent Basilica ranks high among the city’s vistas. The place is a spot to explore and see the glory of the structure. It also offers a perfect spot to relax and absorb the enchanting views of the city simply.

Visitors can choose to follow the funicular railway to the city’s top so as to reach the big white building. In addition, climbing up to watch it is free, and looking at the city’s grand shape this way is an experience that should not be missed.

The church’s interior is laudably flowery with complex ceilings, detailed stained glass, and mosaics. From enjoying the bliss of the inside, spare time outside to see as the sunset over the rooftops prior to coming in to enjoy Lyon at night.

Ensure you spare some time from the warren of structures and urban extension in one of Lyon’s most decent swaths of greenery. It used to be a swampy land that was frequently flooded by the river.

Therefore, for a breath of clear air and an opportunity to glide into nature without having to leave Lyon, a visit to the park is a tremendously costless thing to do in the city. Visitors can also stroll around the garden there. They can meander the lush and stunning rose gardens or just meander through the wooded parts with pathways and sweet bridges over small creeks.

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Things To Do In Lyon – Summary

With a visit to the beautiful French city of Lyon, you will never be short on things to see, learn, do, and eat. Whether you are an enthusiastic foodie, an outdoor lover, or a history buff, there will always be something that suits you.

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