Paris is the center for the very best of everything, including Asian food and restaurants. In fact, the city has its own Chinatown in the 13th arrondissement as a testament to its rich Asian culture. You will find many brilliant and reasonably affordable canteens and restaurants not only in the 13th but all over the French capital.

However, it can be difficult to find an excellent Chinese restaurant that is cheap, and that makes use of good ingredients, especially if you are big on Asian cuisines. Our recommendations in this article are cheap but scrumptious, and whether you are a traditional Chinese cuisine buff or you rather have a modern Chinese blend, there will definitely be something for you.

In addition, Chinese cuisine is incredibly diversified. That is why the restaurants featured will offer you an exact overview of its goodness, from Beijing to Shanghai and Szechwan. 

Noodle Bar 

Noodle is a Chinese staple you should not miss in Paris. At Noodle Bar, you will be greeted with simple designs and a modest character. Not chic here, but you have to try their awesome noodles. It is a family bar that specializes only in noodles. 

The place offers sautéed noodles and soup noodles among a range of complete flavors of toppings and flavors of the meat you will enjoy. The restaurant is the perfect place to get a quick and satisfying hot meal. And if you want to initiate your friends to the tastiest of Chinese noodles, Noodle Bar is the right place to do so. 

As a tip, Noodle Bar is one of the cheapest Chinese restaurants with treats being served for as low as 5 euros. It is located on the 31 Bis Rue Nationale, 75013. 

Miam Miam Cool

This restaurant offers brilliant and local Szechwan cuisine- one of the tastiest type of regional Chinese foods. If you really want to discover fresh and great cuisines with a decent mix of spice, Miam Miam Cool is the ideal place to be.

Another interesting thing about the restaurant is the menu. Here, the menu is incredibly fresh- the noodles are homemade and have that charm that will keep you coming back for more. For 10 to 15 euros, you will get a really delicious meal. It is located on 41 Rue de Provence, 75009. 


In the case that you are purist as regards Chinese cultures, you might know that the North-West of China is where an important minority of Turkish speaking Chinese people live. Just at the Turkish-Chinese culture intersection, their food is particularly popular for its scrumptious and soft meat skewers. 

The restaurant is popular in the French capital among the Chinese community for being among the few places that focus on this type of cuisines. When you visit, do not forget to grab Muqam’s tasty kawap. You will find Muquam on 36 Rue de Trévisse, 750009.

Les Jardins de Mandchourie 

Among the refined, tidy, and cozy ambiance Chinese restaurants in Paris, Les Jardins de Mandchourie ranks high. Here, the chef will get through the tables to give you the raw ingredients that he will be cooking afterward.

At Les Jardins de Mandchourie, authenticity is everything as the dishes are served are original. Between 12 and 20 euros, you can get a decent Chinese meal. It is located at 34 allée Vivaldi 75012. 

Boutique Yam’Tcha 

Passing through the occupied 1st arrondissement, you will find a jewel that is Boutique Yam’Tcha. It lies in an impressive tea boutique that offers signature cuisines of Adeline Grattard, the Michelin star-recognized chef. 

You will find this place to be cozy, chic, and ideal for an afternoon tea-time. You should try their teas too- they are great. And if you really want to go with your mood, the staff will duly recommend a suiting one.

Boutique Yam’Tcha specializes in fusion baos (stuffed soft homemade buns). The most popular is the one stuffed with English cheese and amarena cherries. It is located 4 Rue Sauval, 75001.

Shang Palace

With menus starting above 50 euros for lunch, this Chinese restaurant makes the list as the most expensive. At Shang Palace, the quality of food offered here is in the league of its own, compared to other Parisian Chinese restaurants in Paris.

Every food reflects the magic of traditional Chinese cuisine with an excellent mix of flavors. Shang Palace’s Pekin Duck is their specialty, and you should order when you visit for some savory treat.

Délices de Shandong

For lovers of Chinese food and the Chinese community in Paris, Délices de Shandong is a popular spot for the tastiest of traditional Chinese food. A simple restaurant, Délices de Shandong, specializes in Shandong (northern Chinese) regional cuisines. 

Authentic and scrumptious, it serves a wide range of braised seafood (fish, squid, eel), meat (lamb, pork, beef), and vegetable (braised eggplant) dishes, with various flavors usually made up of a mix of vinegar, onions, garlic, and little of spicy red pepper. It is located on 88 Boulevard de l’Hopital 75013 Paris. 

Chinatown Olympiades

Located on 44 Avenue d’Ivry 75013, this restaurant has been in operation since 1985. You will find it in the major Chinatown of Paris where is offers Cantonese cuisine and savory traditional dim sum at reasonable prices. Their roasted duck and dim sum are must-taste! And in the case that you are in the party groove, there is karaoke every weekday.


If you fancy a taste of a simple bowl of Chinese noodles, Mirama is the restaurant to visit. They also have some of the finest shrimp wonton noodle soup, BBQ, and roasted duck in central Paris, close to Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Exquis d’Asie

Exquis d’Asie is a big, banquet hall-style restaurant that serves an impressive range of traditional Chinese dishes. From meat courses and classic seafood to culinary treats like abalone, traditional soups, and sea cucumber, you will find all here.

The more, the merrier- visiting in group and dining banquet style is a thing you should look forward to at Exquis d’Asie. Start with appetizers, then lobsters, and proceed to a completely steamed fish before concluding with Chinese sweets. 

LiLi, Inside the Peninsula Paris Hotel

Expansive Chinese opera costumes beckon you upon arrival at this ravishing Cantonese cuisine. At Lili, dim sum is limited but tasty, adding seasonal French blends like black truffle and steamed dumpling with scallops from Port-en-Bessin.

A range of refined main courses from deep-fried frog legs covered with chili sauce, or fried rice with barbecued foie gras to line-caught Brittany codfish braised in a clay pit with lotus root. 

Best Chinese Restaurants in Paris – Summary

Chinese restaurants in Paris are more interesting when you visit in a group; as you eat family-style where you can have more dishes to try. Explore and order the regional or chef’s treats of each diner you visit instead of sticking to the common traditional fried rice and nems (spring rolls). Chinese restaurants are a perfect place to take your culinary experience up a notch.